Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Points to consider when buying a tattoo power supply

Every artist loves his art and a tattoo artist is no different from other artists. In order to ensure their artwork comes out best, they have to carefully pick their tattoo equipments. There is no doubt that only a good quality tattoo machine can produce impactful work and hence, one cannot afford to be casual about it. But, apart from a tattoo machine, a good tattoo power supply is also very essential as only this can enhance the performance of a tattoo machine. How to select? A tattoo power supply which can produce higher voltage makes an apt choice for your machine. So, before finalizing just anything, do pay attention to the voltage efficiency. However, choose only that range of voltage level which you can handle well. On market, you will come across two choices in power supplies such as digital and analog. Digital tattoo power supplies are expensive compared to analog choices; but digital ones are considered to be more useful than the latter. When you shop for a tattoo power supply, make sure to check if it is compatible with your tattoo machines. The reason behind this is that some power supplies support coil tattoo machines, some rotary and some are suitable for every type. As most tattoo artists work with both types of machines, it will be better to choose such supplies which are compatible with all of them. Another thing is pay attention to the size and weight factors while purchasing a tattoo power supply. If you have to travel a lot for your work, then it’s better to go with something light weight and small because it will ensure portability. Also, different power supplies come at different prices. Therefore, before picking up anything, make sure that you have checked its price well. In fact, it will be wise to compare prices in advance so that you don’t have to face any confusion later on. Since tattoo power supply items are very crucial, you cannot afford to buy them without checking all the specifications. The ones which can adapt better to voltage fluctuations giving more power to your tattoo machine make an ideal choice. So, be careful with your choice because your customers would not expect anything less than the best from you.

Monday, 28 April 2014

How to judge the quality of the homemade tattoo machines?

Homemade tattoo machines can be made by any material, as long as its strength requirements can be recognized enough . The stand or fall of difference between the tattoo machine: The electromagnetic coil and the stability of the shrapnel bounce, depends on the processing of the early locating and tolerance to master; In addition, fixed coil screws and check out best gaskets, so as not to shift due to vibration. Listen to the voice sometimes mislead your judgement, judge of the machine only after loading the needle and buckle on elastic correct conclusion can be drawn from actual use. Equipment, because consider cost factor, sometimes material too thin is the reason why sounds awful, thick frame voice naturally thick! The tattoo machines on the market price disparity between amplitude is large, that in terms of quality, will be a big difference? A: the price of the machine, is that it is that sex and market reputation; In terms of quality, if the businessman in electromagnetic iron core with hanging iron this two parts with the electromagnetism pure iron is also called the soft iron, so, the machine should be no mystery! Because the soft iron is the best material of these two parts. how to identify whether the power of the machine is soft? A: that is very troublesome, accurate method is to use high-speed cameras, observe the machine back after the loss of magnetic needle mouth in the schedule (distance), distance is soft, small distance is hard! Is the best effect with the least amount of piercing the number will be enough pigment into the target location, at this time if regardless of technique, the problem of machine is out. Fast and hard skin lesions caused by machine on the slow and soft the skin lesions caused by the machine was low. The reason: it fast and hard machine at work in the retraction to each needle mouth stay time is short, the other reason before the shell is harder, can bounce back after the excitation-loss stroke is small, then caused the tip of the pigment dip take quantity is small, can, of course, being sent to the target location is less.. On the contrary, slow and gentle machine at work in the retraction to each needle mouth for a long time, the other reason before the shrapnel is soft, can bounce back after the excitation-loss trip also big, also is equal to the amount of pigment dip take increased the needlepoint, can be admitted to a target location is much! Even though I just did experiment 2 pieces in the practice the skin pigment saturation essentially the same practice skin cross-sections were observed under the microscope, I verified the above analysis. The experiment also include the specification of the same practice for tensile test, the result was the same . secant machine and fog machine in performance have what characteristics? A: line machine: requirement is fast and back out of the needle is fast, so as not to hang the skin! Fog machine requirements are different, according to the habit of each tattoo artist! This, is that all the production machines can't do! In general are our people in accommodating the machine (speed, strength, flexibility, speed and flexibility, related to users under the decisiveness of the needle, strength the relationship with the user's habits. how to debug a new machine? A: any new machine can only minor adjustments, its fundamental nature, as early as it is the factory has been qualitative!! Fine tuning. This with clearance, have a direct relationship. Shell strength. how to determine and test out the length of the needle? Answer: according to the habit of each, and the guest's skin nature! Skin thicker than the asians, europeans in some deeper, it is also a foreign artist seven reasons for seeking to bounce space is large machine, tattoo machines in use after a period of time, contact will be wear and tear, tattoo machine power and performance will decline, and how to solve this problem? A: when not in use, loosen the damping aprons, so that we can avoid the change of the power! Then there is, if the contact will wear and then use the new notes between contact point and promptly pull back and forth a few times can. why there are all-in-one and fission machine? A: can be one of the (double shell can be achieved in one integrated)! But most of the tattoo artist will choose to use different function of the machine! Is the so-called line machine and fog machine, fog machine can be used to secant, after add a shrapnel limit device.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tattoo Machines – Choosing the Safest and Most Functional Tools

Tattoo Machines – Choosing the Safest and Most Functional Tools Tattooing is having an increased acceptance lately among all sort of people across the world. The increasing number of tattooing clinics is the evidence of its increasing popularity. On planning for a tattooing business, it is essential for you to have a better understanding about the tattoo machines, tools, and supplies in order to get hold of the best. The tattoo machines or otherwise called the tattoo guns are the most essential tool used in tattooing. For those who are seriously longing to get some beautiful body art done on their skin, the tattoo machines as a part of the tattoo kits is an essential component to make your dreams come true. History of tattoo machines As per the documentation, the first ever tattoo machine was invented by the most famous inventor of all times, Thomas Alva Edison. The year of this invention was back in 1870; however the first line of machines were not that good enough in order to offer perfection while tattooing. Edison then tried to use this as an engraving machine; and later after a few years, a few other scientists tried to modify Edison’s machines in order to make it capable of applying ink directly on to human skin. This was when the first-generation tattoo machines were born. New generation machines However, this initial model had then undergone a lot of renovations and modernization and further achieved more and more perfection to exactly get the figure on to the skin, which the artists have in their mind with 100% perfection. The new-generation machines used for tattooing at the modern clinics are using electromagnets, which easily control the entire tattooing process. The new model tattoo machines also allow the professionals to have a better control on handling the functional aspects like the needle speed, depth of piercing, as well as force to be applied etc. In an expert’s hand, a tattoo machine can act as a smooth brush to make the most desired strokes and give a perfect finish to the art. Tattoo machines are available in different sizes also, varying in its pricing and functionality, which can be used for personal usage as well as at a highly professional level. There are online options too to purchase tattoo guns from different manufacturers from the globe, where you can find the best deals at the most affordable pricing.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Necessary to Know about Tattoo Kits and Supplies

Tattoo kits are a splendid way to prepare for your first tattooing experience. From beginner’s kits to professional kits, there are plenty of different varieties available in the market lately. A common mistake most of the people do is to search for a provider selling tattoo supplies and purchasing a machine, power supply, and a few needles. However, once after it, they soon will realize that there are pretty much more things required for successful tattooing. It is not just the novices, by many professional tattooing experts also tend to make some mistakes like this. In case of choosing tattooing as your career, it is best to discuss the needs with a competent tattoo supplies company who can recommend you the tools and accessories needed in the tattoo kits for a professional endeavor. Things to consider On purchasing a tattoo kit, even at basic level, you need to check for a good kit, which contains all the needed safety and medical supplies in it. You may need nitrile gloves and the sharps collector, which will collect the tattoo needles and grips for proper disposal. There should also be a surface disinfectant as Cavicide, which is a high-grade cleaner to avoid hepatitis, TB, HIV and herpes. Also note that many of the now available tattoo kits are selling the inferior OEM brand inks, which is of very cheap quality. Always choose the best quality inks, not just to enhance the quality of tattooing, but also in the best interest of the health of your clients. Steel tattoo grips vs. disposable grips The very important aspect to be considered while purchasing tattoo kits is about the grip you are going to use. There is an increasing demand for disposable grips and single-use tattooing needles, in order to cut off the risk of cross-contamination among the users. There are advantages of disadvantages for both steel and disposable grips. Steel grips offer a better balance, cost effectiveness with reusability, and more importantly vibration dampening. As the downside, you have to always take care of the risk of contamination with thoroughly soaking and sterilizing (autoclave) the device. Convenience and safety are the major advantages of disposable grips; however you have to cope up with the vibrations a bit to do the task skillfully. However, disposable is always preferable over the other nowadays.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Assemble the tattoo machine

First, connect pipe head connected to the needles, insert the handle grip tube, after at this time with a magnifying glass to look at the needle, the needle below click to enlarge Needles are slightly curved, if there is the phenomenon, please use very fine sandpaper along the needle to pull a few times, to solve this phenomenon. Then Needle inserted needle connecting pipe, with tip pipe head is flat.This is the first step of assembing the tattoo machine. Second, handles pipe micro cover head connected with the needle tube joint. Connect the good parts with tattoo machine body, will take damping ring needle tail through the clamp with the small round convex column under the electronic contact phase, to slowly and gently press into the light Gently move the handle grip tube to tip and the pipe head is flat. Step of third, this is the power of tattoo machine to cancel with a tattoo machine is combined with the power supply, copper, white connectors, copper copper stigma Up and down here for your reference, white copper stigma hole relatively small holes through them. Another first insert the power supply, can, according to the directions on the power supply into the feet Foot switch according to the supply with power supply is connected. All these operations are conducted in the case of without electricity. Four, debugging to needle out length is about general in 3 mm distance, voltage at around 7-9 volt, frequency of 10 Times per second. Also can be used more than 9 v voltage, such as long time to use the tattoo machine will soon be fever, will be subject to not hot. Such as machine Overheating will stay after cooling is in use, it is best to more than one tattoo homework, when motor speed can be greatly improved, so that will be reduced Less pain. Five, with stamped on the pedal switch, debug the length of the needle stimulation. If the machine does not start, please adjust knob adjustment. Tuned machine Walk freely on the tissue paper, paper will tighten, tattoo function with a very uniform holes.

tattoo machines won't function properly?why?

I have some experience about maintenance tattoo machines fault and share it with you,i hope will be helpful to you. 1 .elastic rod without meeting inclined promptly contact. Solution: the elastic rod screws loosen the elastic rod rotating down, run into contact, then rotate 180 ° to 360 °, tighten the screw locking elastic rod. 2 .the power switch is not opened. Solution:Turn on 220 v alternating current (ac), after open the tattoo machines power switch, indicator light red. 3 .adjusting button (VOLTAGE) on the zero position, and V table pointer on the zero . solution: adjust the button clockwise rotate slowly, also in V table pointer rotation, V table pointer should be parked in the 10 V to 12 V. Promptly contact before. 4 .elastic rod touch, touch is too tight, don't start, is more likely to have the power supply circuit, a power switch, the indicator light is light green, no voltage . solution: the elastic rod screw loosening, the elastic rod up loose from the shrapnel contact reset elastic rod encounter on contact, rotate 180 ° to 360 ° tattoo machines power tripping circuit, indicating the light is green, the switch to open, indicating the light is red. 5 .at work, often accidentally also don't know when to pull the power cord, the position of the left joint . Solution: check the pedal switch, the power cord plug to have in place after. 6 .in the work, cleaning and disinfection of tattoo machine, the machine line ruptured the (dislocation). solution: check the thrum of the tattoo machines for dislocation (break), to find an electrician, open the line welding on . 7. power tripping indicating the light is green . Solution: check the plug on the power cord and plug on the tattoo machines foot switch to have broken, broken may touch line (short), breaking the thread, to use electric welding, with respect to OK!

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Couple of Questions Answered for you in terms of Choosing Tattoo Supplies

Tattooing is having an increased popularity lately among all sort of people and all across the globe. In some ethnicity, tattooing is an inevitable part of their culture and rituals and for some others, it’s simply a fashion statement. Hollywood also had done a great deal in promoting the concept of tattooing with all the action heroes are there in the tattoo fan club. However, for those who are planning to come into this field, it is always confusing to select tattoo supplies and tools. Further we will try to answer a couple of confusing questions for the beginners to provide a better insight about the concept. What about the career of a tattooing professional? If you are also one among them who think tattooing is pretty simply and can be done by everyone, you are miserably wrong. If you are setting out to become a tattoo artist, it is important to think about it seriously. You many not be even able to find a well-written guide to teach this age-old art in a step-by-step manner. You also will be finding it difficult to get hold of the best tattoo supplies without an expert understanding. Doing tattooing is a critical task and it will take pretty much time for one to master it. The risky part about this task is that human health also needed to be considered in this process, which makes it a serious responsibility. The quality of tattoo supplies should be superior as well as you should possess and expert’s hands also to make this lifetime mark for your clients. Any minute mistake can end up in serious misery. What needed to be considered while buying tattoo supplies? For a tattoo artist, the basic tattoo supplies include needles, ink, tattooing machine, and power supply. As healthcare is also involved, there should be proper safety and medical supplied too needed as a back for professional artists. You can search for these basic supply kits at professional stores as well as the online stores of reputed suppliers. However, always make sure that you are dealing with genuine suppliers and products as quality counts big in this task.

Own yourself tattoo kits, creating unique tattoo designs

Are you a tattoo enthusiast? Do you have their own unique tattoo designs? Maybe you will say I like tattoo, also want to do a tattoo, but probably not ideal tattoo parlors around where you live, or your sensitive parts of the body don't want show tattoo artist, so have you ever want to own a tattoo kits, in their own do want any tattoo on the body, not the restriction of the time and place, as long as you like to do at one point, picked up his own tattoo kits can do. Here is a good example of diy tattoo, reports from chinadaily, Young man 's back becomes canvas forFamous scroll painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival,believed that this ancient artwork at the 2010 world expo in Shanghai the people left a deep impression to the world. By means of a tattoo is a new interpretation of the ancient civilization of China. In each individual heart lived a creative spirit, as a tattoo fans can do some innovation in the art of tattooing, creating some new tattoo work, both for their own life, or a tattoo art is a very meaningful thing. For tattoo fans, have their own a tattoo kits of creation as a basic equipment is necessary. from tattoo wiki.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

 Tattoo machine debugging skills

 A tattoo machine to get his hand , allowing us to adjust only the following aspects : location before shrapnel, the shrapnel, the spacing, contact screws, damping ring , coil , rubber bands , the armature . The coil, core , racks , capacitors basically we are not moving .  All adjustments are around two factors - the frequency and strength , I will be one of the law in the following 11 years.  Former shrapnel : length width thickness hardness and bending angle will affect the frequency and strength of the machine. Long , narrow , thin, soft , low bending angle will make the machine slow frequency , power becomes larger. Conversely frequency becomes faster , smaller forces .  Damping ring : the thickness of hard and soft , fine , let the soft slow frequency , strength increases. And vice versa. In fact, damping ring is extended before shrapnel , shrapnel can even do a good pre- damping ring, as the power play before the shrapnel to the maximum , maximum strength .  Contact Screw: The closer the position of the contact point of the front edge of the tab , the slower the frequency , the greater the force, and vice versa. Contact screw presses more tightly force smaller , faster frequency . Suggested contacts screws as far forward , touch shrapnel , at most, one or two laps and then the next spin , so shrapnel maximize its power .  After shrapnel : width hardness and bending angle will affect the machine's frequency , strength and length of the needle . Narrow , thin, soft frequencies will allow the machine slows down , the power increases. Conversely frequency becomes faster , smaller forces . The larger the longer the bending angle needle , the greater the power of the machine , the slower the frequency, and vice versa.  After the pitch : refers to the machine from the back seat and armature , in fact, this distance is the length of shrapnel after the change can be achieved in several ways , adjust the length of the armature size platen after shrapnel , shrapnel forward after these three who can change the spacing. The larger the greater the strength of the pitch , the slower the frequency, and vice versa.  Location coil : Front coil ( the coil close to the needle ) the greater the force more forward , the greater the distance the greater the force between the front and rear coil . As far forward before recommending coil , the coil do not move.  Armature : armature material , the length of the severity , the armature is longer, the more severe the greater the force , the slower frequency. I only know the material aspects temporarily better off magnetic armature better.  Rubber band : as little as possible , as long as you can control the beating of the needle , the right way to reduce needle loaded needle beating , so only twelve rubber band can be.  Under normal circumstances stab color , totem need big machine power , frequency, slow , black and white sketches thorn traditional and machine power needs of small , fast frequency.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tattoo handle what to pay attention

Hold the machine correctly tattoo machine can improve the efficiency of the work . All needles mouth, handle and stainless steel rod should be all stainless steel handles are complete and have knurled . Knurled is a term machining industry , there should be on the handle . Knurled metal handle better than the plastic handle , when the handle grip plastic -type hand seems to be stuck , like the hand can not be flexible manipulation of the machine. Knurled metal provides a fixed grip strength, increased weight of the machine, the machine in the hands of more texture , more easy to operate.     Tattoo machine grip it like a pencil or pen grip posture , but slightly different.     When you first hold the tattoo machine, will feel he has a certain weight, some people say they are very heavy . Do not be confused by this argument , because the period of time you will feel very natural , hand muscles will gradually adapt to the machine work. Tattoo takes time, especially in large pieces tattoo , need a few hours to manipulate these machines do not have much time to rest. This requires that you exercise the muscles of the hand , so that the hand will not cramp or soreness . Before you start to become a tattoo artist , it is necessary to practice as much grip the machine. Hold the machine simultaneously trying to keep the air exercises. You can watch TV , chat or do something else to make this exercise. Night a few hours of exercise will make your hands soon muscles.     Some tattooists like heavy machinery , while others prefer a more light , which is the reason why some manufacturers offer lightweight machine . But it should be remembered that any machine , regardless of one began to feel there are multiple , are accustomed to the last . From a long-term perspective, you want to feel it's very handy , working condition is very stable. Tattoo machine vibration will occur when you use you will soon feel tired. Then the weight of the machine will usually act as shock absorbers. Handle more weight, it will absorb more energy , delivered to your shake smaller. Such tattoo machine work more stable, not easily shake , which is constructed tattoo machine is more wonderful place . You should also keep in mind is based on the weight of the machine is that you can change your preferences by replacing the handle of the model can change the weight of the tattoo machine .     Hold the machine and use the hook wires to practice painting. When the hook wires hanging behind the machine , tattoo machine will bring the resistance movement , which is different from the strange feeling to write . To get used to this feeling and often practice for this position .     Tattoos on the skin when the hand , like writing the same posture as the handle grip to hold a pen , the other part of the machine is naturally behind or above . Hand on the base of the skin or work , which is a stable position , palm down first , then the machine can be a palm support points.     As a fulcrum , the machine moves around on the skin with the palm . By rotating the fulcrum on the palm , it is easy to position the machine should be on . Sometimes rub some medical Vaseline on the little finger on the palm of your hand and will lead to friction between the palm of your hand with the skin decreases . Doing so will make your palms on the skin to move more easily. Do not apply too much attention is caused by slipping and sliding .     The fulcrum for the tattoo palm provides a solid foundation , but it takes practice to perfection , his hand will remain stable , credible route to you .     Disinfected prior to handle system , with a clean paper to wrap the assembled machine . This process before each tattoo ( disinfection, install the needle tip , needle and machine ) have to do . In China , we now use tattoo needles are all disposable.  The key is to be absolutely familiar with the correct installation process , each time the system is installed and the handle of the needle should concentrate. From tattoo equipment dealer to buy a new machine should be installed correctly , but the system did not handle disinfection . They still need to dismantle and disinfection. They should carefully review and learn the correct way to install the machine . Buy two machines at the start is a good idea , so that one can be installed by the manufacturer , you do not need to install another good . When you forget how to assemble them together, that Taiwan has been installed yet another machine is a good guide .

Friday, 18 April 2014

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

purchase a good tattoo power box for yourself

In order to complete the tattoo image,tattooists should process a set of tattoo equipment, which should includes the tattoo power box. Of cause you could buy it from many different sells. At present there are lots of types in the markets. Every one admit that the most expensive one is not the best one. So you should find out what is the best suitable tattoo power box for the user.
I think you should know that the tattoo power box is the prime movers for the tattoo needles go in skin with inks. Certainly if the tattoo power do not have enough energy the needle could not go deep in to human skin,and then the image are easily to fade. On contrast tattoo power box have the enough energy , the tattooist could work a beautiful and complete image for a long work. So it is the key point for you to master this knowledge, no matter you are a experienced or just a starter.

Several tattoo machine power box are available in tattoo supplies stores nowadays. The price varies according to different types and functions. If you want to get better control of the tattoo needle’s back and forth movement, then you need a power box that has a knob to control the voltage. Some more expensive machine power box enable you to control all the elements like voltage, speed, follow-through and duty. You can use them in any country without changing the voltage to ensure the safety of other appliances in your home. Some power box will come to you with foot pedals and clip cords, but some are not, you may need to buy them separately.

Do you think all the tattoo power box is same? I should tell you that they are different. In fact the more expensive one have much function and durable for the tattooist. We should believe that the price worth the quality. Because the manufacturers put better material into the production.
Now that you want to become a professional tattoo artist you should not worry too much about the money,which is the necessary investment for your future career. The good equipment could make the good images for the customers, i hope it must leave a perfect impression on them and then they come to your tattoo shop again.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Why tattoo needles point turn black

The normal tattoo needles should be bright and clean with steriled packing,
But sometimes, the needle may be with black tip.There are 2 main reason causing the black needle tip.

1 is oxidation during welding
Excessive acid when welding will caused surface oxidation.The dust, oxide on the tip will make it black.

2 is the needle use disqualified material, the needles easily rusty on the air.

Do not use rusty needle wire, because tattoo needles are used for skin, the black tip needles are unsanitary, may cause infection or worse.

For your health, please use sterile tatto needles.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What size tattoo needle do you use for shading

Tattoo artists may have a preference when it comes to shading tattoo needles. Some may use a round shading needle setup. The most common tip counts used for round shading clusters are 3, 5, 7, and 9. Magnum shading needles are the most common for this application due to the double-stacked construction and flat tips. Using a magnum shading tattoo needle configuration allows the artist to put more ink into the skin without needing multiple passes over the same area of the skin. A variation of the magnum needle is the curved magnum tattoo needle. It is generally used for first timers as the curve causes less tearing to the skin and glides over it in a smoother fashion reducing the pain of getting a tattoo. Selecting the right type of shading tattoo needle makes the dispersion of the ink appropriate for the shading technique used.

Monday, 14 April 2014

About tattoo needles types, which do what, how to use

The diameter of tattoo needle types can be found by looking at the first two numbers of the packaging. The 4 most common diameters are #12, #10, #8 and #6. #12 is a diameter of 0.35mm. #10 is a diameter of 0.30mm. #8 is a diameter of 0.25mm. #6 is a diameter of 0.20mm. #12, 0.35mm diameter is the most common diameter for most needles. #10, 0.30mm is the most common diameter for ones used for lining.
The count indicates the number of needles grouped together at the point of the bar. In the example we used earlier, a 1207RL needle, where 12 is the diameter, 7 indicates the count. So a 1207RL needle will have 7 needles soldered to the tip of the bar.
Tattoo needles types: RL or round liner needles grouped together in a tight round formation. RS or round shaders are grouped together in a loose round formation. F or flats are grouped together in a line formation. M1 or weaved magnum are grouped with 2 rows of needles in a weaved formation

Saturday, 12 April 2014

What you should know before buying cheap tattoo ink

For most people the reason they start to tattoo is to be unique comparing with others. But if you choose a ordinary tattoo, i think you purpose also is not achieved. so many people want to have a creative tattoo image for themself. And before you tattoo you also should know something about tattoo ink. Especially those want to buy the cheap tattoo ink.
First, the components of tattoo ink- pigments and carries.
For permanent tattoos, tattoo ink will be inserted into the skin with the help of tattoo needles. Tattoo ink pigments are the basic materials that provide the colors, which can be anything from minerals, plastics, vegetable dyes to metallic slats like calcium copper silicate, iron oxide, chromium oxide and zinc oxide. The carriers are liquid materials delivering pigments under the skin with no clumping and some disinfecting actions. Frequently used carriers are Listerine, propylene glycol, vodka and glycerin. Notice the quality of these two when you buy cheap tattoo ink.
And then, the tattoo ink colors.
Tattoo ink supplies can be found here and there both in local markets and online stores. The basic tattoo ink colors are green, red, purple, yellow, orange, blue, brown and white. They can be mixed to make other colors. Some other frequently used colors are gold, magenta, ecru, crimson red, mud red etc. when choosing tattoo ink colors, besides the coordination of all the designs, you should think about the risks of the chosen ink color, or you may run into troubles.
so next time when you enter the tattoo shop and want to tattoo, you need to take these factors into your consideration.

Friday, 11 April 2014

How to use tattoo transfer paper

If you're going to get a tattoo and have picked out the line drawing you want, you may be wondering how the artist transfers the drawing to your skin safely. Luckily, there's a very easy technique involving tattoo transfer paper that is safe and is pain free. Does this Spark an idea?

Notice that tattoo transfer paper has two distinct sides; one is shiny, the other is darker and not shiny. The dark, nonshiny side is the side to lay on the skin.
Trace each line of the picture with the sharp pencil, making sure that the paper doesn't move out of its position. You can tell which lines you have traced and which you haven't by looking at it from the side; you'll be able to see the pencil lines easily.
Dampen the skin where you want to place the tattoo with either soap and water or stick deodorant.
Place the thermographic transfer paper onto the dampened skin and press gently. Do not allow the paper to shift or the drawing won't transfer properly. If it does shift, you'll have to remove the ink and start over.
Peel the paper off the skin, gently. If done correctly, the line drawing is now on the skin in a bluish-purplish ink that will eventually wash off.
Check with your client again to make sure the drawing is in the correct location and is the correct size.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dragonhawk tattoo supply: your trusted friend

As the popularity of the tattoo, the tattoo supply has also becoming more and more advanced and upgrading. I guess if you are a beginner you must feel confused about the brand of the tattoo supplies. And wondering which one is the best for you to choose. Maybe i could do you a favor with my professional knowledge. And also you could treat it as a reference when shopping the tattoo supply online or in local stores.

I want to introduce the dragonhawk tattoo supply to you. Maybe you are not strange to this brand, which is a professional manufactures of the tattoo supply. And you occasionally heard from your friends that they often use the these supplies to complete their jobs. DragonHawk is a company ,which is established in 2001 and specializing in tattoo supply,tattoo kit, tattoo machine and other equipment to the beginners or the tattoo artists. This company has been insisting on offering the high quality products to the customers. So the dragonhawk tattoo supplies they sell is good in quality and low in price. and their products have enjoyed the high reputation in overseas markets and won the wide praise from peers. If you purchase the tattoo supply on the website, and you should not worry about the delivery. Because the dragonhawk tattoo supply have the warehouse in USA,UK,Canada,Australia and Germany.
Dear friends, if you do not know to purchase which one ,why not do not you choose the dragonhawk tattoo supplier. In this case, you do not need spend time on searching online shop or hanging out the reality shop. Purchasing a reliable product just like make a reliable friend. You could believe its quality even though they do not promise you anything.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Purchase Dragonhawk tattoo supply online

I guess many people had ever used the dragonhawk tattoo supplies, and maybe you just use the tattoo machine or tattoo needles or other tattoo suppliers, but whatever you buy from dragonhawk you will find it is durable and qualified. There is also a website of the dragonhawk selling all of the dragonhawk tattoo supplies. And the online shop is tattoodiy.com, which is help you search more products and purchase them online in this case save your time to pick up.
On the dragonhawk online shop,you not only could retail but also wholesale products according to your requirement. However if you wholesale some tattoo supplies you often could get a lower price. They also could guarantee you a fast delivery, no matter where you are,because they have many warehouses all over the world, such as USA,UK and Canada.

Dragonhawk tattoo supplies conclude anything you need to tattoo for your work. Such as transfer supply,ink accessories,and medical care and so on.all these things are necessary for the tattoo artist and the customers. You want to set up a good brand and then you should purchase the high quality products for the clients.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dragonhawk tattoo supply worth the price you pay

 Tattoo has becoming more and more popular in our daily life, there are increasing number of  tattoo supplier has come into the sight of the people. And people are no longer to use the hand-made tattoo machine and tattoo needles to make tattoo a tattoo on human’s body. With the upgrading and advancement of the tattoo supply, there are lots of different brands of tattoo supply in the present market. So for some beginners they do not know how to choose the best one for themself due to lacking of the professional knowledge. If you ask me what brand is good i will tell you the dragonhawk tattoo supply is not a bad choice.
Search the internet – One of the best sources to find cheap tattoo guns is on the web. In case you know what kind of machine or tattoo gun you are looking for, the internet offers you great deals without even having to lower the equality. In case you are a beginner in tattoo business you would surely want an affordable price on the machine and upgrade it in the future. There are several auction sites along with authorized dealers online with their websites that have information about the machines and its usability. So just compare different deals offered by online dealers in order to get cheap tattoo guns. And i f you search the good tattoo supply, you will find there are lots of high comment on the dragonhawk tattoo supply. It is not the advertisement but the real praise.
In a word, it’s quite important to cooperate with the proper tattoo suppliers.
Once you have establish the business relationship with dragonhawk manufactures, you will believe the quality of the dargonhawk tattoo supply is good.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Choose the tattoo equipment and supplies for different level

There are often some beginners come to me and ask how long could he or she master the tattoo art. Actually the tattoo is a hard skill to learn and you should spend long time on it. But in the present, it is a easy thing to do and what you should do is input the energy and money to it. Of cause i am not saying that anyone could tattoo for others. Before you know how to tattoo, you also should pick up some tattoo equipment and supplies for yourself. And you also should know your skill level. Finally decide to buy what kind of tattoo equipment and supplies.
For the beginners there are some beginner tattoo kit in the present market, this equipment have all items you need to make a tattoo, such as tattoo machine, tattoo needles, tattoo ink and others. These things are necessary for the tattoo artist to complete tattoo work.There are even a few kits that come with a training DVD or book that most new artists find invaluable. While professional kits seem to have everything a tattoo artist needs, he or she is still responsible for buying their own supplies to sanitize their tattoo equipment between sessions.Because professional kits contain more tattooing tools than their beginner tattoo kit , the cost is undoubtedly more expensive.
When it comes to tattoo supplies, you must prepare some in stock for the case of you use up the tattoo ink or the tattoo needles. Because someone would like to use the disposable tattoo needle according to customers’ demand. After all during the tattoo process, the tattoo needle must pierce into skin to inject tattoo ink. For the sake of safety, tattoo artist prefer the disposable tattoo needle and throw them after use. So it dose not take long time to running out of it. You should prepare some tattoo supplies in advance. Do not you want to reuse the tattoo needle just because of lacking of it. And i think you do not want to make fun on the safety of the customers. Of cause the tattoo ink is also a kind of fast-moving consumer good, especially when you should create a big tattoo images for the clients. And the black is the most possible one to use up. All you know that the first step to tattoo is outline the images use the tattoo ink, and the black is the mostly common used one.
I just want to give some suggestion to the friends who want to enter the tattoo or who has entered. And i know some beginners must have different problems and questions at the beginning of the tattoo. Maybe this article really offer you some help.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Prepare tattoo equipment and supplies for your tattoo career

You must heard such an old saying that “Make bricks without straw”, that means that even you have the perfect tattoo skills, but if you there is no tattoo equipment so you can not work. I just want to emphasis the importance of the tattoo equipment and supplies. Maybe some one have bought the best tattoo equipment after the strict and careful research or the long time use. There are still some people do not know how to choose and prepare them for their tattoo career in the initial stage of the career.
The type of ink that you are going to use is going to have a huge impact on the final quality of the tattoo. The problem is trying to learn the best brands of ink to use is that every artist has a different opinion .The best thing you can do is talk to as many professionals as you can and to read a pile of reviews. You should start to see a pattern emerge. The other thing that you need to consider is that many professionals combine the inks of several different manufactures.
When you are ordering the needles you need for tattooing, you want to buy as many as you possibly can. You are going to go through a lot of needles and most companies offer discounts when you purchase the needles in bulk. You should never feel like you are purchasing too many needles, at some point you will need them.

You can not ink anyone until you have a tattoo power supply. The size of your power supply is going to depend on how much power your tattoo gun is going to use. The best way to make sure that the two are compatible is by purchasing them at the same time.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Minimizing the cost of the tattoo equipment and supplies

You know, not all tattoo artists work in big fancy tattoo parlors, nor do they all work in shady dark rooms.however some of them would like to work in their own home, in this way they could save much cost and energy. Of cause when they at home, they often have much more inspiration. After all tattoo is a unique art that should the artist pay mach attention to. Because there is no customers want to obtain a same tattoo design with others. However, for the tattoo artist they also could save their money to minimize the cost of the tattoo equipment and supplies.
Any tattoo artist who is hoping to build a solid reputation can not afford to get fixated on finding the lowest cost supplies that they forget to consider the quality of the supplies that they are using. Low quality supplies equal tattoos that are clearly inferior looking. This is especially true when you are using low quality inks. To minimize to cost of the tattoo equipment and supples is not to buy the products with low quality.
The type of ink that you are going to use is going to have a huge impact on the final quality of the tattoo. The problem is trying to learn the best brands of ink to use is that every artist has a different opinion The best thing you can do is talk to as many professionals as you can and to read a pile of reviews. You should start to see a pattern emerge. The other thing that you need to consider is that many professionals combine the inks of several different manufactures.
When you are ordering the needles you need for tattooing, you want to buy as many as you possibly can. You are going to go through a lot of needles and most companies offer discounts when you purchase the needles in bulk. You can not ink anyone until you have a tattoo power supply. The size of your power supply is going to depend on how much power your tattoo gun is going to use. The best way to make sure that the two are compatible is by purchasing them at the same time.
One of the best places to get tattoo supplies and save cost is online. Believe it or not, you can order almost everything that you need from online sites.

Friday, 4 April 2014

I recommend beginner tattoo kit for beginner

When you start your tattoo career, you should know what level that you are. Maybe you do not know anythings about tattoo, or you ever learn some tattoo knowledge in other tattoo shop and you want to open a tattoo shop for yourself. And if you are the previous, i suggest tattoo kit for beginner maybe a good choice for you to have a good career beginning.
When you choose tattoo kit, you also can depends you will be a part time or full time business. The tattoo goals also base on your tattoo scale, for example, just for yourself or business need.
There are variety cheap tattoo kits on sale on the online store with reasonable price. At first, when you decide to become a tattoo artist, purchasing tattoo equipments is daunting task. Beginner tattoo kit is your best choice, as it won’t cost you too much, and contains all the things which needed during tattoo.
If you only a beginner for tattoo, you need not to choose high quality or professional tattoo kit, or it is a waste. But a beginner tattoo kit can benefit for your tattoo practicing.
Maybe as a beginner, to choose tattoo kit you have question. When you are searching on the Internet, you may find some tattoo suppliers have their own brand and have professional tattoo knowledge. So to choose beginner tattoo kit on professional tattoo supplier is important, so you can get the advantage and disadvantage of the kit before you buy it. Here, tattoo supplier work as a guide when you have any tattoo questions.
To sum it up, if you are just starting out, with a beginner tattoo kit will benefit with your tattoo business. You can familiar with the entire tattoo equipments as well give you some time to adapt to become a professional tattoo artist.
We always trying our best to provide high quality tattoo equipments including beginner tattoo kits , welcome to visit Getbetterlife.com, you may get a surprise.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

tattoo stencil paper is a useful assistant in tattoo supplies

Honestly speaking, some tattoo artist maybe not good at painting in their tattoo work. However they could make the best tattoo design for the customers. If you ever enter the tattoo shop or have tattooed, you must have seen before the tattoo artist start to tattoo then often stick the tattoo stencil paper on your body. The tattoo stencil paper is just a kind of tattoo supplies. So when you purchase the tattoo supplies, never forget to buy some tattoo stencil paper.

  Tattoo stencil paper works as a template to some extent, as it is designed for transfer designs temporarily onto the skin guiding the artists to do shading and lining in the right place. Though they come in different kinds and styles, the function for them are the same. You can print your ideal designs on tattoo stencil or draw with a special transferable pencil or ink. Then press the paper onto the skin to transfer the image. In this way, tattoo artists can trace the image to make a perfect design. That’s how tattoo stencil paper works.
Some skilled tattoo artist who have good painting skills also need to prepare this tattoo supplies.after all tattoo is art should create on the body, it is easy to make mistake owing to carelessness. But it is difficult to remove and correct it, for the tattoo artist they must pay all attention to it during the tattoo work. And in other case, some customers have their own preference and style, what you create for them could not meet their demands and requirement. So if you draw the tattoo image on the stencil paper and then see whether it could in line with the requirement of the consumers. Also, they can have a chance to make sure they like the design and decide where to put the tattoo. As a result, fewer mistakes will happen. Only by giving the customers 100% satisfaction can you win a large popularity in your local area.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rotary tattoo machine:the best suit for starter

In recent years, tattoo has become a hot topic for people,especially teenagers. And People have changed the traditional perception of tattoos that it is a symbol of gangsterdom. It is widely believed that tattoo is a fashion trend. So more and more choose tattoo as their career to make a fortune. Tattoo not only need skilled technology but also good equipment, which i mean is tattoo machine. In my several years experience, i would like to recommend the starter rotary tattoo machine.

There is no doubt that tattoo is a time-consuming work, when the tattoo design is very big tattooist usually spend several hours to complete a work. That means that the weight of the tattoo machine is important for the tattooist. However ,rotary tattoo machine have a lighter weight to handle for a long time tattoo image. In that case your hand won’t get hurt owing to its convenience. But before this i ever used a coil tattoo machine .every time after work my hand is cramping from the weight of the machine and it still feels as if my hand is vibrating when I'm done. Because of this, the weight and low vibration of the rotary machine caught my interest.

In addition, rotary tattoo machine cause less noise comparing with other tattoo machine, it is another advantages of the rotary tattoo machine. So when the tattooist tattooing the customers feel more relieved and less pain due to its low noise. I think maybe no one want tattooist use the loud machines work on their skins.
I think what the starters care most is the price of the rotary tattoo machine. Actually they have no much difference in price. So you should not care such a good rotary tattoo machine is beyond your financial range.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What size tattoo needle do you use for outline

on average a three is used unless you are doing portraits and then id stick to a one. for larger projects a 5 is okay always make sure you are using a round liner for outlines.
I disagree a 3 liner is best for small details. Most novices start of with small tattoo needles just due to being misinformed. When i started i used 5 round tapers and i always found myself going back over lines. in my opinion and what I use know are 7 round liners they lay down a nice semi-bold line that is just right. if you need to accentuate a line a bolder just do your fills with the same tattoo needle. My art improved ten-fold when I switched from a 5 to a 7. point is too they hold more ink too. The trick to good lining is holding your machine upright to the skin , go slow and do as much of your line as comfortably possibly. maintain your confidence.

I agree with the second poster. I am a tattoo artist who never did an apprenticeship anywhere. Just bought a machine from an artist friend of mine and starting plugging away on Pig skin. Lining is the MOST important part of a tattoo. Without a solid outline, there is no reason to color, shade or fill. So get a good line. Make sure your liner machine is well tuned, running well, and not misfiring. Next choose a 7 round or even higher if you are doing large work without alot of details. Then GO SLOW. Remember the machine moves fast, but you cannot move faster or you will end up with a dotted line. Tattoos hurt, don't try to be the nice guy and compromise your work to keep the client comfortable. Go as slow as you need to and allow the machine to do the work. Keep the ink flowing. Do not ever allow your liner to run out of ink. You will end up with line that you will have to go over again causing more pain and potential scar on the tattoo. And lastly, practice. If you are new to tattooing, do NOT try your skill out of a human until you have a handle on how the machine works, etc. Buy some grape fruits, honey dew melons, pig skin (from a butcher) etc and start to practice. The practice skins on eBay are garbage. They do not accept ink nearly the same way as real skin and you will end up frustrated. Plus there are very few places on the human body where you will be working on a "flat" surface so why practice on one? Good luck!