Sunday, 31 March 2013

What's LUO' s handmade machine?

LUO’S handmade machines widely used in tattoo today. It is famous for its high quality and  precision degree. It is made by Mr. Luo, and now is one of the most prominent machine in the collecting list.
There are many kinds of LUO’s tattoo machines, such as the liner machine and the shader machine. They are the one designed only used for lining or shading. There is also one kind machine, can be used for both shading and lining. What’s more, different machines are made of by different materials, some of them are made of copper, some are made of billet materials, and there are still some made of steel materials or others. No matter what they are made of, please be assured that the material are of high quality.

For example, this genuine handmade machine is set up for use as a professional shader. The well balanced frame is solid for low vibration and has a perfect mix for density and structural integrity.
The 10 coils copper core and solid copper armature bar assure the strongest conductivity of the magnetic field to pull down and make your needle smooth and firm. Versatile front and rear springs (with grommet) are also fully adjustable by screws. High tech capacitor is low heat and can withstand hours of tattooing. This original design of the machine is made up with high technology, It can make the gun run smoothly and steady, as a result, the excellent performance can be promised.
A wide variety of LUO’s handmade tattoo machines for choosing are of good use, all of them are popular in both tattoo amateurs and tattoo artists .

Friday, 29 March 2013

Grand tattoo convention

As we all know, the 21st International Tattoo Convention opened in Frankfurt ,Germany on March 23,2013. Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention is Europe’s largest tattoo art fair and one of the most important in the world, attracting many tattoo technicians and tattoo enthusiasts from around the world to participate. At the meeting, tattoo technicians tattooed for tattoo enthusiasts. You will be amazed by
The grand, delicate design and the exquisite tattoo kits and equipment in the international tattoo convention. It is really a visual enjoyment. The international tattoo convention not only show the high technic of tattoo artist but a recognition to tattoo and the culture.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, stimulating is no longer the symbol of "bad guys", and gradually became a trend, the art and culture will be accepted by the public. For tattoo amateurs and tattoo artists , tattoo maybe a manifestation of personality, a feeling of life, an ideal brand, a brave badge or the witness of love. There are also some sayings about tattoo, for you, no matter you are a tattoo amateur or tattooist , knowing the culture of tattoo have no harm.
The original people tattoo in ancient time is to protect themselves. As they lived in the jungle with the beast. In order to survive, they have to tattoo with the color of nature. This is the meaning of original tattoo. There is such a group of people, they believe the superstitious tattoo, for it is said that with the image of an animal or some design very special can ward off evil spirits or enhance physical fitness. Some people would like to have a tribal tattoo especially the totem tattoo as an identify of their status. Most people have their lover or benefactor’s name carved their body in order to memory them. This is thought as the most popular tattoo today. Some people tattoo to cover up the scar no matter it is congenital or acquired. Besides, there are some people carve incentive tattoo or positive tattoo to remind them work hard and have a upward attitude. The strenuous incentive tattoo is become very popular in youth in  the modern time. Some people tattoo is only to make their body into a beautiful work of art, the so-called beauty tattoo is fully pay attention to the aesthetic and artistic value. Just like the tattoo shown on the international tattoo convention, it is a complete beauty tattoo.
Whoever you are, if you wanna tattoo, a high quality of tattoo kits is essential, with beautiful picture and all kinds of color, a beautiful tattoo can satisfy your desire.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tattoo needles

As we all know, a workman must sharpen his tools firstly. Just as tattoo, if you wanna have a perfect tattoo, it is necessary to ensure the quality of tattoo needles, as the tattoo needles touch the skin directly.
Now, I’d like to introduce you the types of tattoo needles. What we are usually used include RL, RS, RM, M1, M2. The size is always written in the back of the package. RL is used to line for the liner machine. People usually use the 3RL, 5RL,7RL, 9RL when they tattoo. 3 is presenting the size of the needle. RL is an abbreviation of round liner. You should note that the needle should not be too thin or thick, or it will effect the result of tattoo. The needle should be around 1mm to 1.5mm when lining. If the needle coming out is too short, the line won’t clear, while it is too long, the needle will be going out or sluggish acerbity, worse, it will scrap the skin and the needle is easy to jump. Smear vaseline on the skin to increase lubrication, then the pin will be very smooth when working. The magnitude of line should be moderate, generally speaking, the force of force of liner machine should be lower than the shader machine, while the frequency should higher than it.
We can use the black ink or the color pigments to line, of course the water is permitted if you do not wanna your tattoo appear. The advantage using water to line is that we can see the outline when operating, but there is no lines when the tattoo recovered. It can meet the needs of different people.
In fact, the secant needle is made up by many needles. We put the needles together, then weld them at a circle centered. Usually the thickness of each needle is between 0.25-0.4mm, but the needle between 0.3-0.35mm is the most widely used and is thought as the best. The moderate blunt needle is used widest in round liner. The round liner which is too sharp or too blunt is not ideal. The needle point that have been shrunk is the best choice when you select, as the needle were embraced together and there won’t have a a bifurcation phenomenon in secant.
The tattooist usually use the blunt tip to shade, because the blunt tip paints well. It is easy to scrape the skin if the tip is too sharp, and the damage to skin is relatively large. The single needle F is commonly used in trimming and grooming, sharp corners and very small graphics.
The Double-row overlapping needles M2 is suitable for delicate fine mist. Because the density is of relatively large, the depth it through into the skin is shallow.
The cross pin M1 is commonly used, including the big and the small size row. This kind of needle shade very well, it can be light or heavy.
The arc needle RM is good to use, especially in the shade and bright change. What’s more , it is uniform when shading.
With the right tattoo needles, you will tattoo whatever you want.

Best quality Tattoo Machine Gun Kit Shader Liner

  • This machine is professionally hand crafted with pure iron frame featuring quick magnetic response which makes the machine run smoothly and perfectly. The coils are evenly wrapped for best function and outstanding for its low heating.Low vibration frame makes it more reliable and steady.
  • The production time for this tattoo machine takes about 1-3 days to complete. The best parts are chosen,the best handcraft is adopted and after hundreds of times of testing,this perfectly tuned piece of tattoo machinery comes to the world.
  • Each piece of the machine is hand-forged ,so it will have slightly different markings. No two machines are identical, making each machine especially unique.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tattoo power supply

We have introduced how to choose tattoo kits, tattoo machines, tattoo supplies etc. Today I will introduce you the importance of tattoo power supply. Tattoo power supply is a vital piece of machinery that can make or break any tattoo artist or the tattoo amateur. Understanding what specifications are needed in a tattoo power supply will be the deciding factor for you to be successful in this profession or satisfy you what you want.
As we all know that tattoo prower supply is usually composed by tattoo power box, tattoo clip cords, tattoo foot pedal, tattoo foot switches, tattoo adapters, and tattoo power cord. Numerous tattoo prower supplies have numerous output voltages. It may range from as decrease as 1.5V to as higher as 20V. As what you see, there are a variety of tattoo power supplies that range in voltage outputs, so in choosing the power supply we recommend that you understand to what extent the power source is capable of operating. The goal of this equipment is to control the output voltage and to run a current to a specific output.
You should evaluate very carefully about capabilities from the energy provide that you simply are going to purchase. Tattoo energy products are classified into analog products and electronic products in regulated and unregulated models. electronic energy products and regulated designs usually often acquire simpler to manage but in inclusion extra expensive. What more, the size should be taken into consideration when you choose. If you are a travel lover, you must take the mini tattoo prower supply for it is convenient for you to carry.
You should also make sure the clip cord is not damaged and the foot pedal is of high quality when purchasing. The common problem about foot pedal is the wire that attaches the pedal to the power unit.when operating, if you yank on the pedal or the wires get twisted because you kick it around, the copper wiring may break inside the wire. The plug is a common place for the break to occur. Check it by unscrewing the housing and seeing if the negative and positive wires are still attached to the plug. If either one of those wires are detached or if the positive and negative is touching each other, the pedal will not work. If they are touching, separate them. If either one is not attached, solder the wire back. If you have another foot pedal handy, use that one to test to see if it is indeed the foot pedal that is the problem. It is always best to keep at least 1 or 2 additional pedals around just in case, they are cheap to buy anyways.
In the end, what I think the most important thing is to know what you are purchasing, understand your power’s capabilities and know how to operate when your power supply does not work. With the highest quality of tattoo power supply, you can have a perfect tattoo or your shop will be more popular.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The scream ink

Recent decades have seen the rapid development of tattoo art. A great many people presume upon a best tattoo ink when tattooing. For one thing, the superior quality can protect the people’s health free from the stimulus of tattoo ink. For another, a various of tattoo inks can give you a wide choice. Because there are many health problems caused by tattoo ink, using the high quality of tattoo ink is of great importance. Now I’d like to introduce you our famous tattoo ink- the scream ink, some tips will follow as well.
There are many different kinds of colors such as the orange tang, lavender blush, pitch black, dodger blue etc. Such a variety of color can give you a wide choice. Besides, what makes you most concern must be the quality of scream tattoo ink. The scream ink is widely used in tattoo shops. Compared to other tattoo inks, it is famous for the bright color. The color is stable and on harm to human body. What’s more, the water-based pigment makes it easy to color and due to the dilution, it is popular with the tattoo professionals.
Although there are many advantages, you should pay attention to buy the real product. When tattooing, if your body is sensitive to the inks, you’d better not to use the red color, as it is the most likely color to cause allergic symptoms. If some problems happened, you’d better go to the tattoo shop to ask the tattooist for some advice or to go the hospital to see the doctor. If you are a tattooists, you must make sure the ink is stored in a safe environment. No direct sunshine and high temperature. Then the ink can be safe.
In conclude, better the quality of your tattoo ink you use, more secure of your health is.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tattoo kits for designing

There are many people confuse about what design is beautiful, and which design is suitable for them, no exact answers up to now. I think it usually depends on the place they want to have, the meaning tattoo represent, and tattoo kits they would use. Are you confused about tattoo designing? Now please follow me to look at the frist batch of tattoo woman, maybe you will find some inspiration from them.
The picture Olivia-Altman was provided by the Arizona historical institute in 1927 when she was in Tucson. Olivia-Altman was born in 1858, she was the first tattoo woman in white American. Her families were killed by the Indians, then she was adopted by the Mohamed ethnic Indians, grew up there, and left a traditional tribal tattoo by them. In her 19 years old, she was redeemed and became a famous woman.
Olivia-Altman      Nora Hildebrand       Maude Wagner       Elizabeth
Nora Hildebrand was the first America circus tattoo woman in late 1880. As other early circus, it is claimed that Nora Hildebrand was forced to tattoo by the west Indians. But she was finally tattooed by her husband in New York, the first tattoo shop was opened by her husband as well. 
Maude Wagner, who was famous for people, created a precedent of star tattoo. She was tattooed by the person who would have become her husband in 1907. Their daughter Wagner was a tattoo artist too. What a dignified, generous, and beautiful woman she is! Do you think so? 
Elizabeth was one of the first tattoo woman as a collector of tattoo pictures and showing tattoo pictures for entertainment. 
These are the four women pictures about the frist batch of tattoo women. I should say that after seeing these pictures, I was shocked deeply. I did not like tattoo before, even rejected it, but now I do want to have my own tattoo with the beautiful design. We can see that the tattoo culture has a long long history development, it really had an excellent tattoo design. The tattoo artist were with superb skills. There must be some   significance when they tattoo for their own wife. 
Maybe tattoo in that period did not accept by people, but it becomes a symbol of fashion, fresh, personality and something like that means today. Of course, there is no doubt that such a beautiful tattoo design needs professional tattoo artist and professional tattoo kits. So when you wanna tattoo, choosing the best quality of tattoo kits and professional tattoo artist are very important. The tattoo pattern have increased a lot. You can have many choices before tattooing. Nearly every tattoo shop or tattoo kits include tattoo patterns so that the tattoo artist can tattoo whatever you want to. If you are a tattoo beginner, it is better for you to choose the wholesale tattoo kits for designing, as it includes all tattoo supplies you want. 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tattoo supplies

When tattooing, tattoo supplies play an important part in tattooing. Now I’d like to introduce some specific tattoo supplies to you.
Tattoo medical paper tape: The medical paper tape is used to protect the skin as an after care product after tattooing, you need to put the preservative film on the surface of the skin,and then use the paper self-adhesive tape fasten the preservative film on the skin surface. Make sure the medical paper tape is of good permeability, breathable, clean, health, non-stick in hand, no stimulation,no harm to the skin surface.

Tattoo anesthetics:It is used before tattooing. You need to wipe your skin before tattoo, in order to sterilize, make your skin tattoo under a clean situation.
Tattoo gloves: The sterile disposable tattoo gloves can protect you from the virus, but you should make sure it is anti-ultraviolet, no direct sunshine, the temperature is under 37 centigrade and it cannot contact with the harsh chemicals.

Stainless steel needle brush: Do you know what it is used for? Well we sometimes use the stainless steel needle mouth to tattoo, so we must ensure that the steel needle mouth is disinfected and clean. The stainless steel needle brush is used to clean the small needle mouth. Should you care more is washing the brush carefully after cleaning, and then put it in the disinfection cabinet.

Tattoo ointment: One basic component in caring for the healing tattoo is an anti-bacterial ointment. It will keep the tattoo area moist, prevent scabs forming, and keep infections away while the skin is healing. The particular brand of antibiotic ointment is not as important as the individual. You should choose the one suitable for
 After tattooing, you ‘d better ask your tattoo artist about how to use it and when to use. Then you will be clear about it and with the right method, the tattoo place will recover soon.

Tattoo ink cup: It is very small, but useful. it used to take various kinds of inks. When you tattoo, different colors can be involved in, so the different kinds of ink cups make it convenient for you to use.
As to rubber bands, color nipples, O-rings, they are always be ignored, but a great function they impact.
Up to now, are you clear about tattoo supplies? Maybe they are small and not important as tattoo machine, but they are all necessities, do you think so?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to choose suitable tattoo patterns ?

     The most trouble thing that many tattoo amateurs care about is not the pain of tattoo, but choosing the suitable tattoo designs. So how to choose tattoo patterns to suit yourself? I will give you a general introduction about different meanings that different designs represented. Read this article, it will help you do a better choice for your tattoo in the future.
    You should keep in your mind that the different designs have different meanings. This is the most important part when choosing the patterns. There are many different kinds of patterns such as tribal tattoos, star tattoos, angel tattoos, wings, sun designs, sword designs, skull tattoo designs, flower tattoos, Kanji tattoo symbols, pinup girl tattoos, crown tattoo designs and so on. Each tattoo design has its own meaning. you can see the next as a reference.
    The most popular tribal tattoos are the Maori tribal design, the Haida and Polynesia design. People also have a great interest in the native Americans design. The tribes culture, from traditional tribal, the indigenous tattoo and the aboriginal culture to the latest plain design for institutional tribal tattoo.
     The star design is a kind of symbol of popular. As a light shining in the darkness, the star is often considered a symbol of truth, of the spirit and of hope.It was a traditional tattoo design that the favorite of celebrities and the tattoo amateurs loved most. Nowadays, the men, women, and the navigation star tattoo has experienced strong recovery.
     The angel design has become increasingly popular as a way to express their beliefs and a symbol of power, it is in memory of tattoo.
     The wing tattoo design is a symbol of both spiritual and magical. It is popular with the men and women. The design includes the angel wings, the wings of butterfly or a fairy tale, even the wings of a bird.
     The sun as a tattoo design is a reflection of the Sun’s profound symbolic nature in most cultures around the world. The sun was worshipped as a personified, life-giving deity in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and almost every other major civilizations of history. The sun and sun figure was almost always the predominant figure within the pantheon of those spiritual belief systems.
     As a warrior’s symbol, the sword is often emblematic of military honor and should incite the bearer to a just and generous pursuit of honor and virtue. It is symbolic of liberty and strength. During the middle ages, the sword was often used as a symbol of the world of god.
     Skulls are represented in a number of tattoo design genres, and a classic tattoo design that has been popular for generations of tattoo enthusiasts. Skull represents the death and rebirth. The Europe and the United States punk like this type of tattoo very very much.
     Flower tattoo design and symbol can be far more than the pretty pictures and beautiful girls. It is a reflect of concise symbols, life birth death and rebirth.  Generally speaking, the flowers include chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, lily, lotus flower, rose etc. Each specific flower represents different beliefs in different culture.
For example, the rose tattoo is a symbol of love. It is popular in both men and women.
    For women, the pinup girl tattoos account for a large proportion, it is a symbol of enchanting, charming, sexy and desire. While the Kanji tattoo is a symbol of friendship and forever.
     As a symbol of a tattoo, the royal does not just mean power. Crown tattoo, a symbol of the sovereignty of the individual, life, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Crown, symbolizing the self-control, and remind the use of power, authority, wise and fair.
     Up to now, do you have a clear understanding about tattoo design? I hope this article can help you in some way. What’s more, you’d better know the tips of choosing tattoo machines, as a result, you can have a perfect tattoo.

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