Friday, 28 February 2014

Why tattoo ink fade

tattoos can easily fade without proper protection. Some tattoos are small and simple, others so large and intricate they can cost thousands  and sometimes even tens of thousands  of dollars to create. tattoos are amazing works of art That puts body art in the category of fine art.

Don't Be Fooled - Clothing Doesn't Always Protect Tattoos!

You may think your tattoos are safe from the sun because you hide them under clothing. But according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, harmful UV rays can penetrate certain materials, leaving your skin - and your tattoos - vulnerable. One of the poorest performers is that white T-shirt you
slip on at the beach or pool when you feel your skin burning. It provides an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 7, whereas a long-sleeved dark denim shirt offers an estimated UPF of 1,700  which amounts to a complete sunblock. (We've all heard of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) ratings for sunscreens; now there's UPF, which measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin.)

Museums Do not Hang Their Art in the Sun
And you should not hang your body art in the sun either, without strong protection.
Here's why::
1.Ink color will fade over time no matter what, but the sun's UV rays (UVA and UVB) accelerates color loss.
2. The sun tans and/or burns the top layer of the skin, making it harder to see through to the tattoo below. It's a little like looking at your tattoos through tinted glass.
3. The sun prematurely ages the skin causing wrinkling, a leathery texture and brown spots  not exactly a great canvas for your art.
4. The sun, wind, swimming pool chlorine, and indoor heating during winter dry out the skin, creating a dull finish that robs your tattoos of their vibrancy.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

What you should know when purchasing starter tattoo kit

Tattoos are a wonderful way for anyone to express themselves. Once the image is tattooed on the skin, it will be hard to clean. However, it is the reason why people choose them due to its permanent and stability. But for the tattooist is very important to tattoo a perfect design on the human’s skin. Honestly speaking, for the starter they should be very careful for the tattoo skill. Before formal tattoo, i suggest they had better buy a set starter tattoo kit for practice until they have the confidence and master the skill.

 The possibilities are in no way limited in regards to decorating your physical structure with permanent printer. Whether you are into tattoo through hobby or 're looking to make that your profession, you might have the need for excellent and high quality  starter tattoo kits. This article will tell you what to find.

If you end up first getting into to be a tattoo artist for the personal and hobby-related tier, purchasing the right equipment may appear daunting. A starter tattoo kit is the ultimate way to get all this tattoo equipment you will want without spending money. A good starter tattoo kit include a tattoo machine, needles, tubs together with tattoo ink. Make certain your tattoo machine comes with the right power as well.

Besides the basics, when you check into purchasing tattoo nice kits, see what forms of extra equipment usually are included. Many companies will comprise of the smaller necessary such things as gloves and plastic bands. And if you're really blessed, you'll find a tattoo starter kit that includes design sheets. These sheets offer a great starting point for a tattooing with well-known tattoo art one could use.

Whether you are just starting to apprentice or you use your own skin image parlor, starter tattoo kits are necessary to keep internet business going. A new tattoo apprentice should discover a starter kit that offers many extras, including stencil newspaper and tip manuals. On the other hand, a seasoned skin image professional might be searching for a more basic starter kit to switch one that is expired or to provide their tattoo shop with new gear. Both kinds regarding starter tattoo kits are obtainable.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beginner should buy a starter tattoo kit

If you want to start your career as a tattoo artist, then you need the help of a starter tattoo kit. It is essential to be aware about the best starter tattoo kit, because this is the key to create a beautiful tattoo mark. Without proper equipment and tools, it is more likely to have several failed experience for you. And it is very hard for you to operate the tattoo shop owing to your bad skills. Inside a kit, you will acquire a lot of basic materials and equipment that you need to create a wonderful design.

There is a clip cord as well as foot switch that can provide power supply to your tattoo machine. This should be included inside the kit. You will find disposable needle and tubing that is vital to create a nice tattoo. You only need to use this needle once and dispose it after. Needle is the main part of tattoo making since it is the one making tiny holes in the skin that will be filled with inks to create colorful tattoo. As you buy a tattoo starter kit, it is important for you to look for these needles.

The next things that you need to look for are cups and inks. You will put inks inside the cups that you will use to create different design of tattoos. Aside from colorful inks, you also need to look for a tattoo starter kit that includes guide on basic coloring of the tattoos. The best kit has stencils that can guide you as you draw your very first picture.

It is not that tedious to acquire high quality tattoo starter kit. You will find these kits readily available in diverse online stores and retail stores around your neighborhood. If you will buy online, then you should buy from a reputable and reliable website, so you will acquire all items that are necessary to create safe and good quality tattoo. This kit will help you hone your skill and talent, so make sure that you will only buy a complete kit. Some very cheap kit is incomplete, so you will not save money from it. While more expensive kit is complete with everything that you need. There is no need for you to buy any equipment separately and it can save you more money.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tips for purchasing the starter tattoo kits

If you want to save time and save money to improve your tattoo skill, i think the starter tattoo kit should be taken into your consideration. Not only the price is low and the equipment is complete, especially for the beginner. If you really step into the tattoo , it is a good way to purchase a starter for a learning.

First of all, you need a fairly good art background to begin with. I bet you’ve heard someone tell you not to believe in any tattoo kit as they found things inside are really disappointing. Indeed, there exist some stores gathering all their inferior items and selling together in a so-called tattoo kit. Under this circumstance, you should at least get some ideas of tattooing, like how a tattoo design is done, how each tool works etc.

Secondly, you need someone already in the business to help; also, for gaining tattoo knowledge. They have been specialized in doing tattoos for years. Surely they have much more experience. Tattooing will have something to do with the blood, so a clean and sterilized environment is needed. Besides the tools containing in a tattoo kit, you will need an autoclave or dry heat sterilizer, an ultrasonic cleaner, tattooing furniture setup, an armrest that is adjustable, a layout bench and some other things. What’s more, there are a wide range of tattoo needles for different appliance. You need guidance so that you would get blood diseases due to incorrect tattooing procedures.  Those senior tattoo artists will tell you all the trifles interrelated. Just feel free to ask and remember all the things they tell you.
The last suggestion is to know about yourself. I mean to get a correct judgment of your tattooing skills. You won’t need any starter tattoo kit if you are a professional tattoo artist, but wise for you to get one if you’re just starting. A trained tattoo artist knows what he really wants and needs, so he can make a list to get his own tattoo kits.
In a word, it is necessary for you know the tattoo tool, which could help you to mater the tattoo skill. I think you could go to local tattoo supply stores or the website to get some details about price and function.

If you want to save time and save money to improve your tattoo skill, i think the starter tattoo kit should be taken into your consideration. Not only the price is low and the equipment is complete, especially for the beginner. If you really step into the tattoo , it is a good way to purchase a starter for a learning.

First of all, you need a fairly good art background to begin with. I bet you’ve heard someone tell you not to believe in any tattoo kit as they found things inside are really disappointing. Indeed, there exist some stores gathering all their inferior items and selling together in a so-called tattoo kit. Under this circumstance, you should at least get some ideas of tattooing, like how a tattoo design is done, how each tool works etc.

Secondly, you need someone already in the business to help; also, for gaining tattoo knowledge. They have been specialized in doing tattoos for years. Surely they have much more experience. Tattooing will have something to do with the blood, so a clean and sterilized environment is needed. Besides the tools containing in a tattoo kit, you will need an autoclave or dry heat sterilizer, an ultrasonic cleaner, tattooing furniture setup, an armrest that is adjustable, a layout bench and some other things. What’s more, there are a wide range of tattoo needles for different appliance. You need guidance so that you would get blood diseases due to incorrect tattooing procedures.  Those senior tattoo artists will tell you all the trifles interrelated. Just feel free to ask and remember all the things they tell you.
The last suggestion is to know about yourself. I mean to get a correct judgment of your tattooing skills. You won’t need any starter tattoo kit if you are a professional tattoo artist, but wise for you to get one if you’re just starting. A trained tattoo artist knows what he really wants and needs, so he can make a list to get his own tattoo kits.
In a word, it is necessary for you know the tattoo tool, which could help you to mater the tattoo skill. I think you could go to local tattoo supply stores or the website to get some details about price and function.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Finding cheap tattoo kit with high quality

Nowadays the tattoo has becoming a common phenomenon for the people. Some one could find the right and acceptable tattoo images from the tattoo artist. And others could tell the idea of the tattoo designs, and then the tattoo artist could draw it for the customers according their requirement. But no matter which one, it could not be completed without tattoo kit. Certainly, if you want to save money you could buy a set of cheap tattoo kit instead of expensive one. Actually the cheap one maybe not the bad one. However where to find the cheap tattoo kit here are some tips.
1.Look for the reputable brands, which have proved their best features through experience.
2.The big portals that sell high quality products and are trusted among their customers give complete detail about every tattoo kit available for sale.  You check the list of latest supply at the portal and read the detailed features before you decide what to buy.
3.The CE certified tools are the best in quality and being secure for skin and body. If you do not find the features that help, you take your decision then try to find out if the tools are certified by a concerned authority or no.
4.Take the opinion of an old experienced tattoo artist prior to shopping your own kit. He can give you valuable advice as which kit is going to work best.
To be honest, the tattoo kit is only suit for the tattoo beginner but also the tattoo artists. For the former, they could save time on picking the tattoo equipment. And they do not know what is good one. However if they buy the cheap tattoo kit, until they make progress they could replace a more advanced. For the latter, the cheap tattoo kit could make up the disadvantages of the old machines. Because maybe they have get used to the old machines and do not want to throw it away.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Do you know how to set up tattoo kit?

Many people start to learn tattoo because its permanent and lifetime. Not only this art could bring them enjoyment, but also they could earn much money from it. However you just know tattoo is fun and profitable, i think it is difficult for you to open a tattoo shop. After all if you want to treat tattoo as your career , there is far enough to have interest in it. You also should have deep understanding with this industry and the tattoo equipment. To the point of view of a n experienced person, a set of tattoo kit really could help you a lot.however if you want to buy a set of tattoo kit, but there are not complete instructions to tell you how to set it up. You feel overwhelmed about assembling all the components that tattoo need.The machine is the main component of the tattoo kit, and it is also the least obvious to get set up.
Setting up the components of your tattoo kit
1.Take the tube from its package and insert the end into the slot on the front of the tattoo machine, using the thumb screw to secure it in place. Wear gloves to assemble the machine.
2.Insert the needle into the tube, being careful not to bump the end of the needle against the inside of the tube, as this will dull the needle and lead to a more painful tattoo.
3.Place three rubber bands around the tattoo machine's coils and over the bar of the needle, then secure the eye of the needle around the plastic grommet on the machine.
4.Plug in the power supply, connecting all the pieces to one another with their various wires. You will be able to tell which wire goes where because tattoo kits come with wires that each have a differently shaped head for the differently shaped acceptors. Attach the red and black leads to the small holes in the back of the tattoo machine. It does not matter which of the red and black leads from the power supply is attached to which hole.
5.Turn on the power supply and depress the foot pedal as you gradually turn up the dial on the power supply until the tattoo needle freely buzzes up and down in its tube. To check, put your finger under the grommet that holds the eye of the tattoo needle. If the machine bogs down or gets too slow when you do this, turn the power dial up farther until the machine can handle a little bit of resistance.
6.Pour ink into the ink caps resting in the holder, planning which colors you will use and putting each color in a different cap.
7.Create a design on real or practice skin. You can do this by free-handing with a gentian violet marker, or by tracing flash or a stencil onto transfer paper. Once the transfer paper has the design, apply a thin coat of the Speed stick deodorant to the skin, and press the transfer paper down firmly and smoothly. Peel off the transfer paper and you will see that the design is now on the skin.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Why the tattoo starter kit becoming so popular?

When i walk on the street, i often find someone with a beautiful tattoo images,

including woman and men. Nowadays they would like to use this way to express their unique. As the popularity of the tattoo, the tattoo starter kit also becoming popular for many people. Because more and more people start treat tattoo as their career to open, it is necessary for them to have a set of tattoo starter kit.That is the tattoo tool which can be starting your design.

When comes to the term tattoo kit or kits. We may always associate it with the word “cheap”. You are right; one of the reasons why does kit can be so popular is its price. Cheapest price must be the largest lure. As we know, no matter what we buy, kit or kits are always cheaper than the separate product we buy in the market or online shop.

What’s more, for those who just start to get their tattoo, a tattoo starter kit is absolutely the best choice for them. Not only can they use kit to practice tattoo with seeing whether they are suitable for join the team, but also they can save their money and time. Why not to have a try? When increasing the range of their tattooing skills, they can get on to more professional tattoo kits.

Last but not least, tattoo starter kit can be offered by almost all the place, which of course can bring you the convenience.

If you are beginner, not only you should learn the tattoo skill, but also purchasing a set of tattoo starter kit for yourself. You know, you just buy a set of tattoo kit and then you could get all the equipment to tattoo. You need not to spend much time on picking them up.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to choose a tattoo power box

Buying best tattoo equipment is very important for tattoo artists. Tattoo kits, tattoo machines, tattoo ink, tattoo needles are all necessary tattoo supplies. And also, tattoo machine gun power supply is extremely important for your tattooing work. So you should pay much attention to choose decent tattoo power supplies.

1. Determine the required voltage. Some portable power supply is up to 1.5 V and greater high-low up to 20 volts. The higher the voltage, the more power you can get.

2. Decided to electricity supply. You can find two models of control and unregulated analog and digital power. A digital readout would be more accurate, easier to read when you work.

3. Think about volatility. Generating capacity at any given time in a tattoo may change under the pressure to be used as a tattoo needle through the skin.
4. Taking into account the conventional tattoo machine. Some tattoo power supply can only suggest that the coil tattoo equipment operation, while the other can be used for rotating machinery, there are two kinds that can be used.

5. And the price. You will discover that the price ranges from US$ 10 “ 100 and generally, the more expensive, the better quality.

6. Consider the tattoo machine number. Dual tattoo power supplies has a convenient power source that allows you to plug in two machines and just a switch of a switch back and forth between them.

In conclusion, when purchasing a tattoo power supply, just take two factors into consideration “ High Quality and Fair Price.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Adjust tattoo power box to work

There is no doubt that tattoo machine is initial parts for the tattoo artist. However the tattoo power box is also important during the tattoo work. Because you can image that if there is no tattoo power box to offer energy for you the tattoo machine could not work.When tattooing, tattoo artists want to take control of how fast the sterilized tattoo needles moving back and forth in the skin. A proper speed of that will do something to relief the pain of their clients. A tattoo power supply is the device that enables them to do so.
 So you should know how to plug in a tattoo power box at first.
The first thing is to gather information. Take good advantage of anything that can help you gain knowledge, such as the Internet, your local library, a professional tattoo artist nearby etc. you should get to know the components of a machine power supply to solve the problem about how it affects the throw and speed of tattoo machines.
First of all you should know the basic information about the tattoo power box. If you have some friend in the tattoo industry , i think he or her could do you a big favor. If not you could buy some books about it and search on the internet. What you must know is the components of the tattoo power box to solve the problem.
Then take a close look at your tattoo power box. You can see two jacks on its front, one for foot pedal and the other for connecting to tattoo machine. The power cord is on the back. When start working, remember to put it in a well sterilized environment.
 After the foot pedal is placed on the floor close to your tattoo chair, straighten its cord to plug the opposite end into the tattoo power supply and make the cords lay flat on the ground. If you feel it easily to be tripped by the cord, you may move the machine power supply closer to the edge of the workstation. Just make sure it won’t be an obstacle for your tattooing process.
Now plug the cylindrical end of the clip cord into the machine power supply to connect the opposite end where the cord is divided into two branches. Then find the binding posts on the back of your tattoo machine, around which, the curved metal sections will be hooked. The last thing is to insert its power cord into a wall outlet.
For the sake of safety, you should make some tests for that. Hold the tattoo machine in one hand and press down on the pedal with one foot at the same time. If your tattoo machine begin to hum and the needles inside start to move back and forth, then you have get your tattoo power box properly plugged in.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cheap tattoo kit also could meet your tattoo need

Many people who do not know the tattoo always have prejudice against tattoo, they think those people with tattoo are bad men. But it is definitely wrong. Now tattoo has becoming a popular trends all over the worlds. We could see lots of celebrities would like to get tattoo on their bodies. Some super stars treat tattoos to express individuality or attract fans attention. Some merchants treat tattoo to get good luck. Some one use tattoo to express their religion and faith. There is no doubt that if tattoo get more and more popular, the tattoo kit is also being commonly used,especially cheap tattoo kit.
If you’re not currently a professional tattoo artist but think that you have the talent it takes to be one, the first thing you’d need to do is look at tattoo kits. Tattoo kits will get you started and let you know what you’ll need to have ready for the future if you do decide to get into the industry professionally. Tattoo kits can easily be found online with online tattoo supply vendors, who also sell things to professionals like tattoo guns, inks, designs, sterilization equipment, and more. Buying from a company like this will also give you a good idea of what kinds of things you’d need in the future too if you continue with it. Additionally, many of these companies also offer “FAQ” sections on their website, live chat, or a phone number you can call to get a bit of advice from the company about what you need to get started.
Event though some cheap tattoo kits include only the basics you need, although you can buy more or different components if you wish, and different kits are always available online to choose from. And also it include things like gloves,different inks,needles, and other things. It really could meet you requirement for creating a tattoo.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Buy the best tattoo power supply for your tattoo gun

There is a popular phenomenon in the society getting increasing attention day by day. That is tattoo art , which gain more and more favor form people. In view of this kind of situation, many people would like to enter the tattoo art. Of cause if you want to be a leader of this industry, you must prepare some professional equipment for yourself. Such as the tattoo power box.

If you want to show that you are a professional, you need to have the right equipment without fail. However skilled your artistry, however steady your hand, you are only as good as your tattoo power box.The motor in the gun is responsible for the needle making an up and down motion, much like a sewing machine. That is the tattoo power box provide the power to make the motor continued work. So buying a good tattoo power box is necessary for you.
A tattoo power box and the other equipment will usually represent a very significant investment; however, you simply cannot get by without good equipment, as this is far too precise an art to make do with shoddy guns or inks. A tattoo power box may come separately or may come with the gun. Generally, when you buy the gun with the tattoo power box you will pay an overall lower price and will be sure to get exactly the right power box for the gun. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny under any circumstances, however, as this equipment is very expensive and you don’t want to get used items due to the risks of contamination.
When looking for a good source for a tattoo power box, be sure to deal with professional tattoo equipment providers, as they will usually have the best quality items, the greatest range of equipment and the largest range of prices. Always keep your receipts and paperwork regarding your purchase, and only buy from a company with a solid reputation and a satisfaction guarantee. You want to get your tattooing career off to a good start, and need good equipment to do so. Take your time, do some research about the best options for the type of ink you want to execute and you won’t have to compromise your artistic integrity or your wallet.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

purchase a good tattoo power box for yourself

In order to complete the tattoo image,tattooists should process a set of tattoo equipment, which should includes the tattoo power box. Of cause you could buy it from many different sells. At present there are lots of types in the markets. Every one admit that the most expensive one is not the best one. So you should find out what is the best suitable tattoo power box for the user.
I think you should know that the tattoo power box is the prime movers for the tattoo needles go in skin with inks. Certainly if the tattoo power do not have enough energy the needle could not go deep in to human skin,and then the image are easily to fade. On contrast tattoo power box have the enough energy , the tattooist could work a beautiful and complete image for a long work. So it is the key point for you to master this knowledge, no matter you are a experienced or just a starter.

Several tattoo machine power box are available in tattoo supplies stores nowadays. The price varies according to different types and functions. If you want to get better control of the tattoo needle’s back and forth movement, then you need a power box that has a knob to control the voltage. Some more expensive machine power box enable you to control all the elements like voltage, speed, follow-through and duty. You can use them in any country without changing the voltage to ensure the safety of other appliances in your home. Some power box will come to you with foot pedals and clip cords, but some are not, you may need to buy them separately.

Do you think all the tattoo power box is same? I should tell you that they are different. In fact the more expensive one have much function and durable for the tattooist. We should believe that the price worth the quality. Because the manufacturers put better material into the production.
Now that you want to become a professional tattoo artist you should not worry too much about the money,which is the necessary investment for your future career. The good equipment could make the good images for the customers, i hope it must leave a perfect impression on them and then they come to your tattoo shop again.

Friday, 14 February 2014

The significance of the tattoo art for the artists

We have a various and strong emotions to the tattoo, like it, hate it, stay away from it or deeply fall in with it. But no matter which one you should know that tattoo has come into our life. Many tattoos serve as religious or spiritual recognition, decoration for bravery, adversity, pledges of love, talismans and protection. The reasons for a tattoo are as diverse as stars in the Milky Way.
I look up the art of tattooing to see if I can understand exactly what goes on here. Tattooing involves the placement of pigment into the skins dermis (under the epidermis). The most common method today is the electric tattoo machine, which inserts ink into the skin via a single needle or a group of needles. These needles are attached to an oscillating unit that rapidly and repeatedly drives the needles in and out of the skin, usually at 80 to 150 times a second.
I enter Cool Ink in Destin and talk with Sandy Dixon, senior artist and manager. This shop has now been open for 12 years and she works with her brother Andrew Dixon. I ask Sandy to describe how it feels to get a tattoo.  “It feels like a hot burning sensation, very annoying, but tolerable. Nothing quite compares with this, it’s a unique sensation. Anybody can take the needle work for an hour.”
I mosey on down Harbor Boulevard to Just Do It Tattoos and Body Piercings. In this shop I meet Stevo and Chris (no last names needed).  Stevo is noted for his fine line photo realism and portrait work.  Chris does more colorful, bold line, new school.
I ask Chris what brought him to the world of tattooing.
“In my earlier years in Texas, my buddy and I were into doing a lot of illegal graffiti,” he said. “I woke up one morning after a busy graffiti night and the cops were at the door to arrest me.  After this, my buddy offered to teach me how to be a tattoo artist where you make money and stay out of trouble.  I took him up on it and here I am today.”
Chris has a memorial piece on his arm for his older brother who passed away in 2001. The tattoo illustrates his initials DSP across the top with two swallows crying and red roses interspersed.  Behind it is a cloud  with the birth and death date and a star for his grandfather who was in the Air Force.  Across Chris’ neck I see “stguohT evitisoP” with a light bulb underneath.  This is mirror writing and what he sees in the mirror every morning should be evident.
I track down a muscular 32-year-old, Don Domke, of Destin who has interesting “sleeve” work with big swirling letters FAMILIA SUPER OMNIA meaning “family above all else.”  Above this, a big green frog holding a pair of dice.  The frog symbolizes his father, Federal Retired Old Guy and the dice for his mom, Alma, who loves to play in casinos.  The pilot wing symbol with dog tags is for his brother, Phil. His top shoulder shows bright yellow, orange and red flames with a firefighter crest.  This shows Don’s firefighting training and hopes for his future career.
I hear there are several guys at Coyote Ugly that have some outstanding tattoos, so I make an appointment to meet with Billy Caine, the operating partner there.  His left arm exhibits an electric bright, memorial piece in remembrance of his father who died in 2002.  There is a checkered race flag, big number 13, the race car his father drove in dirt track figure 8 and demolition derbies, and a wrench to symbolize that he was also a truck driver and mechanic.
The memorial was well done but nothing compared to the phenomenal rendering on Billy’s back.  This tattoo was so intricate and beautifully done, it took my breath away.  Billy stated, “I had always wanted to do my back and I decided on black and red colors. A Cuban artist, Esben Rey, residing in Tampa, worked 45 hours on this artistic Japanese Samurai piece.”
I’m curious about the meaning of this tattoo so Billy explains,  “In the background a village has been destroyed by the dragon. The Samurai intervenes and he will do whatever it takes to stop this dragon. This is overcoming adversity. The dragon is traditional. When something comes at you, you have got to meet it head on and defeat it.”
I didn't push about the adversity thing.  I think that belongs only to Billy.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The customers prefer the tattoo kit

At present, for the tattoo artist they do not need to make tattoo equipment by hand just like what the previous tattoo artist did in the past. All the tattoo equipment they need could be find in the online shop or the local shop. Such as tattoo machine, tattoo needles, tattoo power supply and others. and until now more and more people would like to purchase tattoo kit for himself. I think that is because tattoo kit gather the tattoo equipment together. What is more, the sellers also divided the tattoo machine into different specification such as professional tattoo kit and beginner tattoo kit according different tattoo levels.
In a tattoo kit, commonly, there will include more than one kind of tattoo machines, tattoo grips of different sizes, tattoo needles of distinct sizes that differ in appliances, tattoo inks of diverse colors, plastic disposable tattoo tips etc. Just by owning one tattoo kits, you can put your hand to tattooing practice, saving your time to find them each. For tattoo starters who don’t have much knowledge, tattoo kits can relief their anxiety and sense of lost.
Another advantage of tattoo kits is the favorable price. The money you pay for a tattoo kit is usually less than the adding up costs of each tool in the kit, as stores may give some discounts.
What’s more, some online stores provide unique customer tattoo kits with the combination of different tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo inks on each customer’s own desire. If you have your own ideal list of tattoo kits, just tell the store, then they will adding your desirable items together and give you a pretty favorable price for that. Your list can be shown on the website provided for your future purchase on the same kit. Don’t worry. The list will be kept secret if you’d like to make it private.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to Fix a Tattoo Power Supply

It may happen to you that when you tattoo, some problems of your tattoo power supply occured. How to fix it and continue using it is most people cares. Now i'd love to give you a general introduction about it. Follow me please.
Power Cord Dead
This usually happens when the wiring in the cord loses connectivity due to wear and tear. For example, some tattoo power supply has a detached wire that was supposed to be attached to the voltage switch, this likely happened from someone yanking on the cord or unit when it was still attached to the wall. The easiest way to check if your power cord is the problem is by getting another power cord to test your power supply with. For most tattoo power supplies, the cord (if it is detachable) is the same detachable cord as your computer, common kitchen appliance or electronics. Grab another cord from one of those devices and use it with the power supply. If the unit works with the replacement cord, the problem was your power cord. This problem is a common one. The power box unit we fixed might not have a detachable cord but when we opened it up, it was obvious the power cord was unattached, so we soldered it back and the unit worked fine with the exception that we no longer had the voltage knob for it.
Foot Pedal Problem
Foot pedals will break or lose connectivity. Common problem is the wire that attaches the pedal to the power unit. If you yank on the pedal or the wires get twisted because you kick it around, the copper wiring may break inside the wire. The plug is a common place for the break to occur. Check it by unscrewing the housing and seeing if the negative and positive wires are still attached to the plug. If either one of those wires are detached or if the positive and negative is touching each other, the pedal will not work. If they are touching, separate them. If either one is not attached, solder the wire back. If you have another foot pedal handy, use that one to test to see if it is indeed the foot pedal that is the problem. It is always best to keep at least 1 or 2 additional pedals around just in case, they are cheap to buy anyways.
Clip Cord Problem
Clip cord issues are the same as foot pedal issues, the main problem is the wire that attaches the clip cord to the tattoo power supply. Check the mono plug the same way you did the foot pedal. If you have another clip cord handy, use that one to test to see if it is indeed the clip cord that is the problem. It is always best to keep at least 1 or 2 additional clip cords around, they don’t cost much anyways.
Taking Apart the Power Supply to Fix it
Taking apart the power supply to fix it is a last resort. We opened up this power supply and found the issue immediately as we saw that a wire was not attached properly. Generally speaking, the only thing that is fixable when you open one up is detached wires. It is unlikely that the components will be fixable. Check to see if you still have warranty, if you do, timed from the date of purchase.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The step to making a tattoo gun

It is obvious that the tattoo has becoming a fashion for the people, who purse to tattoo on their body in order to show the individual characters. Many people choose to go to the tattoo shop for a tattoo image. There are few people have a idea to tattoo for themself, but they do not have the own tattoo gun. So i would like to give you some instructions for the people who want to make a tattoo gun by themself. The making processing include ten steps to learn. I will try my best to give you a clear and brief state.

1. Remove the eraser from a mechanical pencil and cut it in half.

2. Punch a hole all the way through the center of the eraser with a thin nail or a large needle.

3. Cut a 2 to 3-inch section of bailing wire or 11-gauge guitar string to act as the needle. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend one end of the "needle" into a 90-degree angle.
4. Take an electric toothbrush and separate the brush head from the motor body. The metal shaft the brush head was attached to is now exposed
5. Insert the straight end of the needle through the hole in the eraser. Slide it to the other end so it rests on the small, bent portion.
6. Push the hole in the eraser firmly over the exposed metal shaft of the toothbrush motor base. The bent portion of the needle is now between the eraser and the motor base. The long portion of the needle and the metal shaft of the motor base should both rise up through the hole in the eraser.
7. Separate the tip of the mechanical pencil from the pencil body. Insert the needle through the tip, sliding the tip down the needle until it rests against the eraser.
8. Tape the pencil tip to the eraser with duct tape. Align the tip with the toothbrush motor body so the needle is perfectly straight.
9. Clip the needle with a pair of wire cutters at a 45-degree angle so it is as sharp as it can be. Clip it short enough so it dips beneath the edge of the pencil tip when the motor is on.
10. Practice using your new tattoo gun by dipping the needle in ink and tattooing a piece of fruit such as an orange or banana. Get yourself accustomed to the look and feel of the instrument.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Safety common sense of the tattoo Inks

It is generally believed that the tattoo ink is the substance use to color the skin when tattooing. But with time goes by, the color is gradually shading since the immune system try to break down the foreign substance and wipe up it. Actually there is lots of information that you do not know about the tattoo ink. I think i could give you some for you reference.

Pigments can be anything which is finely ground to provide color. Some of the pigments that are used to make tattoo inks are minerals, vegetable dyes, plastics, and metallic salts. Sometimes many substances can be used to make the same color. Some colors and pigment used to make them are: Blue - Calcium Copper Silicate; Red - Iron Oxide; Green - Chromium Oxide; Yellow - Curcuma; Black - Carbon, and White - Zinc Oxide. Carriers Carriers are liquids which deliver the pigments under the skin. The carriers of good quality distribute the pigment equally, avoiding clumping together. They also offer a bit of disinfecting action. Some of the frequently used liquid carriers are: Listerine, Witch Hazel, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Vodka and Glycerine.

Adverse Effects of Tattoo Inks Although some modern inks are said to be 100% safe, it is partially true. As there are some common risks associated with tattoo pigments, such as, allergic reactions, scarring, phototoxic reactions (reaction from exposure to sunlight) and other several adverse effects. The plastic-based pigments are many times have been reported to cause reactions. These pigments are undoubtedly risky, though some may be safe, but most of them are radioactive or otherwise toxic. It has much recently been found out that unsterile ink can cause infections. This happens basically because of the use of unsterile water in the inks. Use Of Alcohol In Tattoo Inks If alcohol is used in the ink to disinfect the skin's surface, it allows more chemicals to cross into the bloodstream than any ordinarily ink would. It is also known that alcohol is a promoter. Thus, it means alcohol works synergistically with mutagens, teratogens, and carcinogens, making them more harmful than they themselves would be. If any of these substances are present in the ink, alcohol along with them will increase the chance of mutation or disease, not only at the part where the tattoo is designed, but all over the body. Proper Knowledge Is Required Medical-grade chemicals used in the tattoo inks are safe and are specially made for medical uses. To avoid side effects of tattoo inks, it is must that the person who mixes the ink should know proper sterilization techniques, such as, how to perform heat-sterilization and cold-sterilization? He must have proper knowledge of the sterilization needs of different materials. It is advised by the experts that dry or mixed pigments should never be heat sterilized, as heat can cause chemical changes in the pigment molecules. Sometimes heating can also produce toxic substances. However, after the researches, it has been said that ethyl alcohol, in the form of vodka, is the safest carrier for the pigments. Propylene glycol helps to keep the pigment in solution. You can find medical grade propylene glycol and glycerin at pharmacies, feed supply stores, and stores which supplies for soap making or herbal medicine preparation. After going through this article, you can prepare yourself to ask the tattoo professional the questions about ensuring the safest.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

What Factors determine how cheap tattoo ink fade?

As we all know that some tattoo ink are easier to fade from the human’s skin. Many people think the main reason due to the cheap tattoo ink. Most people who are not familiar with the tattoo must agree with this view. However there are also some other reasons could make your tattoo fading.
It is important to keep in mind that one of the main factors which determines how long your tattoo colors will last is after care. If you neglect to take care of your tattoo during the first weeks that you get it or if you place it directly under water within the first few days, you can expect the tattoo ink colors to fade. Also keep in mind that you should always apply sunscreen to your tattoo, or it will be more likely to fade quickly.
Choosing tattoo ink colors based solely on how quickly they will fade is not in your best interest. If you like a certain tattoo ink color which is known to fade quicker than others, why not get it any way? You can always have your tattoo ink retouched in the future if it fades. Unless you are getting a tattoo on an area of the body which is known to fade quicker than most, such as on the foot, it is ideal to get the tattoo anyway.
So when you want to have a tattoo, the most important factor that determining the tattoo ink fade most is not its price. You should also pay attention to the after care and the area you tattooed. I know many girls would like to tattoo on their wrist or the fingers, actually these parts are often moving and are not easy to tattoo. So you really want to have a lifetime tattoo, you had better know the factors that determining the tattoo ink fade.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

What kind of cheap tattoo ink fade the most ?

In my opinion, the tattoo is the same with painting in many aspects. The only difference is that the painting is done on the paper, while the tattoo is conducted on the human’s skin. So for the painters and tattoo artist they have a high standard and requirement for the tattoo ink. They do not care spend more money on the tattoo ink, however what i mean that it is not necessarily the products with high price have the best quality. You also could cost very little money to buy good products,such as cheap tattoo ink also could create beautiful tattoo images. Actually no matter the expensive one or the cheap one both will fade more or less, even though the tattoo is a kind of art stay on the skin with all one’s life. So you should know the what kind of tattoo color fade the most.
Although there are many factors which will determine what tattoo ink colors fade faster than others, there are several options which are not the best choice. Very light colors, such as pale blue or pink, are known to fade quicker than other colors. Vibrant colors, such as hot pink or turquoise, tend to fade much faster than tattoo ink colors which are darker in color. Oranges, yellows, pinks, and lighter shades of green are all known to fade faster than other tattoo ink colors.
So when you choose the tattoo images, you not only should consider the design of the tattoo images, but also its colors. Try to not to use this few kind of colors. In this case, your tattoo stay longer on your skin and keep a fresh appearance.

Friday, 7 February 2014

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