Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Religious Tattoos Design Ideas

Tattoos go against many peoples’ beliefs. In several religions the body is considered a temple and should not be marred. In contrast, though, some people believe that religious tattoos are one of many ways to express their devotion to their faith, and see it as a way to solidify and show the permanency of their devoutness.

There are many examples of Western religion in tattoos. Symbols of both Christian and Catholic worship can be seen everywhere in crosses, praying hands and images of deities, saints and even angels. The crucifix is a favored depiction. This shows Jesus hanging from the cross, frequently in black and white, with the slightest bit of red for blood. These often contain quotes in Latin, directly from the bible or simply stating the location that it can be found. Many people also like to use the image of the mother Mary. Her expression is often sad, and her arms are usually set wide apart in a welcoming fashion, though she is occasionally depicted holding the image of the sacred heart. Although in Judaism tattoos are considered forbidden, many people still like to use the Star of David, and use religious quotes in beautiful Hebrew lettering.

There are also many Eastern religious tattoos. The Buddhist wheel is a popular design. It is said to represent the cyclical nature of life and the afterlife. The endless knot is another good example of religious tattoos interpreted from symbology. This symbol is meant to show the endless wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. Some people also like to use the intricate and colorful design of the Ashtamangala — or, eight auspicious symbols — which combine eight symbols that the Buddhist find especially lucky. There are also several other symbols that can be used in this style of art; the Four Guardian Kings, the Buddhist flag, and many beautiful offerings, amongst other things.

Hinduism is also quite broad in its symbolism. One of the most frequently used symbols is the Aum (or Om), which is said to be one of the most important emblems of this faith. It is a representation of several important triads, one of which is the three worlds; heaven, atmosphere and earth. The lotus is another important symbol. It represents beauty and detachment. This detachment is important as it frees a person from being reborn.

This by no means covers all the possibilities of religious tattoos, nor all of the faiths. Every religion carries its own symbols, styles and beauty. With research and patience, you will certainly find the perfect style to express your personal devotion.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Giant Taggart tattoo wins Scottish award

A Taggart fan won an award for the best Scottish-themed tattoo after having actor Mark McManus' face inked on his back alongside the Finnieston crane.

From the picture, we can see that the the design is really vivid. It designed by John Cuthbert, 34, who beat competition from designs featuring Braveheart and caramel wafers at the Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh.

He said the show summed up Glasgow and that McManus, who played Det Ch Insp Jim Taggart, was "amazing".

Organisers said it was the "perfect embodiment of a Scottish tattoo".

The father-of-one from Bearsden, who has 60% of his body covered in ink, said the tattoo arose from a chat with friend Mark Wallace, who works at a tattoo studio in Glasgow.

Many people want to have a beautiful design which matches them well. But a lot of people does not have good idea about it. The picture designed by John Cuthbert feels comfortable. The outline is soft and the gray color is full of attraction.

The picture here is a real art, I am wondering how can John Cuthbert do this good work. The award is worth for him.

Making such a tattoo design, the tattoo kits must be of high quality, especially the tattoo ink. Make sure only a superior tattoo kit and an excellent tattoo skill can make up a great tattoo design.
About this tattoo design, Mr Cuthbert, an IT worker, said his Glasgow-themed tattoo was not yet complete. It's got the Glasgow skyline alongside McManus's face - who for me is just amazing. But James MacPherson is also good and will be added later along with other iconic references to Glasgow.

Taggart is something that every Scotsman knows and it's pretty much unique to our country.
Mark McManus played the lead role in the ITV drama for 11 years.
James MacPherson was his right-hand man as Det Michael Jardine, and became the central character following McManus's death in 1994, aged 59.
The two-day tattoo convention took place at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tattoo Supply with Free Shipping

There are many free shipping tattoo supplies  in our company. Such as tattoo machines, tattoo power supply, tattoo ink, tattoo accessories, tattoo grips, tattoo tips and so on. The hottest sale tattoo supplies all free shipping by air mail about 10-15 days. All items up to 80%.
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All tattoo machines we sold are of high quality, we always provide the free shipping tattoo supply for your convenience. Order from us, you will never regret to have it.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

What makes up a good tattoo machine kits?

Tattoo machine kits consist of different kinds of tattoo making tools which are used to draw tattoo on the body part. Now a day tattoo making is in trend so use of tattoo machine kits has increased so much. There are so many different verities of the tattoo machine kits available in the market.
All tattoo machine kits which come in the markets use to have different kinds of tools inside them like tattoo guns, sterile needle, and a power supply which is used to run tattoo gun at the time of tattoo making on the body parts. All of this make up a good tattoo machine kits.
Tattoo machine
There are two types of tattoo machine kits in market, one is available to keep tools of temporary tattoo making and other one is for the tools of permanent tattoo making. As permanent tattoo making tools (shader machines) are more costly as compare to temporary tattoo making tools (liner machines) so the kits which are used to keep these respective tools safe also differs in the price so permanent tool tattoo machine kits are more costly as compare to the price of temporary tattoo making tool’ s kits. What more, the tattoo machine should be precise, and the size is match you well.
Tattoo Power Supply
Tattoo power supply in many shapes and sizes. Almost any tattoo equipment will run on a standard desktop DC power. Power will have quite different price ranges from $9.99 - $80.
The exact specification of the power supply is match a lot of tattoo. All you need is an uninterrupted supply of DC voltage. Some power supply with some additional features, such as a digital readout, can be measured in volts, frequency, duty cycle, more.                
When increasing the number of power on your power supply, the needles don't go up and down any faster, the magnetic field is enhancement, which draws the needle down harder and allows the skin to be punctured more easily. Which enables the ink to penetrate the skin surface faster.
There is a capacitor placed parallel with the coils. The purpose for the capacitor is to both cut down the spark generated by the magnetic field turning on and off, and to balance the frequency of the circuit. What does that mean and how does it work?
To keep it simple you must know that changing the capacitor value will change the performance of the tattoo machine.  If you are keeping your voltage at constant, changing the value of the capacitor will cause the tattoo machine to run faster.
Tattoo Springs
Springs used to hold down the both ends of armature bar. To move the needle when the magnetic filed is cycled off. Different spring lengths, size, and weights are all have to be considered when choosing your springs. Just like every other aspect of your tattoo machine, what spring you choose will be unique to your situation and design. Changing springs will affect the performance of the armature bar which drives your needles. Finding the perfect springs will be a long process.
Tattoo Needles
As to a tattoo machine, needles are the end of the line. A tattoo needle is actually a group of needles soldered to a needle bar, gathering together in a pattern. Round patterns are used for outlining, while shaders are usually arranged in straight lines. The exact number and configuration of needles is dependent on what the tattooist is trying to accomplish.
Some tattooist make needles by their own, while others prefer to buy manufactured needles from tattoo supply companies. Which depend on your own choice.

A good tattoo machine kits is always includes these parts. Tun to the persons need and skill, the machine will run perfectly and balance you well. It not only helps you have a good tattoo for your customers but also improve your tattoo skills.
tattoo kits

Friday, 26 April 2013

Animal tattoo Design Ideas

Practically everyone has at least one animal that they feel a particular fondness for; these are usually house pets like dogs, cats; occasionally birds, fish or even amphibians. Sometimes people prefer beasts with a wilder streak, or have a soft spot for the more unusual life forms. Whatever your own particular favorite may be, there are an endless amount of ways to express your appreciation for wildlife with your animal tattoos.

Land animal tattoos are amongst the most popular; especially some of the fiercer creatures, such as lions, tigers and wolves. With any of these animals, you could create a vast outdoor scene; show them in unrealistic depictions, or simply show the animal all by itself. For instance, you could depict a horse (a symbol of freedom and grace) galloping through a rolling green meadow; you could show a coyote (the trickster in Native American lore) changing its shape, or simply show a giraffe (an emblem for psychic vision and intuitiveness) with its long neck climbing up the side of your leg.

Marine animal tattoos are also quite popular. The dolphin remains a favored creature for tattoo art, as it can be used in a variety of ways, and is a symbol for a free, kind and playful nature. Crabs are usually shown in their astrological incarnation; however, many people like to create a more futuristic look with this animal because of its otherworldly appearance. Zooplankton are also used for very similar reasons, and also because they tend to symbolize a ‘free-floating’ nature and a certain amount of softness. For a very unusual style, you could use the image of a copepod; these are tiny creatures with a nearly transparent, tear-shaped body and long, red antennae.
Occasionally insects are featured in animal tattoos. Although these small creatures give most people the creeps, many others are fascinated by their unusual look, fascinating history and deep symbolism. For instance, the spider is widely thought to be a symbol of creativity and growth; you could easily depict an unnatural looking spider with large, seductive, human-like eyes wrapping small men into her web. Butterflies, bees and scorpions are also quite popular for this genre of animal tattoos. One interesting idea would be to create a realistic firefly leaving a trail of sparkling yellow and orange vapor behind it.

Phoenix tattoos are said to be the ultimate sign of rebirth and eternal life. To the Greeks and Egyptians, this symbol represented the sun dying at the end of a day and rising in the morning to be reborn. The phoenix is also said to live for five hundred years, then goes to rest by building a nest which it sets aflame, the fire consuming both. After three days the phoenix will rise again from the ashes and begin anew. These tales have struck a cord with many people, and to express their new beginning — or ‘rising from the ashes — they decide to get a phoenix tattoo.
So whether you are beginning a new life, have survived troubled times and have become stronger for it, or the idea of such a masterful creature appeals to you, phoenix tattoos will always make for a beautiful and strong choice.

Eagle Tattoos: The symbolic theme of power is pervasive with eagles, as with eagle tattoo ideas. In almost every culture and philosophy the eagle is a magnificent creature of purity, beauty and powerful force. Eagles are considered solar animals by countless cultures, so their symbolism will be connected to: Vitality, life, health, energy and provision. Eagles also have fatherly connotations that play nicely with authority, control, guardianship and watching protectively over the family unit.

Animal tattoos have become so popular, it is widely tattooed by male, well the female also have tattoos. If you wanna your tattoo be bright and active, use the best tattoo kits, especially the good quality of tattoo machine for lining and shading. Tattoo ink is also an important part for any tattoo you have had, you do not want the color fade. Animal tattoo, different kind of animal, different meanings!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Boston bombs: Memorial for slain officer Sean Collier

Thousands of mourners have held a memorial for a university police officer killed in his car on 18 April, three days after the bombing during the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Wednesday's service was held as anonymous US officials told the Associated Press that the bombs had been triggered by remote-controlled detonators. Collier was laid to rest in a private funeral on Tuesday.

About 4,000 students, staff and police officials from around the country attended the ceremony. Queues of mourners stretched for about half a mile (0.8km), an hour before Wednesday's ceremony started. They made their way through tight security, including metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs. During the ceremony, Collier's brothers thanked police officers and others for their support.

Collier had worked for the prestigious university's police department for more than a year and had been involved in campus activities, in addition to his role as an officer.
Photo of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier MIT students remembered Collier as involved in campus life.

Many people express their regret to Collier. Mr Biden told the family: "My heart goes out to you. I hope you find some solace in this time of extreme grief." He also said the university's diversity and record of innovation represented a "nightmare" for those who hated and would attack America. "The only way they can gain ground is to instil fear that causes us to jettison our values, way of life, for us to change," Mr Biden said.

"He hoped to 'maybe deal with issues before they became problems'," Chief DiFava said.

"He is one of the nicest people that I've ever met," Kelly Daumit, an engineering student who hiked with Collier as part of a university social club, told AP news agency.

Maybe the best reply to him is that the shooting led to a huge manhunt that ended in the death of suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the wounding of his younger brother and alleged accomplice, Dzhokhar. Hope the people all over the world live in a peace environment.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Common problems with tattoo machine

My Grip is coming out of the Tube Vise at a Slant
Title says it all; your tube grip is coming out of the tube vise at a slant. This is due to poor geometry of the frame.
This fix is not highly recommended as you run the risk of really messing up your frame. However, if you must, we suggest you get a stainless steel tube and grip and tighten it to the tube vise. Note which direction the slant is and put a thick towel on a sturdy table. Position the tattoo machine on the table so you have decent leverage against the slant with the position you want the tube grip to move towards facing downward. Hold the grip firmly in your hand and press downward. Monitor your strength; you do not want to overdo it. It is better to have bent too little then it is to bend too much as you can always try again.
My Tattoo machine keeps getting Hot
Troubleshoot: Possible causes are you are using too much voltage, springs are too heavy of a gauge or your armature/springs setup has too much tension.
Fix: Armature/springs too much tension
opposite of bending the rear spring for more tension, loosen the back spring screw, flip the back spring/armature bar/front spring assembly around and turn it around so that the front spring is facing downward on the other side of the frame (basically you did a 180 with the assembly). Carefully bend the back spring upward to decrease the tension. Put the assembly back in its original position and tighten.
Fix: Too much voltage
If you need to run the tattoo machine at max voltage or near max, there is something wrong with the way you tuned. You’re going to need to adjust the tensions on the springs or gap of the front spring to the contact screw to lower the amount of voltage necessary to get it to run right.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Intenze tattoo ink

As we all know that Intenze tattoo ink is famous in tattoo industry, it is the distillation of generations of tattoo artist's experiences, preferences, and techniques into high performing tattoo ink for any style, image, or client. Many people want to have a good tattoo by using the superior tattoo ink . As the high quality of tattoo ink can guarantee the color not to fade.
By merging secrets of artistic tradition with technological innovation and safety, top performing artists like Boris, Bob Tyrrell, and Mark Mahoney can create perfect inks for their unique methods of tattooing, enabling other artists to harness the power of those years of experience, and push their own tattoo work to remarkable levels. Intenze bridges the gap between who an artist is today, and the potential of who that artist can be tomorrow.
As was the case with sterile tattoo ink and establishing health and safety regulations for manufacturing the tattoo ink, Intenze is once again setting the example for other tattoo ink manufacturers to follow with their vegan tattoo ink. Intenze as a brand in general does not do any animal testing, does not support animal cruelty of any kind, and certainly does not contain any animal product in its inks, pigments, or tattoo ink mixtures.
Intenze vegan tattoo inks only contain ingredients that make the magical color tattoo pigment that so many have come to love and stand by. Pure and unadulterated. Intenze keeps out any chemicals or ingredients that could disrupt the healing process or the way pigment goes into the skin.
Such the good tattoo ink is always popular among tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. But the price of it really expensive. The Intenze tattoo ink is worth of the price in some way. While for some tattoo beginners and tattoo shops, some tattoo ink in a cheap price is available to use. Cheap is not a meaning of bad quality. As the tattoo ink in our company has a good reputation for the superior qualities and cheap price. In our company, customers health and safety is always the most important thing we insist on.
All in all, different people have different consumption concepts, choose the one suitable for you to make you a satisfactory. Whenever you buy and whatever you buy, make sure the quality is the best.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ya’an Quake Rescue

According to CCTV news, so far, the quake victims toll to 188 people, 25 people were missing and 11460 people injured, updated Apr. 22, 2013 07:54:55.
Due to the continuous aftershocks, thousands of terrified villagers were sheltering in tents in this mountainous corner of southwestern China on Sunday night as rescue workers struggled to distribute supplies to thousands more cut off by a powerful earthquake.
The aftershocks continued to shake the area late on Sunday, blocked and damaged roads meant that rescue workers were still unable to distribute basic supplies in some of the worst affected areas, where residents were sleeping outside without power and water and with dwindling supplies of food, according to residents and state media reports.
At the critical moment, our unity is the strength, and each of us a burning light to support Lushan. State media said 18,000 military and armed-police personnel had been sent to help with recovery efforts, along with 23 helicopters. In another apparent indication of the Chinese leadership's concern to appear responsive, China's new premier, Li Keqiang, made a high-profile visit to the disaster area before returning to Beijing on Sunday.
After experiencing the Wenchuan earthquake, we learned to know how to start the emergency response mechanism quickly, how to start the rescue rapidly and effectively, how to allocate power of all levels reasonable. For this disaster, China has become more efficient and calm than five years ago it was. Similarly, the Chinese public after experiencing the Wenchuan earthquake, becoming more conscious, more rational, more mature than before. In rescue and reconstruction today, each show this kind of consciousness and rational person, is a shining beacon for the forth point.
We TattooDIY.com, selling tattoo supplies all over the world, is now trying our best to donate money and goods to the disaster. We firmly believe that more love and more strength to the disaster area, there will be more hope to the victims. Sincerely pray to Ya’an.

Common Problems With a Tattoo Machine

Needles are Chewing up the Skin
This is a tough one as it may simply boil down to lack of experience working with your needle depth. However, if this pertains to problems with a tattoo machine, two possible causes is your armature bar/springs assembly is crooked or your frame geometry is messed up.
Fix: The armature bare/springs assembly is a simple one as you’ll just need to ensure that the back spring connecting to the front spring and the armature below are positioned so they form a straight line in relation to the back binding post. There are tools that you can use to ensure you have them straight but generally speaking, eyeballing will do just fine. If your frame geometry is messed up, your out of luck, look at the machine from the top, midline and forward position from the back binding post. If the frame is noticeably bent in any of these views, you have bad geometry.
Sparking Between the Front Spring and Contact Screw
Some tattoo machines will spark a little bit but if you get excessive sparking then it may be a problem. Possible causes of excessive sparking is a rear spring that has been bent too tight, installation of a new front spring that has been plated or a bad capacitor.
Fix: Rear spring too tight
This would be the opposite of bending the rear spring for more tension, loosen the back spring screw, flip the back spring/armature bar/front spring assembly around and turn it around so that the front spring is facing downward on the other side of the frame (basically you did a 180 with the assembly). Carefully bend the back spring upward to decrease the tension. Put the assembly back in its original position and tighten.
Fix: New front spring
Not much of a fix here to be honest, you’ll just need to run the machine for a while till the contact screw takes off the plating layer and then it should stop sparking. If your machine is brand new and is sparking, this may be the fix for it.
Fix: Bad capacitor
If you have a capacitor that is the wrong UF, then it may cause the sparking. Liners will need to run a lower UF and shaders will need to run a higher UF capacitor.
tattoo needles

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cheap tattoo kits

If you want to buy a cheap tattoo machine kit, maybe you should feel honored for you are now in the right place and making a right decision.
Cheap tattoo kit is usually for tattoo beginners. There are cheap and a wide varieties are for chosen in our company. You can see that the price are all in a bargain, and most of tattoo kits have two or more tattoo machines. The tattoo kits include two or more tattoo machines is better for the beginners to use. For example about the two machine tattoo kits. One machine can be used for outlining, and the other can be used for shading. When setting up tattoo machines, you can directly setting the needles meet the need machines. Namely through the round liner needle  into the liner machine and the round shader needle into the shader machine. As to more quantity tattoo machines, they can be used for different colors. Then the whole process won’t be interrupted and you will do your work fluently. It is more safe to you and with a disposable tattoo gloves, both you and your clients won’t worry to be contaminated. For the tattoo kits with only one tattoo machine, the machine can be used for both lining and shading. Now the one tattoo machine kit has been popular, many professional tattoo artist use it for they can manage it well.
No matter what the quantities are, the quality can be guarantee, what’s more, our good after service can be more comprehensive. We will alway here when you needed.
You will always care about the price. There is no doubt that our products are the most cheapest among the tattoo suppliers. Most of our products have a discount, and the promotion activity regularly held to feedback our old customers. If you are lucky to buy the tattoo kits which are in crazy sale, I have to say that you pick up a big bargain. For the products are really cheap than the original. We have stock in many countries such as  the US, the UK, Canada, Australia etc, and some of our products are free shipping. This may save you a lot of money.
Buying from us, you will never regret doing the wrong choice. The cheapest tattoo kits are always here.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to use tattoo machine

Tattooing is an art and requires considerable skill and practice. That's why using a tattoo gun, also known as a tattoo machine, is something that's best left up to the experts, especially since you must be a licensed professional to use one. The modern tattoo machine creates a tattoo by using alternative electromagnetic coils and a needle to implant pigment under the skin. Whether you are a tattoo artist or a person receiving a tattoo, it is important to understand how to use and work a tattoo machine. The instructions are as follows:
Firstly, knowing about tattoo machine. It is actually a hand-held device that allows the artist to embed indelible ink into the skin with a needle. While the original tattoo machines relied on rotary technology, today's devices use electromagnets. There are machines that handle lines, shading, and color and saturation. The liner machine lays the ink onto the skin in a single pass to create the dominant lines of the tattoo. This is typically the first step where an artist will either freehand or use a stencil. Then there is a shader machine that creates black shades or variants to sculpt lines. The color/saturation machine adds color and is used to blend.
Secondly, knowing how to setting up tattoo machine. Put needles into the right tattoo machine, connect tattoo machine and foot pedal into the power supply, then the machine can run with the power and enough voltage. You can control the rate of ink that flows through the needle attached to the machine as you create the tattoo. The machine also has features that help the artist maintain control over needle depth, force of application for the ink, and the speed at which the tattoo is created. Other features are based on whether it is a long stroke or short stroke machine, which adds features related to width, length, stiffness, tension and angles that that artist can create. To get the best quality from the tattoo machine, it's all about the person using it.
Thirdly, there is a significant amount of time that must go into using these machines. A tattoo artist needs to get accustomed to how the ink flows through the machine and how to use it as a tool to draw, blend, color and shade the design into the piece of art that the customer imagined. Beyond skill and mastery of the machine, patience and focus are key traits that a machine just can't produce.
If you are interested in learning how to use tattoo machine, you can put this as a reference, and ask the professional tattoo artists for some advice. You will finally get what you want to.
tattoo machine
New tattoo machine

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tattoo - A motivation to win the championship

Many NBA players or stars have tattoo in memory of their success. New York Knicks reserve guard and Sixth Man of the Year candidate J.R. Smith is well known for having a lot of tattoos. It's his trademark, along with taking ill-advised shots and posting inappropriate comments and photos to social media. Many NBA players are serious about their body art, but Smith is near the top of the list.
So it's probably worth taking him seriously when he makes a promise about a tattoo. If the Knicks break their 40-year championship drought and win the title this year, J.R. says he'll get a new one to honor the accomplishment. Smith vowed to add orange-and-blue ink to his body for No. 101. Yes, a Knicks tattoo could be coming, even though he is a free agent this summer.
Tattoo industry booming, tattoo equipments sold well both online shop and retail shops. Choose superior tattoo kits when needed. The famous NBA players have tattoos not only make themselves more popular but also made ad to the tattoo shops and tattoo artists. People always have the same tattoos only because they are the fans of NBA players. Professional tattoo kits needed for the professional ones. While for beginners, they usually use beginner tattoo kits to have tattoo. It is a complex work for them, but if the tattoo design makes a satisfication, they will be enjoyed in it and feel delight they have never felt before, for the tattoo means many thing to them.
Just like DeShawn Stevenson, getting tattoo was a bold move, but who knows what kind of crazy stuff happens at DeShawn Stevenson's(notes) private parties. For all we know, Terry could have just felt he had to match the audacity of DeShawn getting a tattoo of Larry O'Brien (the person, not the trophy) on his behind. Veteran leaders have to set the tone, and sometimes that means supporting teammates when they make terrible decisions.
At any rate, a tattoo like this one could serve as serious motivation to win a championship, because no one wants to have to explain why he has an image of the Larry O'Brien Trophy on his arm when he never actually won it all. If the Mavs can't win it this season, maybe he'll end up stealing the trophy from the Heat or Bulls in the postgame celebration to justify his decision.
Tattoo as a motivation to win championship is really a dedicated move, and it has effect on their result.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Where on my body should I get a tattoo?

Simply put, anywhere. The only places you cannot technically get permanent tattoos are your hair, teeth and nails. No matter where your tattoo is, make sure the tattoo is in the right place of your body and the effect of it looks perfect.
Head: refers mostly to the area where your hair grows. You'll need to shave the area for the tattoo to be most visible. If you need to hide your tattoo, you can grow your hair out. Areas more commonly inked are the sides of the head above the ears and above the nape of the neck in the back.
There are people who have their entire heads inked.
Back of neck: You'll need to keep your hair short or tied up to keep it visible.
Face: Various areas possible. Facial tattoos could fall into the cosmetic or standard categories. Cosmetic would include darkening of eyebrows, eye-lining, lip-lining, etc.
Upper chest: One of the standard areas for tattoos. Allows lots of flat area in which to get a fairly large piece. One of the areas where you can choose to get symmetrically inked on both sides.
Breasts: be cautious about eventual sagging of the skin.
Nipples: Usually the artist leaves the nipples alone. The omission of ink isn't very noticeable.
Rib cage: Can be painful because of all the ribs you work over. However, it offers a fairly large area and can be incorporated into a major back piece, wrapping around toward the front.
Stomach/Abdomen: Some people choose not to get work done on their stomachs for a couple of reasons. Area is difficult to work on because there's no solid backing to hold the skin down. It is a sensitive area that may feel uncomfortable.
Genitals: The idea may sound very painful, but it's not that bad. Consider the stretchiness of the skin and the amount of movement the area experiences. Fine detail is extremely difficult. The penis does not have to be erect during tattooing. The only female genital tattoo I've seen (inner labia, I think) was in Modern Primitives, and it looked rather blurry.
Thighs/hips: A popular area to get larger pieces (often extending from the hip area). The entire area of skin around your thighs is bigger than your back, so you can get a lot of work done.
Calves: Good area to get a standard size (2" x 2"). If you have very hairy legs, it may cut down on the visibility somewhat.
Ankles: You can either get a spot piece on the inner or outer ankle, or get something that goes around in a band.
Feet: Concealable with shoes. Probably don't have as much wear and tear as hands so you might get less blurring and color loss. Artists usually only tattoo the top of your feet. You will have trouble retaining a tattoo on the bottom of your feet.
Armpits: Usually reserved for those who want to get full coverage around the arm and chest area and need the armpits filled. Not recommended for the ticklish.
Upper arms: Consider how much sun it's going to get. Will you be able to put sunblock on it regularly? If not, expect some color loss and blurring. If you want some serious work done and you wanna show it off, you may want to consider getting a half sleeve.
Inner arms: This area is often not easily visible. Be cautious of arm flab.
Forearms: You can have your upper arm "sleeve" extend down for a full sleeve.
Wrists: easily hidden with a jewelry.
Hands (fingers and palms): RAB receives frequent queries about fingers, palms and hands in general. Some artists don't do hands because the ink will have a tendency to blur or fade easily. Consider that you probably move your hands the most out of your entire body.
Shoulder blades: Concealed with standard t-shirts.
Back: Any part of your back can be done. Back pieces that encompasses your entire back are popular. Expect to pay several thousand dollars and many sessions.
Buttocks: beware of potential sagging.

Best tattoo supplies to fulfill your shop

As a tattoo artist, you strive to provide your customers with the best tattoo experience in the business. We can help you fulfill this goal by providing the best tattoo supplies in the industry. We can provide you new products in regular, and we are proud to announce that one of our new tattoo kits belongs to DIY-200 has been on the market and showing a best-sell.
This tattoo kit is famous for its high quality of the two tattoo machines, which both can be used for shading and lining. The forty ink colors are 8ml per bottle, mixed the color and you will find you are in a good selection. There are 50pcs sterile tattoo needles((3,5,7,9rl,5,7,9rs,5,7,9m1), the different type of needles can be used in different machines. Two high quality of grips made of alloy tubes and five black disposable tips are used when the setting up needles. You must ensure the needles are in the same level with the tubes and the tips. In addition, tattoo accessories such as tattoo ink cups, and ink cup holder, tattoo aftercare, tattoo transfer paper,tattoo skin and so on. Also a DVD included.
You will be able to provide your customers with the best tattoo supply selection in the industry after shopping with us. Our product DVD will give you an amazing variety of tattoos, and we also sell tattoo stencil creation kits for that customer who wants a very customized tattoo experience.
One of the most important ingredients to a successful tattoo shop is, of course, safety and cleanliness. A clean tattoo shop can guarantee  customers health and protect you from disease. Our tattoo supplies are all sterilized and dispose. Buy from us will give you a great convenience. Besides, our products have many dealerships in different countries, such as the US, the UK, in AU and in CA. You can buy tattoo supplies in the near place. No matter where you are, we can guarantee the quality and the shipment of your goods. We assure you the prices will match its quality.
If you find any tattoo supplies be of interest, just send us your information, and we will give you the specific information about our products. We look forward to serving you and fulfilling all your tattoo supply needs.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

What to consider buying Tattoo machines ?

The uses of tattoos are much in trend now and because of this many people are adopting the tattoo making as their business by making use of the tattoo kits. This type of tattoo kit not only helps the experienced professionals but it also helps the beginners to practice and experimenting with their artistic skill so that they can create a unique and beautiful design of the tattoo.
Planning to purchase one of these tattoo guns ? They can easily be procured from an tattoo supply store or reputable internet shops dedicated to tattoo guns and tattoo supply, like. However, given the variety of tattoo guns available in the market, you need to learn the following guidelines to be able to choose the right tattoo machine for your needs:
1. Choose a tattoo gun that is perfect for your hands. A tattoo machine that's too big or too small will become unwieldy, and in due time, using such a device will prove to be very burdensome. There are tattoo machines that come in a variety of sizes. There is a size that is sure to be the perfect fit for your grip.
2. Choose a tattoo gun that can automate the speed, the depth and the pressure applied by the needle. Tattooing is all about precision, and if you can set this part of craft to autopilot, your job as a tattoo artist will be easier and your design implementation will be more efficient.
3. Choose a tattoo gun that really has 2 electromagnetic coils. Believe it or not, some tattoo machines are still powered by a single electromagnetic coil which will adversely affect speed and depth.
Taken the tips into consideration, and buy the tattoo machines suitable for you. You can purchase your other supplies, such as power supplies, cords, foot pedal, ink, needles, and barrels from the same place you purchase the machine, the price may much cheaper and more competitive.

Friday, 12 April 2013

What is the difference between liner machine and shader machine?

People always confused about the difference between the liner machine and shader machine, especially for tattoo beginners. There are three kind of tattoo machines, one can be used for both shading and lining , and the other two function is separate. For the beginners, they need to learn how to use tattoo kits, how to set up it and the difference between liner machine and shader machine. It is easier for them to use the separate machines, for they can control it easily. Make it clear that the liner is used to have an outline, and the shaders is used to paint inks and pigments on the skin. The difference are as follows:
Needle Configuration
One of the most noticeable differences in a tattoo machine set up for lining and shading is the number of needles and how they are positioned. A machine that is set up for lining will usually use fewer needles than a shading machine so that the work can be more fine and detailed. Liners can be set up with anywhere from one to seven needles, which are positioned in a circle. Shaders are set up with more than four needles, which are usually in a straight line that resembles a comb. RL is used for liner machine and RS is used for shader machine. Use the right needles match the correct tattoo machines, then the machine will not break or make the needles run up and down.
Speed and Power
Tattoo machines that are set up for lining usually run faster than those set up for shading. And the voltage required is higher than the shader machine. Liners also use less powerful capacitors than shaders, which are best set up with a 47uF to 100uF capacitor. The higher power capacitor used in a shader tattoo machine powers the larger amount of needles and allows them to penetrate the skin enough to create vibrant and lasting color. A liner can be set up well with a 22uF capacitor.
When setting up a tattoo machine, a good rule of thumb is to use a higher wrap coil when you are using more needles. This applies when setting up a tattoo machine for shading versus lining. A machine set up for shading should be set up with a 10 to 12 wrap coil, while a machine set up for lining works well with an eight wrap coil. The more wraps there are in the coil, the more powerful the electromagnetic force that moves the needles becomes. The gaping from front coil to arm bar is different. This gap is not changed by changing the front spring it is changed by first altering the tension of the rear spring then adjusting the contact screw (length and angle and contact point - basic tuning).
Shading tattoo machines are usually slightly heavier than lining machines, with the former averaging between eight and 10 oz. and the latter weighing in between seven and eight oz. Larger artists that can handle a heavier weight for longer amounts of time may be more comfortable with a heavier machine for either lining or shading. It is important for you to be comfortable with the weight of your tattoo machine so that fatigue doesn't cause your quality of work to suffer.

How to take care of your tattoo?

The phenomenon people tattoo as a body decoration has becoming a popular trend. A tattoo is like an investment; if you take care of it properly from the beginning, it can be something you will enjoy for many years to come. But if you don't work at proper healing with good aftercare practices, it can truly take a toll on the finished work, no matter how talented the artist who applied it. So how do you know how you should take care of your new tattoo? What the artists should take care when tattooing? This article will give you a specific explaination.
Tattoo guidelines for tattoo artists
1、Keep your tattoo shop and tattoo kits clean and sterile.
Use the high temperature sterilization pot to sterilize the equipments such as tattoo needles and needle tube. Each tattoo shop should equip with the high temperature sterilization pot, for some viruses such as HIV in blood can be only eliminated by this device. While Some tattoo artists use the steam sterilization pot to sterilize the only for its cheap price, which charges no more than $200. It is not a responsible action to your customer. The price of an regular autoclave ranges from $600 to $5000. As a professional tattoo artist, you must use the best quality of tattoo kits
2、Before tattooing
Select and describe patterns, spray a small amount of medical disinfectant on skin, and transfer drawings.
Before tattooing, use the 10 times magnifying glass to check the needle whether there is a barb.
Before you use the tattoo machine , adjust it slightly, make the front spring touch the connect needle.
Wearing the tattoo gloves in the whole tattooing, then you can protect yourself from splashing the ink, and make the customer a clean environment.
If it is the first time you have tattoo, you’d better seek a direction from the professional tattoo artist.
Have a special communication about the tattoo design to your customer, it is your duty and a respect to your customer.
Tattoo aftercare for beginners
First ,before and after the tattoo be sure not to drink during the recovery process. Drinking will be Telangiectasia, increasing bleeding volume, and be very detrimental to recovery, also have the potential to cause allergic reactions.
Second, do not eat stimulating and spicy food such as seafood, dog meat after tattoo.
Third, after finishing the tattoo, clean the whole parts with pattern color toner, coat the antiphlogistic gels after, wrap a bandage and keep it on at least for two hours. Then unlock the bandage, wash the tattoo parts with pattern color toner, drain off the water later.
Fourth, color with pattern color antiphlogistic gels, four times a day.
Fifth, keep the tattoo parts wet and breathable without the bandage. Daub the scream within two days. It usually has scab two or three days later, and be accompanied with itching feeling, do not scratch it or tear off the scabby part. Make it fall off itself, or the color of tattoo will be peeling off together. Besides, once upon a time, it was widely recommended to use petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline), and even today many recommend using Vitamin A & D ointment, which has a petroleum base.
Sixth, you can have a shower after 6 hours, but remember only a shower. You are forbidden to swim and sock in water for a long time within one week. Can not have excessive exposure within one month.
A perfect tattoo preferably with something such as superior tattoo supplies, good tattoo aftercare, this can not only make you a healthy body, but also a beautiful body decoration.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

How to shade a tattoo?

Any time you are scheduling to get started on a tattoo enterprise, then certainly you may be aware that you can find a necessity of tattoo kits consisting of at a minimum minimal of equipments, in which there are particular simple equipments like tattoo more, you will be clear the technic of tattoo, as a skilled tattoo artist is always be popular in tattoo enthusiasts. There are many tattooists failed in shading, when the tattoo is done, the customers are not satisfied with there patterns for the pattern design is not have a third dimension. So how can you give the customers a perfect tattoo? There are three steps you can have a reference.
Firstly, be careful about the angle of shading. The tattoo machine is in a proper angle and size. The angle is different between shading and lining. When shading, the angle must be vertical, while if you want it to be slant, and it usually 45 degree.
The best effect when shading is with the shortest time and the minimal trauma to make the most saturated color and make the human skin translucent state, it is the best state that you can see the subcutaneous blood vessels. You can only see a point if you through the color into the skin vertically, however a piece of surface will be shown when the angle is vertical. This not only reduces the injury of subcutaneous tissue but can reach large area of paint.
Secondly is the depth of shading. It is operated according to tattoo pattern. Because the needle through the skin too deep will lead to scar demitint, if it is to light, it will not be easy to paint. The tattoo needle depth should on the upper deck of the dermal papilla layer, it will be the most appropriate if the depth are between the epidermal basal layer and a sediment layer.
Thirdly, there are three methods shading from deep to light.
The first, adjust the depth by the weight of the technique. When through in the skin, be some heavier and when back, use lighter strength, so that it can have a light and shade change. In a word, the whole brushwork is from heavy to light.
The second, the ink capacity in the needle mouth can decide the shade change degree. When the tattoo artists touch the pigment to have tattoo, you will find the first color is heavy, and then become shallower one by one.
The third, if the tattoo ink is black, you can dilute the ink to achieve the change. The artists usually use pure black, light black and clear water to tattoo. This can show both a shade and light effect and a shade change effect. With a pure black in the most deep part and have a transition in the shallow part. Then have more light black ink to connect with it and transform to the light color part. When transforming, cover about one centimeter on the previous one so that it will be natural.
These are the steps and notes you should do when shading. Do not forget that a superior quality of tattoo kits must be assured. If you have any problem or suggestions, you can leave us a message.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How do you think about tattoo?

Are you a tattoo enthusiast? Or you hate tattoo? Well different people have different opinions about it for the concept difference. Some people are forbidden to have tattoo for their identity. Some people do not have tattoos for worrying about their health. But there is a growing number people tattooed. In my opinion, if you think tattoo as an art and give the tattoo a meaning, using the high quality and safe tattoo kits, you may accept it. There are some real tattoo stories you can have a look. Read the artist and maybe you will get some inspiration.
A 21-year old Canterbury Bulldogs player who can play as both scrum half and hooker has ‘Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua’ tattooed across his back.He came to Fiji with an Australian team a couple of years back and saw ‘Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua’ written somewhere. It was really catchy for him so he asked for the meaning and was told that it meant My God, my country. A couple of years later he finally had it on his back. “It was a part of my country with me wherever I went.”he said.“I have always wanted to play for Fiji since I started playing league even when I was small. Every time something would come up which stopped me from representing Fiji.”“It’s not just a tattoo anymore that I have on my back. It is a part of my country that I take with me everywhere now.”“Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua motivated me to keep trying for Fiji and I’m here now.”
This is a Canterbury Bulldogs player who tattoo Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua on his back. Do you think the tattoo great? I think so. Give your tattoo a good meaning and make it value, you will be worth for it.
What’s more, make sure you are choosing the high quality of tattoo kits. For example, the machines should be precise and easy to use, the needles are sterile and disposable, other supplies must be of high quality and safe. Wearing the tattoo gloves when you are doing tattoo and make sure you are in a clean environment. Then your tattoo will be hygeian.
In the end, I would like to tell you, no matter you love tattoo or not, you will note the use the tattoo kits and what you want to mean for the design.

Monday, 8 April 2013

How much would you like to pay for tattoo kits ?

It is reported that the tattoo industry has increasing rapidly recently years. It has been up to 2.3 billion dollars for annual revenue, and nearly about 15000 tattoo parlors in America. There are about 21percent of Americans have tattoo. With these figures, you can see that tattoo industry really has a great development space. As a result, purchasing tattoo kits online or in tattoo shops is showing an growth trends.
Purchasing the good quality tattoo kits and competitive price is very important. There are two tips you should take into consideration. First, have a good budget, how much would you like to pay for your tattoo kits. Second, how much money will you charge to your customers, by hours or by size?
The price is different for different kinds of tattoo kits. You can have a contrast between the real tattoo shop and online tattoo shop. Generally speaking, the practical tattoo shop is a little expensive than online shops. you can see that the tattoo kits price are from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, some of them expensive more.
Almost one tattoo kit include the tattoo machine, tattoo power supply, tattoo needles, tattoo ink, foot pedal, tattoo supplies, aftercare, gloves, CD etc. Have a clear observation and choose the proper one you thought. some tattoo kits include several tattoo machines for different use, it is common have two guns, one is used for shading and the other is for lining. The tattoo ink type sometimes are different too. A new tattoo artist need not to buy the much expensive tattoo kits, you can buy the cheap tattoo kits, or the tattoo kits for beginners to use them have a practice. And this is good for you to control and make some profit at the beginning of your shop for the opening. But must make sure the tattoo kits are of superior quality. Besides, ensure your shop environment, always sterilize and clean.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cheap tattoo kits for beginners

Tattoo are now as common in the boardroom as they are on bikies and bogans.The explosion in popularity of tattoos has carved a $96 million-a-year industry, turning everyone - from CEOs to grandmas and IT geeks - into walking works of art.As the number of females coloring in catches up to men, even tattoo studios are changing their stripes.
A whir of cheap tattoo kits and an ink-laden needle are now being heard in shopping centres and on trendy shopping strips, brandished by friendly female artists, and parlours even boast plasma screens showing movies like Finding Nemo.
For as many as one in four of today's Generation Tattoo (aged 18-30), bodies are a blank canvas waiting to be painted, drawing inspiration from celebrities, footballers, musicians and TV shows. The cheap tattoo kits is needed sometime, especially for tattoo beginners. As for them, it is cheap and practical. They can manage it and control it. What’s more, there are some advantages to tattoo artists. For a new tattoo artist, buying cheap tattoo kits can be profitable. With low initial outlay, artist can very well position its price in the market and start the business right.
Do not think the cheap tattoo kits are poor quality, it is not. For example. This cheap tattoo kits information are as follows;
With one professional superior power supply system which can work under 110v/230v, and a power supply plug and power cord for different customers.
The two top quality tattoo machines used for shading and lining. Each of the machine have 10warp coils.
There are 50 high quality sterile tattoo needles, the sizes for round liner are 3, 5,7,9; for round shader and magnum, they are 5,7,9.
There are 4 bottles of tattoo ink, the colors include bright red, dark brown, light purple and light green.
1 pcs of Tattoo Practice Skin. You can use it to practice before tattooing.
6、2 pcs High quality Tattoo Machine Grips .
7、1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments.
8、4- different- size steel tips (nozzles).
9、2 CDs which is used to learn how to use tattoo.
10、50 ink cups .
The cheap tattoo kits is complete for people to use. They are common in the market. Make sure the tattoo guns can continuous operation without any gaps. The increasing cheap tattoo kits will finally go to every family for the many parents are bring their child in with these kinds of tattoo kits.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to use tattoo needles ?

Before introducing you how to use tattoo needles, some information about tattoo needles you should know. I introduced the tattoo needles for different use before. Today, how to use tattoo needles will be shown.
RL stands for round liner needles which are used for lining. RS stands for round shader used for shading. Flats are used for areas with geometric shapes and shading. Weaved magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring large areas. This kind of needle shade very well, it can be light or heavy. Stacked magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring tighter large areas. For the density is of relatively large, the depth it through into the skin is shallow. Both can be used for lining if you turn the needle to the side. This does take a bit of skill to do, so only do it if you have practiced the technique enough or else you may end up damaging the skin. Round curve magnums are used for sha.ding, blending and coloring large areas with less impact to the skin. The needles are made in an arch formation to better deflect the skin when it goes in and out. With a regular magnum, there is potential for the edges of the mag to dig into the skin, with a round magnum, the arch of the needle will allow you to move more freely on the skin without the risk of the edges digging in. It usually used to shade and bright change. All the types information can be seen in the needle package.
After these information, I will introduce you how to use tattoo needles like rounds, magnums and curved magnums. Make sure no matter what type of needles you use, make the needles, tubes and grips in a same leval when you setting up your tattoo machine. Then it can be fixed srongly. Because the rounds are quite straight forward. The larger the area of coverage, the larger count needle you would use. For thicker lines, use a larger count round liner. Usually the diameter of each needle is between 0.25-0.4mm, but the diameter between 0.3-0.35mm is the most widely used and is thought as the best in round liner needles. Pigment dispersal using a magnum is smoother than rounds. A good comparison would be a round liner is a pen while a magnum is a magic marker. Proper use of a magnum takes a bit of practice. The magnum should always hit the skin at an angle. If it goes in straight and not at an angle it will stick into the skin which will cause the needle to jump. Smear vaseline on the skin to increase lubrication, then the pin will be very smooth when working. Make sure the magnitude of line be moderate and adjust the angle well, both the needle and the tattoo will be perfect. Always drag the magnum across the skin by pulling it across. Do not push forward as this will cause the magnum to dig into the skin causing pain and getting the needle caught. Color in a circular motion, a magnum, being wider, will cover more area faster than a conventional round. Wipe the skin often so you can pay attention to the texture while you are using a magnum.

Friday, 5 April 2013

What is your ideal tattoo machine?

Have you ever thought about your ideal tattoo machine? What is your standard when choosing a tattoo machine? The appearance? The performance? Or other factors?Different people have different opinions, in my opinion, I think the quality and the size is very important.
Considering the whole processes in tattoo, there is no doubt that the tattoo machine is the most important part in the whole equipment. It is used to shade and line, which people care most in the two parts for a tattoo is permanent in their life.
There are many kinds of tattoo machines available for us to use. For
example, sorted by brand, there are famous LUO’s handmade tattoo machines, the Rotary tattoo machines, the Damascus tattoo machines etc. Sorted by materials, there are copper tattoo machines, iron tattoo machines, bullet tattoo machines, wire-cutting tattoo machines, relievo tattoo machines and so on. If you sort in use , there are three kinds of machines, one can be used both for shading and lining, while the other two can be only used to shade and line. People especially the travel tattooist care tattoo machine size as well, for they always go around the world, the tattoo machine must be cute and can be carried easily. Most people differ a tattoo machine by its  function, they are clip cord tattoo machine and the rotary tattoo machine.

Have you confused about such a variety of tattoo machines? What is your ideal tattoo machine? Do you have a generally idea? Yes, maybe the beautiful colors, maybe the famous brand you like, maybe the good material you think the best, or the proper size you think well. Do not worry, do not be consulted about the appearance, there are something more important.
I think an ideal tattoo machine should include not only what is written above, also have a superior quality and a perfect function. the machine must have a high strength and a balanced frame, it is better for a low vibration. The precision-wound coils with heat-resistant is good for people to use if it is a handmade tattoo machine. For a rotary tattoo machine, it does not need a rubber band and but an adjustable hitting force is needed. The voltage is needed to take into consideration, for the machine can be have a good connection with the tattoo power supply. The frequency must be controlled at a normal range. Then the tattoo machine can work well.
An ideal tattoo machine like this can make you comfortable and help you have a good tattoo design.