Monday, 31 March 2014

The ways to sterilize tattoo needle

Tattoo needles really should not be used more than once, especially when tattooing different people. The tubes and other equipment, however, can be sterilized and used again. If you are tattooing yourself at home and are reusing needles, you need to be extremely careful on how you sterilize them. Boiling in hot water, burning with a match or cleaning with alcohol does not sterilize a used tattoo needle. With that said, there is only one way to properly and safely sterilize tattoo needles and equipment and that is by using an autoclave. An autoclave uses extreme heat and pressure to kill off any living organism on the object it is cleaning and is the only true and safe way to disinfect. Here is how to sterilize your tattoo needles and equipment using an autoclave. I divided the process into five steps.
1.Find an autoclave. Visit your local tattoo shop and ask the proprietor where he purchased his tattoo equipment. You can also buy autoclaves at medical supply stores online or by checking eBay, Amazon or even Craigslist. Dental offices use autoclaves as well, so you can ask your dentist for information on where to purchase.
2.Set up your autoclave. Make sure that you follow the directions that come with your autoclave to ensure that it is properly set up for disinfecting
3.Pre-wash your needles and tubes. Put on a pair of heavy rubber gloves and an apron. Carefully scrub the equipment out with soap and water and leave in the soapy hot water to soak for 5 minutes.
4.Use the autoclave. Place the pre-washed needles and tubes in the autoclave bag or basket and place them in the autoclave machine. Make sure the water level is between the high and low level marks and turn it on.
5.Sterilize your needles and equipment. The average autoclave cycle is between 1 to 2 hours, but make sure to check the instructions for the specific machine you are using

Friday, 28 March 2014

My first tattoo gift at the age of 68

Nowadays,more and more old people start to pay attention to tattoo arts. They become fashionable just like young people pursuing the new things. There are many examples i can recommend to you. For instance, David Dimbleby has got his first tattoo at the age of 75 - a scorpion on his shoulder. Jean Cook, now in her 80s, got her first inking at 68 and says it's really no big deal.
Cook, from Chesterfield, had never thought about getting a tattoo until the idea popped into her head when she got older. She started talking to people about it and finally got it on the spur of the moment.
"I was at my son's house and one day he said 'come on then', shoved me in the car and took me to the tattoo place round the corner. I would never have done it myself. It was around Mother's day, he bought it as a gift," she says.
Cook says she didn't even have the time to be scared that it would be painful or to wonder if it would turn out well. "I just picked a rose as I liked it in the shop."
When the tattoo shop moved into the town center a year later, Cook says she saw it one day and thought: "I will go in and get another one on my other arm." She marched in and picked a butterfly. She was 69.
Cook says the reaction to an 80-something woman with tattoos on both arms is fairly muted, but that some people are quite impressed when they find out how old she was when she got them.
"Some people think I am daft when they know how old I was when I had it," she says.
Her family thought it was great - after all, it was her son who spurred her on. "Everyone else is a mixed bag. No one is that bothered these days. It's not as surprising as it once was."
Cook can't help showing off her tattoos, thanks to their position on her arms but she says she forgets about them until someone brings them up.
She's not currently tempted to get any more body art. "I think I am done," she says.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Exclusive Variety of Tattoo Supplies for Beginners and Artist

 Tattooing has gained immense popularity worldwide over the past few years. There are thousands of tattoo artists around the world who are making an excellent career in this profession. However, to meet the standards of this profession, these artists should use high quality tattoo supplies which include tattoo guns or tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo ink and so on. is an online store that offers exclusive tattoo equipment for both beginners as well as professional tattoo artists. High quality tattoo kits are available at affordable prices right here. Tattoo artists can pick the best tattoo tools here according to their personal style and budget.
One of the core and essential items in a tattoo kit is the tattoo machine. Each and every tattoo artist has his or her own style of working with the machines. The store offers a wide range of tattoo machines right from coil machines to rotary machines. Those artists who are experts in using the coil machines, the store offers high quality coil machines for them. And artists who like their machines to be quite, consistent, light and precise, they might want to check for the rotaries. There are electric tattoo machines which are available in different power variations.
For tattoo artists, the skin that they are going to paint on is the only canvas that they have. And hence they take utmost care and caution while working on their clients’ skin. They need to choose the right tattoo supplies including tattoo needles and tattoo ink so as bring out a vibrant tattoo as per their customers’ needs and requirements. Tattoo artists can find the best of tattoo colors for their needlework right here. They can find some of the world famous and branded inks at this store. Customers must browse the store to see a great variety of cheap tattoo kit, beginner tattoo kit, tattoo grips, tattoo tubes, tattoo guns and many more.
To browse through the variety of tattoo supplies visit website
Dragonhawk Company, was founded in 2001. It is one of the major manufacturers and No.1 supplier and provides tattoo supplies to various countries such as USA, UK, Australia and many more. The store offers a great variety of tattoo kits, machines, inks and miscellaneous supplies to beginners as well as professional tattoo artists.
Media Contact
Dragonhawk Company
Website URL:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My first shopping experience in cheap tattoo kit

There are lots of tattoo shop online and reality shop that sell the cheap tattoo kits . I have been willing to buy a set of cheap tattoo kit and then start my tattoo career. Honestly speaking, since i got a tattoo from my friends,and then i really fall in love with it. And my friends tell me that if i have passion in it and willing to spend time on it to improve the skills, one day i could be the leader in this industry. So i am so confident to buy my first tattoo kit, as in that case i need not to go to many of shops for different tattoo equipment. I really want to share my first shopping experience on cheap tattoo kit.

At first i choose several tattoo shops where sell the tattoo equipment, such as the tattoo machine, tattoo needles and others. Of cause the shops i chose have a good reputation in the industry and those are introduced by my friends. After all they have experience in this. But what make me surprise is that the tattoo kit sols in these shops are not very expensive. So i was so happy to find it. For a beginner if you want to open a tattoo shop, which really could cost lots of money. but if i could save my money from the cheap tattoo kit and i could do lots of other things. It dose not cost much time on picking up the tattoo kit. I choose a tattoo kit that contained all of the tattoo equipment, except the tattoo equipment there is also the practice skin and the DVD. I think the practice skin really help me a lot. I do not have tattoo experience at all, i could use the practice skin to improve my tattoo skills. What is more, i do not want to let myself and friends be my experiment. I should tell you the importance of the DVD, which really tell somethings vital ,such as how to set up the tattoo machines, and how to adjust tattoo machines. Even though i could turn to my friends for advance, i do not want to bother them many times.

After shopping, there is no long time to receive my cheap tattoo kit. Once i got it, i try to set up the tattoo machine and check the tattoo needles. Because there are some different types of tattoo needles for line and shader. In a word, my first shopping on tattoo kit is really nice.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

tattoo museum to record the development of the tattoo

We all know that tattoo art has developed a long time from the ancient times, however the tattoo equipment also made great progress. Maybe you know people use the stone or stick to make the tattoo on human’s body. After all the science and technology push and promote the tattoo machine more and more advanced owing to human’s passion to the tattoo. So people decide to open a museum to show the tattoo machine.

In a nod to the legacy of body art that sprang up in nearby Chatham Square and the Bowery, the Lower East Side tattoo parlor Daredevil Tattoo is transforming part of its Division Street store into a museum, showcasing hundreds of pieces of memorabilia, including tattoo design mock ups more than a century old.

"We are right in the midst of this really rich historical area for tattooing in New York City and for the country," said Michelle Myles, 42, who co-owns Daredevil with her business partner Brad Fink.

Daredevil's planned Tattoo Museum — which owners hope to open in May — will allow museum patrons to pore over artifacts pinned to the wall behind thick glass, while patrons and tattoo artists continue to use the space as a working tattoo parlor.

The centerpiece of the whole collection is a precursor to the modern tattoo machine — an Edison Pen from the late 1800s.

"Thomas Edison invented the engraving pen — it punched holes in paper and that is how they made copies," said Myles. "[Samuel] O’Reilly modified the design to be a tattoo machine. That invention completely changed tattooing.

Myles said historians believe O'Reilly used his morphed Edison Pen in about 1890, when he worked in Chatham Square, which was crowded with tattoo parlors and flophouses at the time.

A tattoo sketch of O'Reilly's — a snake wrapped around a dagger — will also be displayed.

The museum will be free, Myles said, and its hours of operation will be the same as its tattooing hours — from midday to 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Daredevil's owners have been collecting tattoo memorabilia since the mid-1990s, they said. They found antique sideshow banners advertising heavily tattooed men and women as oddities, travel cases for equipment from the 1920s and tattoo designs sketched onto paper — also known as flash —  that were traditionally pinned to walls for customers to choose from.

"Tattooing is very much a global community, and we are really hoping to provide a destination for tattoo people around the world," Myles said.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Beginner Guide:How to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos last forever, or at least as long as your body lasts, which is pretty much forever in human terms.So before you head down to the nearest tattoo shop and roll up your sleeve, here's how to know what to expect.

Getting a good tattoo requires some actual preparation. Tattooing has become such a popularized trend... more people are tattooing now, more than ever, but just because someone gets the idea in their head that they want to be a tattooer doesn't mean that they have the proper training or the proper techniques. It's just like anything else: if you have the money, you can open up a shop, but that doesn't mean you know what you're doing."

2. Don't price shop.

If some guy says he'll give you a tattoo for 40 bucks, walk away. Instead, be ready to pay as much as it takes to get high quality work. Pick cheaper shoes or buy your rice in bulk if you want to save money, but when it comes to art that will be on your body until you die, don't expect to pay less than $100 before tip, and a lot more if you are getting something large or adding color.
3. Check out the shop in person.
When you find someone you think you like, go into the shop and meet the artist in real life before you actually get anything done. First, the shop should be clean. Check for work on display and see how you feel about the aesthetic in person. Then, go with your gut. Generally, if people are going to take the time to answer your questions and not be a dick, they have confidence in their work... you should never really feel pressured to get tattooed right then and there.
If you do your research and find a really great tattooer, you are 90 percent of the way to getting an awesome tattoo. The rest of these things will become a lot easier, because a good, professional tattooer will be looking out for you -- they want your tattoo to look awesome since it represents them. Remember though, this is your body and ultimately you make the decisions. So for better or worse, the end result is your responsibility.
4. Spend some time thinking about the design.
Obviously, this goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway: don't get something you really will regret. Pick something with personal meaning or something you think is beautiful. Go in ahead of time to talk to your tattoo artist about the design.
5. Don't be drunk.
You know better. Also, a good tattoo artist will not tattoo you if you are drunk.
6. Eat something before you go.
No one wants you to pass out. Eat dinner! Bring along some candy to chew on if you are getting something big done.
7. Don't come in with a posse.
Bring a friend if you are nervous or if you just want the company. But don't bring a pack. You did your research, remember? This is between you and the person putting it on your body. It doesn't really matter that your friend with no tattoos thinks it would look better in orange on your left kneecap.
8. Make sure it is really what you want.
The tattoo artist will put a transfer of the tattoo on your body in the place you want it before he actually starts in with the needle and ink (in this case Derick actually drew on me, but usually it starts with a transfer). Make sure you like the size and the placement. This is not the time to be passive. Listen to the tattooer (not your friends) but remember: your body, your choice.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to tattoo portraits and realism

Enabled tattoo portrait better response in realism, in other words, is the portrait of how to make the tattoo come out more beautiful, about this topic, we need to discuss from two aspects of  portrait itself and the tattoo skills.  
The term portrait work does not always apply to people. Any tattoo that is photo realistic is considered as being portrait work. If you tattoo a soda can as realistic as possible then you have done a portrait tattoo. As time progresses, more and more clients are wanting photo realism tattoos. It use to be only the best could pull it off but know it’s a necessity of the industry. The problem with portrait work is that even the best artist in the world can only
work with what they have. If you use a bad picture then you will have a bad tattoo. The picture needs to be clear and close enough to see the detail in the face or of the object. You can only tattoo what you see. If someone brings
you a instant Polaroid, then they will have a tattoo of a Polaroid. Old and torn up pictures just will not work. The best to use is any picture taken from a professional photographer. Family portraits only work if you are tattooing the
entire family. If you have to enlarge the picture to see the face then it’s no good. Several artist do portraits in color, they look nice when they are done but after a few years the color pigments blend together making the portrait
blurry. I strongly recommend only doing portraits in black and grey. If you have ever seen the old black and white movies that they add color to later,then you know they don’t look natural. Most color portraits come out the same way.
Photo realism is different than just high detailed tattooing. With realism you need to have a picture to go by. High detail is simply adding some shading here and there to make a tattoo look more detailed where in realism you need to pay attention to the true lighting of the subject. Realism tattoos need to be at least three inches high for the main object so you will have plenty of room to apply the detail. The rule of thumb with a persons portrait is that the three inches should be measured from the chin to the begging in of the hair line. To achieve realism you are all but required to use mag fof smooth shading and a five or a three for the finer details. You cannot black outline any realism tattoo. Nothing in life has a black outline around it. Only tattoo solid black where you see it in the picture. I strongly suggest blood lining the entire piece. You can grey line if you wish , but most of the time you will be able to see the gray line after the tattoo is healed. If your subject is lighter, or say has grey hair, then you might want to consider applying some kind of back round that’s slightly darker then the image it’s self. A shadowing around certain sections of the object will do the trick. Make sure to practice the back round on paper before you tattoo it, you have to see what works and what doesn’t for each individual tattoo.
To making the pattern you can use a copy machine, but I prefer using a computer scanner, you loose less detail this way. Scan the image in and crop out around the main image only getting what you plan to tattoo in the picture. While you are editing the image in the computer is the time to add any names or dates that the client may want along with it. Size it accordingly and print the image on the highest resolution you can. Print several copies incase you make a mistake, and so you have at least one extra to have for comparison while you are tattooing. Never take an original picture back with you while you tattoo, you will get blood and pigment on the image every time and some pictures your client can’t replace. Lay the printed picture down on the stencil paper and trace every line you can leaving only the shading not on the pattern. With a portrait you might want to stencil any solid black areas filled in solid as a reference. If you have a stencil machine, I suggest doing the pattern by hand anyway so you have already drawn in before hand to get a better feel for the image. The biggest trick to tattooing portraits is the making of the pattern. When you are done it should look like a topographical map of the image. You will need to mark the separations or the various hues to function as reference points. Many artist work top to bottom and do the tattoo in a whole going that direction. This means that you would fully shade the tattoo as you move up, instead of blood lining the entire piece and doing the eyes, then mouth or what ever the case may be.When you have any realism tattoo with solid black words such as dates or names then you need to tattoo them first. Do the blood line work on the main image, then rinse and dry your needle to outline the words. With any tattoo, the outline is first, but in a portrait that may be the only outline.When you do a realism piece, you need to think of your self like a human copy  machine, everything you see needs to be in the tattoo. You may want to set an appointment for these tattoos so you have time to work and play with the image before the tattooing. Portrait work is revered as the most difficult act
of tattooing, just take your time and don’t do them if you are not ready.
Using White
The use of white high light can add definition to any tattoo but in a portrait it will bring the subject to life. White is one of the fourteen shades of grey the human eye can distinguish, and should be used, but only if used properly. Too many artists are using white highlighting during black and grey like it’s going out of style. Too much white will take away from the tattoo and make it look not nearly as real. White should only go where you see it in the
picture. One of the best examples I can tell you is to go for a drive at night. While traveling in traffic, you can see the lights reflecting on the nearby car.Look for a white car, you can see the white paint of the car, then you can see
the bright white where the light is reflecting on the paint. This is the same idea. There is white area in a tattoo which should be considered skin tone,but then there are areas that need to be the color white. If you are tattooing
a metal object then only apply white where you see it in the picture. If your tattoo is the white car in traffic, then you only want to shade the paint job,and use white where the light reflection is. With use in a portrait, you only want to put white on what would naturally be wet or metal such as body jewelry and the frame of eye glasses. This is how white does its job. In a face you should only have white in the eyes where you see the glare and on the
teeth if they are smiling. Anywhere else will just make it look like its glowing in the dark. Realism is based on what is real, not where you think you want the real to be.
You hear everyone say “My skin won’t take white”. That is wrong. When an artist tells the client that their skin didn’t take the white then they are using a crappy white or they don’t know how to apply it properly. The down side of white is that being white it has a tendency to take the color of the skin above it after it heals. On an African American you will not be able to see white pigment as well as say a pale Irish completion. I have some American Indian in me so when I put white in myself it looks sort of cream due to the darker tone of my skin. This is the only problem with white. There is no excuse for it to just not show up at all. Artist think that white pigment is a color and should be applied like a color, but it is a shade of grey, or the absence of. To properly apply white when using as a color you need to go a little slower than you would with regular color pigment. If you are highlighting with white then you need to use it as if you were lining with black. Slow and steady. You cannot apply white quickly and expect it to stay. Because white will take on the form of any other color it comes into contact with, it should be the last color you use no matter what colors you’re using. Before you dip into the white you should also rinse the machine out more cautiously than any other time. If you have just a small bit of red, then the entire ink cap will be pink the first time you touch the needle in there. Take your time, and watch for color change, I have seen artist use white but tattoo pink without knowing more times then I can count.

Friday, 21 March 2014


The skill of the artist and his equipment. are the two factors to make perfect tattoos. You can’t expect an artist to perform the best tasks with low quality tattoo machines.
Now the price varies between $10–$1000,what is the difference between machines?
In this article, we will help you choose the best tattoo machine to help you achieve success in your craft.
Compare the basic parameter from Apprentice machines to Master machines, you will easily find the right machines for your artwork, no matter you are a starter or artist! If you are buying the machine for the first time, prefer popular recommended brand that provides you guarantee and assurance that you are buying the correct product.Never buy product without guarantee.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Get your tattoo machine usa ready for tattoo

If you want to create a tattoo, there is far enough to master the tattoo skill. What i mean you also should equip a tattoo machine for yourself. I would like to recommend you the tattoo machine usa with good quality.

  A tattoo machine usa comes in three parts: the wrap coils, the grip and the tube that holds the tattoo needles. You should put them together and insert the needles correctly in advance. Not enough yet. Rubber bands, rubber rings and grommet are needed to keep all the parts holding together and ensure a smooth tattooing.
  Then get the power supply and the foot pedal ready. You can choose them from a wide range of suppliers. No special requirements, the choice is made only according to the artist’s preference, so just make a quick decision if you find they are comfortable with you. One more thing you should note: you should make sure that the cords of the pedal and the power supply will be long enough to meet your needs.
  Usually a tattoo artist will get at least 2 tattoo machines, one as a liner machine and the other one for shading. You are suggested to do so, why?A tattoo design is made by the working of lining and shading, which demands different sizes of the needles inserted in the tattoo machine. Getting both of them ready saves your time stopping to reset the machine during the tattooing process.
  There is an old saying that Should fight no battle unprepared. Get a tattoo machine usa ready for your tattoo could make you more confidence to face the trouble during the tattoo work. Of cause a durable tattoo machine is help you to create much beautiful tattoo images for the customers.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Where to find the best tattoo kit?

Are you sure you want to open a tattoo shop? Do you prepare yourself to enter this promising industry? Maybe i ask you such a question, your answer is absolutely sure. But i do not want to discourage you that there is far enough to have much enthusiasm in it. You should know what you could do, whether you have master the tattoo skill or have purchase a set of professional tattoo kit. If you hesitate at this moment, now i have to say that you should listen to me now.

There is no doubt that you should purchase a tattoo kit, but you maybe ask me where to buy the best tattoo kit. Before you ask me you must have searched on internet. And on the internet someone tell you that you should read some books about tattoo kit, and then when you pick up the tattoo kit, you could know which is the best one for you.The books just saying a simple theoretical knowledge, which is about the function of the tattoo kit. However do you have such a feeling that you feel more confused after reading books? In my opinion, reading much books is not as good to enter the tattoo shop in person. You could touch the real tattoo kit, and tell its quality. Because you could try on tattoo kit under getting the sell’s permission. After trying, you could know the feeling of handing tattoo machine, which is most important and common used in the tattoo work. Different tattoo machine have different weight and designs, in that case it is not difficult for you to find out the most suitable for you hand according your preference. What’s more, if you have any question you could turn to salesman for help. Under normal circumstances, they also have certain knowledge of tattoo equipment to some extent. Or you could search some website of the tattoo kit, you not only know its price and style but also you could consult online customer service for lowering the price and service.
So do not hesitate to hang out to choose a good product, if you really want to have a best tattoo kit. But if you really have no time, going to the online shop is also a good choice.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to install a tattoo kit correctly

Most people have a general grasp of what it takes to do a tattoo, however some incorrect install will cause most problems, such as tattoo machine get too hot, power supplies not work etc. Here is the details for you to set up a tattoo kit.
1. Insert the needle tube into the tube bracket at the bottom of the binding post arm.Tighten the tube clamp by hand to hold the tube in place.                                

2. Insert the needle into the tube, being careful not to bump the end of the needle against the inside of the tube, as this will dull the needle and lead to a more painful tattoo.                                    

3. Place three rubber bands around the tattoo machine's coils and over the bar of the needle, then secure the eye of the needle around the plastic grommet on the machine.                                                      

4 . Insert the foot control jack into the labeled port on the console box. Plug the AC cord into an electrical outlet. Fill one of the small plastic cups with tattoo ink. Hold the needle tube by the grip and step on the foot control switch to start the gun. Dip the needle point into the cup to refresh the supply of ink.                                                                                                                                    

5. Create a design on real or practice skin. You can do this by free-handing with a gentian violet marker, or by tracing flash or a stencil onto transfer paper. Once the transfer paper has the design, apply a thin coat of the Speedstick deodorant to the skin, and press the transfer paper down firmly and smoothly. Peel off the transfer paper and you will see that the design is now on the skin.

Monday, 17 March 2014

How to choose a tattoo kit

Every people who wants to learn or want to start their own store will choose tattoo kits to learn, so they will buy some kits to experience tattoo themselves, so choose a right and suitable kit is crucial for beginners, however, the beginners should know about how to choose their first tattoo kit, there is some tips for beginners as follows:
First,you should know what is tattoo kit
Second. what is included in a kit
Third,what is the classify of the tattoo kits?
For the first question:
If you're serious about learning how to create your own tattoos or considering opening your own shop some day, sooner or later you're going to find yourself looking for tattoo kits. Tattoo kits are packaged collections of the typical tools of the tattoo trade that are available for sale in most states to anyone at least 18 years old.
For the second question:
There are hundreds of tattoo kits on the market. Each manufacturer has its own idea of what should go into a particular level kit, so one company's professional tattoo kit may be the equivalent of another company's intermediate set. Do your research before purchasing. generally, tattoo machines, power supply, power cord, transfer paper, needles, grips, inks and ink cup and so on
For the third question:
Generally the tattoo kits has three classify:
beginner kit, this kind is used to learn how to tattoo, this usually for the person who want to learn and want to be a future artist. the kit usually has such parts
one tattoo machine, although the quality of the unit varies with kit pricing
Variable power supply unit to operate the tattoo machine (Make sure a foot operation switch and clip cord are included.)
A set of inks and caps
Disposable tubes
Sterile tattoo needles
Antiseptic wash (brands vary, but Green Soap is popular)
How-to instruction
Practice "skin"
Company catalog for ordering further supplies

Intermediate kit, this kind used for the one who has the tattoo experience and know some knowledge about tattoo
Two tattoo machines, one for lining and one for shading
A larger supply of needles and tubes
A larger selection of inks
Caps plus a holder
Stencil paper for transferring tattoo designs to skin
Antiseptic supplies, plus various bandages, gauze, gloves, etc.

Professional kit, this kind used for the artist, they all know more about the tattoo, they always have stricter requirement about the tattoo kits, they may not pay more attention to the price, they emphasis on higher quality, and need every parts has higher quality.
Professional tattoo kits will contain many of the same items found in the intermediate kits, but will usually come with a larger supply of everything. Both of these items are indispensable for sterilizing all reusable tattoo machinery and supplies between customers
Every people should choose the kit according to their own situation!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

How to fix power clip

A common problem with a clip cord is when it is not making a proper connection.  There are 3 main causes for this.  One cause is when the clip cord contacts are not flush while it is connecting with the back binding post or back spring of the tattoo machine.  Feel the clipcord connectors; if it is pointy or jagged it is not sitting flush.  This can be fixed by filing down the clip cord connectors so that the ends are flat.  Another problem that occurs is if you have a clip cord that has a rubber sheath that extends out to the connectors, the sheath may be sticking out and physically preventing the connectors from completing an electrical circuit.  Fix this by using a pair of scissors and cutting back the rubber sheath so the clip cord connectors are fully exposed.  The final reason for this is a shot clip cord.  Unscrew the mono plug housing that plugs into the power supply.  There are two wires that connect into the mono plug.  If the exposed copper ends of the wires are touching, they are shorting and you will need to physically separate them.  If any of the wires are not connected to the mono plug, your clip cord is screwed.  If you have a soldering gun, you can reconnect it.  If you do not, you will have to replace the clipcord.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to fix power foot pedal

The tattoo foot pedal has two main problems that can occur.  One is similar to the clip cord mono plug disconnect.  To check for this, do the same thing you did with the clipcord.  Unscrew the mono plug housing, check the wires.  If they are touching, separate them, if one of them are not connected, solder or replace.  If you have one of those flat metal foot pedals, a common problem is a broken spring inside.  The foot pedal works by completing a circuit between two connectors when you press down on it.  If the spring is broken, it is either blocking the connection or causing it to short.  Some of these metal foot pedals can be unscrewed and the spring can be put back into place or replaced.  Most however are factory sealed and riveted so putting it back together is quite a challenge.  It may be more efficient to just buy a new one.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Listen to me you could find the best tattoo guns for sale

I think many people meet such a situation that when they want to buy something, it often cost lots of time to pick up the most agreeable one. Because the tattoo guns for sale they pick up have a high quality but a unaffordable price. And the tattoo guns they could pay for the price, its quality is not so good. Actually it is not easy to find the best one.maybe the measures of you choosing the tattoo gun is not in the right way.
If you are an apprentice in the tattooing industry, the very first thing you need to have at hand is one set of good and cheap tattoo guns. If you want to find out the best one among the reasonable-priced tattoo machines which fits your expectation, here are some great tips for you to help.
Firstly,go to the nearby stores to make sure that is there tattoo guns with 10 wrap coils. The reason why i suggest you to choose this is that this kind of tattoo guns have a proper weight. It is suitable for you to line or shader, and you will not bothered by its too heavy or too light. As far as i concerned, those beginners do not need any reasons to choose this one.
Secondly, maybe you ever heard about that there is a kind of tattoo guns for sale could both line or shader, with it U shape and 8 wrap coils. Using this tattoo guns you need’t to stop to exchange the tattoo guns. What you should do is to adjust the voltage and the tattoo needles. However, if do not have the experience on adjusting line to shader, you had better change your decision.
I ever heard a old advertising words that there is always a suitable for you. So do not lose confidence to find the tattoo guns for yourself.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Some helpful suggestion on purchasing tattoo kit for beginner

If you walk on the street and find some one with tattoo, you ask him or her why you get tattooed. And i guess there maybe some different answers appear in front of you, they will tell you that just to remember some special moment in their lives. Some one just to have fun or want to show their love for their lovers, and also some treat tattoo as a art to show their unique. But no matter which one, you should believe that tattoo is becoming a craze around the world. However there are also some people would like to learn tattoo as a career, for them they should pick up some tattoo kits for beginners.
When you step into tattoo industry, you have no idea at all except finding a suitable tattoo kit at the beginning. The beginner tattoo kit really could help you a lot and save you lots of money. This kit have all the items you need ,such as necessary tool tattoo machine,needles,tubes,and ink and other thins that free of charge. When you purchase the tattoo kit on line or on local reality shop, you had better accompany with your friends who engaged in tattoo work. They know the price and quality of the beginner tattoo kit, in that way you will not cheat by the sells. And what you should know that tattoo kit has a variety of ink. Because more and more client would like to more colorful tattoo images and sometime they design the tattoo images for themself . In this case you do not know what color the images need. I guess you will forget to check the quality of some necessary equipment, but you also should not careless to the protective gloves and rubber bands. Thess things are easy to be ignored by the beginners. you do not want to regret when you make a tattoo you find out to buy the gloves and rubber bands, do not you?
And a cd or DVD is offered by the beginner tattoo kit, which could help you to learn some steps and process involved in making a tattoo. Practice skin i think is important for the beginners, is could allow you to do some practice before work on the real human skin. Even though the practice skin and human skin have lots of difference, it also could make you improve your skills. In a real case, the skin is not uneven and bone is under the skin. So that you could put the practice skins on your body and enjoy the true tattoo feeling. And when you purchase the tattoo machine, you should pick up the tattoo machine that you feel no pain while holding for long periods of time.
After you purchase the tattoo kit, it is important to start practicing. If you have some reliable friends and families they trust you, you could make a tattoo images for them as a beginning. Of cause you should choose some parts are easy to tattoo, such as arms and legs. What i tell you is just some suggestion for you. i hope you have a successful and smooth tattoo career.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why does my tattoo power box not work

The first two things to check for if your machine all of the sudden quits on you, Contact points, Tattoo Machine Capacitors, Power Supply, Foot Pedal, or Clip Cord. When you check these two, you should also check you other machine to see if it will work. If it in fact is the machine and is not fixable at that moment, you can always switch your needle bar and tube to the other machine and be able to reset the point gap in order to finish the tattoo.
If your machine just won’t work at all, you probably have an open in your circuit or a shortage. You want to make sure all your points are clean at first. The circuit will break if there is something caught between them. To open the contact hold the armature bar down with your thumb and blow hard on the points. If the blowing doesn’t clean them then you can try pulling a small strip of paper through the points when they are closed or use a nail file to clean out the contact. Then if that works you might want to readjust the point setting slightly so that you get that “buzz” at the right sound again.
Here are a vedio may be useful :

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How to connect power supplies

Learning how to connect a tattoo machine properly and adjust the power of the machine is one of the first steps in a successful tattoo apprenticeship. The power supply controls the speed of the needle, which in turn affects the speed of the work as ink is implanted underneath the skin. Choosing an incorrect setting can lead to pain and scarring for the sitter, so learning how to properly connect and configure your tattoo machine is an important task.

1.Plug in the power supply. The power supply may come with its own power cord or you may need to purchase one. Make sure the cord and the supply are the correct voltage for your outlets.
2.Plug the foot pedal into the tattoo power supply. Move the foot pedal away so it cannot be accidentally activated while setting up the machine.
3.Attach the clip cord to the face of the tattoo power supply unit. There will be an area for the clip cord to be attached near the power settings for the machine.
4.Attach the prongs of the clip cord to the upper and lower binding posts of the tattoo gun, near the coils. The prongs should attach securely and not come unhooked when the machine is moved.
5.Press the foot pedal to test the machine. The needle should move smoothly and rapidly. Adjust the power supply settings until the machine runs smoothly at the desired speed for your piece.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Do you know how to buy tattoo supplies

As a tattoo beginner, when you ask tattoo artist for help that how to start your tattoo career, generally then will tell you to buy some tattoo supplies to meet your tattoo requirement. And then you run to tattoo shop and then you feel confused to buy what kind of tattoo supplies. So if you really have such a trouble, i would like to tell you how to buy the tattoo supplies.

Firstly you should know to purchase major items and list them on a piece of paper. These include sterilization equipment and basic tattooing equipment such as tattoo guns, power supplies, footswitches,  autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners and tattoo furniture. And then you should find a reliable tattoo supplier. And you could purchase favorable tattoo suppliers from them.

After you ready all the necessary tattoo supplies, you should equip some basic tattoo suppliers,like needles, tubes and grips. You'll want to find a supplier that provides a variety of needles in different sizes and the tubes to fit these needles. You can also find those that sell needle and tube combos, especially if you're using disposables. And now you have bought the tattoo equipment, and then you should not ignored the tattoo ink. You may find that carrying more than one brand gives you the color choices you desire. There are also different sizes available from ½ ounce up to 4 ounces and 12 ounces or larger for black inks. And do not forget to keep other disposables stocked. Items such as ink caps, rubber bands and grommets for your tattoo machines, barrier film for covering tattoo furniture, green soap, gloves, stencil paper and applicators.

So now maybe you have know how to buy tattoo supplies, actually there is no specific order to prepare tattoo supplies. What i have sone just to make you more clear what to buy and will not forget something important. What’s more, what i want to emphasize is that you should know to be skilled tattoo artist not only need the painting technology but also a complete and superior tattoo suppliers.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tattoo machine usa enjoy a good reputation

Tattoo get a good development in the united states than the other ares of the world. The data shows that almost every youth will get a tattoo until they get adult. With the tattoo development, the tattoo machine is also being advanced year by year. There are many tattoo machine USA being sole and the sales volume is increasing. Many friend would like to choose tattoo machine usa because its high quality and affordable price.
Tattoo machines have been around for over a hundred years and tattoos have been around longer than that. The machine has springs and coils to send the needle that is filled with ink from a vial, into the skin and create the tattoo between the first layer and the second layer of skin.
Some one who want to buy the tattoo machine usa also wonder how the it work. working process is like that ink is injected into the skin by a tattoo machine that uses coils and springs to send the needle into the skin and it can run as quickly as 30,000 times per minute. The ink goes through the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin and is deposited into the dermis, which is the second layer.Tattoo machines work to quickly add ink under the top layer of the skin. This can be painful if the needle is hitting sensitive areas. The effect of the tattoo machine will put permanent ink on the skin and this is a caution to be considered.
People all think that tattoo is a art that need experience. But do you ever imagine that if the tattoo artist have experience without perfect equipment they maybe could not create the good work. Now that you want to be a successful tattoo artist you also should spend much money on the tattoo equipment.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Starter tattoo kit as the career beginning

There is too much tattoo kit in the present market for the customers. However for the beginners how to find out a satisfied tattoo kit has becoming a problem and challenge to face. Actually some beginner think that if they buy the most expensive tattoo kit and then they will have a prospective career. Generally you do not the master the operational experience, the expensive machine for you it is just a waste. You should know that the tattoo is a technique, the beginner should find someone to learn this technology. But if you want to save money and learn by yourself. No problem. Many
masters have no idea about tattoo at the beginning. What i mean a suitable tattoo kit could teach you a lot and could be your master. So as a beginner, you should purchase a starter tattoo kit as your career beginning.
And maybe you would ask me what is the starter tattoo kit. In fact the starter tattoo kit is basic tattoo equipment. Usually it is included tattoo machine, tattoo power supply, tattoo ink, tattoo needle,and tattoo practice skin. All of these things is necessary and basic when you making tattoo. The tattoo machine could be set to liner and shader, which both is the main task for tattoo. Many staters think it is easy for them to handle but they often make mistake when tattooing. Such as lining, they use the tattoo machine to outline the image but they often meet the situation that the image is not clear and smooth owing to their unskilled. But if you buy a starter tattoo kit as practice, your skill could be improve a lot. And in the starter tattoo kit, the seller generally offer the customer several practice skin, which is essential and necessary for the beginner. Because the practice skin could give you the real feeling about tattoo, after all this job work on the humans skin. I think no one want their skin is used for your exercise. Honestly speaking, the real skin is the best choice for you to practice and could have the best effect. But, you are afraid tattoo on your own skin for practice, aren’t you? In addition, the needle in the starter tattoo kit is enough for you. And if you feel anxious that you do not have the professional drawing skills, the transfer ink could easily transfer the picture to the skin. And i could tell you the most important is that there is a tattoo self-study DVD. You do not worry about that you do not know how to start the tattoo first step. All the details in the DVD could help you a lot to tattoo.
Buying a set starter tattoo kit will lead you to the tattoo industry. What is more, the starter tattoo kit is not expensive starter could afford the price. I belive a famous saying that practice makes perfect.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Guide for Lining A Tattoo

Every tattoo begins first with a stencil applied to the skin. Once applied, the very first step in the tattoo process is to outline all the stenciled lines, typically with black ink.
1.Dip the needles into the ink, and absorb enough to make multiple lines. Fewer lines make your tattoo simpler and clearer and help avoid visual clutter.
2.Hold the tattoo gun at a slight angle, like you would a pencil or pen, and apply pressure to the foot switch, bringing the machine to life.
3.Press the needle tips against the skin, and move your hand along the line. Do not simply move the tattoo gun with your fingers and leave your hand stationary. It is also pertinent that you apply even pressure throughout the line work of the tattoo.
4.Go over each line slowly to minimize the number of times you need to go over it. You are basically tattooing a bunch of dots really close together; if you go too fast there will be gaps and subtle inconsistencies, and you will need to go over the same line multiple times.
5.Pull the needles away from the skin after each line is complete, and relieve pressure from the foot switch to turn it off.
6.Wipe away excess ink and blood from the skin with a paper towel doused in an alcohol solution.
7.Continue the process, evenly and consistently, until complete.
The outline of a tattoo not only serves as a guide for the detailing and coloring process, but also provides the basic design for the tattoo. A poorly outlined tattoo becomes a poorly completed tattoo.
Determine exactly how thick you want all the lines to be before selecting the appropriate needles. The thicker the needles, the thicker the lines will be.
There are some excellent technique displayed in this video,including some basics that every tattoo artist should learn early on.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

How to choose tattoo ink

Here we discuss the differences in tattoo ink to help give you a better idea about it. Before you sign up for a tattoo, make sure you had learned about the different kinds of ink to help you get the desired tattoo effects.

Without a doubt, there are many high quality and low quality inks that are being used by tattoo artists. Look for tattoo artists that have a good reputation and fan base. Good quality inks would not contain toxic materials that can cause allergies. Also tattoos made with good quality inks are long lasting and have a better appeal. In short, good quality inks are safe and cause no harm to the body.


Now, tattoo inks can be broken down into two groups. The first group has a similar base but different pigments making it easier to mix. The second group on the other hand contains different bases which help to produce bolder colors.                                                                            

Tattoo inks might be alcohol or water based.

Different types of artists use different kinds of ink according to their preferences; therefore make sure you find an artist who makes use of tattoo inks that you are comfortable with.

It is good to go for pure pigment group tattoos if you want a white tattoo.

It is best to avoid ink that contains toxic metals such as Arsenic, Beryllium, Cobalt, Nickel, Selenium, Lead compounds and Antimony. These may cause harm to your body.

Immortal inks are a good option for all animal lovers as these inks do not contain any kind of animal products.

Most ink companies do not divulge their ingredients but they have warnings if they contain any toxic metals or chemicals that can harm your sensitive skin.

There are hypo-allergic inks but no hypo-allergic red ink available. Therefore if you have sensitive skin, refrain form using red or adding red color to your tattoo design. However your tattoo artist shall have to work with a very limited color palette.

Therefore it is always wise to ask your artist about the inks being used so that you can know what you are getting yourself into. Safety always comes first, so when you are getting your first ever tattoo done; make sure not to compromise on any safety and quality issues. To ensure perfect results, make that extra effort to guarantee that everything is perfectly suited to meet your requirements.

In conclusion, go ahead and select the right ink for your tattoo, the right ink type can work wonders for you and make your tattoo extra special.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

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Helpful Tips In Tattooing Portraits

There have some helpful tips in tattooing portraits , see below:
The first , Before the portrait tattoo must choose tattoo needle with your heart, be sure to select tip is sharp tattoo needle, needle point must be acute Angle pins, this shade is more exquisite, won't produce obvious stitch.
Second, select the ink, the first to choose the tattoo ink with particles small, easily diluted, so this will make the work of administrative levels is more outstanding, more trenchant. then to choose the two kinds of white ink, with specular highlights white for eyes.
Third, the artist must first master the most basic of human body structure, including facial bone structure and muscle tissue. Secondly, knowledge of portraits. When doing a portrait try not to use the method of transfer printing finalized, once dependent on transfer printing, then make a portrait is not vivid characters, no goal, lack of artistic appeal and individual character.
Fourth, a portrait of the finalized the secant method of traditional figure, do not use do to cut white line, and also is what we call line, namely, non-stick, using a fog to adjust portraits of light and shade relations. This kind of technique which requires the gentle, generally a portrait tattoo products, mainly in more than four hours to complete, so work to achieve the ideal effect.
Fifth, do a one-time complete portrait, avoid by all means the second creation, wait until the tattoo work, after the three phases of metabolism may review. Review, generally from the local adjustment is tonal, local repair. Don't find color is not full fix the whole place needs to be.
Sixth, grain image location choice, as far as possible choose plane, skin smooth, delicate, not easy to accumulate fat. Generally large arm, shoulder, chest, it is advisable to the outer edge of the legs or thighs. It doesn't change because the guest body, and make the portrait contorts the distortion.
This is introduced here, such as a new experience to share with you again, please pay attention to update.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Black & Gray portrait tattooing

No matter how many fashion elements that portrait tattoo contains ,black & gray portrait tattoo is the classic that tattoo artist pursue forever.
Black and grey shading is ideal for creating realistic 3 dimensional portraits.  Black and grey portraits are also one of the worst looking tattoos if done incorrectly.  With that said, if you haven’t much experience in performing a black and grey portrait (which we assume you haven’t otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this post), you should get a fair amount of practice before you attempt one on skin.  There is nothing worse than having an ugly mother scratched onto your clients forearm.

The basic black and gray portrait tattoo requires a bit of planning.  The position and location is important, especially if you intend to free hand (which we do not suggest if you are new to this).  Plan out where the most important features of the piece will be like the eyes, nose, cheek bones, jaw line, hair line, shadows, etc..  Mark the areas with a skin marker with detailed notations.  For a basic black and gray portrait you will need a lining black ink, 3-4 shading blacks and a shading solution to make lighter shades.

One main thing about a black and gray portrait that is different from regular tattoos is that you will be using almost no lining work.  The key thing to give the portrait depth is the shading and so instead of lining in areas, you will be shading them in.  As soon as you use any lining work on a portrait it immediately turns into a cartoon.  This will take away from the realistic look of the portrait.

The best tattoo needle to use for a black and gray portrait is a curve magnum needle.  The curve magnum tattoo needle allows you to shade in areas softly and the key to doing a portrait is soft, feathery strokes.  At the very end, when all areas are shaded in, you may want to use a small round liner to outline on the darkest shaded areas to give the portrait additional definition.  Remember; do not use a round liner needle in the beginning of the tattoo to outline the piece, only shade dark or light to do that.

The technique for shading is to always keep to the surface of the skin.  Hold the tattoo machine at an angle and pull the machine lightly across the skin, do not push it.  To build contrasts, dip between your lining black and your shading blacks, using the darkest for the shadows and build upwards towards lightness with lesser and lesser shading blacks until at the brightest spots you are only using shading solution.  The key is to keep everything as light as possible; you do not want to cause the skin to bleed as this will push out the ink.  Keeping it light will also give you some leeway, if it is too light you can always go back and correct it, if it is too deep, there is no going back.  Always use a very soft 3-4 ply moist tissue to wipe, do not use anything rough like a paper towel.  Most portraits will take a long time to do so wiping with a rough paper towel will increase the chance of damaging the skin and the last thing you want is for the skin to become damaged and bleed out the ink you just layed.

Starting from the edges of the face where there will be most shadow, lightly shade inwards towards the center.  Always start from the outside of the face in, filling in more and more details as you go along.  Work as if you are building a spider web from the outside in, slowly reaching the center.  Always leave the eyes for the last.  Mario Barth said that the eyes in a portrait should always go in last because if they went in first, the focus of your work will be around the eyes causing you to pay less attention to the finer details around the face as your working.  The finer details individually are not that important but when they all add together, they make the entire face and are arguably even more important than the eyes.

Monday, 3 March 2014

How a tattoo is applied

When you have decided to get a tattoo. You have picked out the artwork

and you know where you want to put it. You talked to the artist, settled on a price and filled

out the standard release form. Now what happens?
Before the artist can begin tattooing he will need to set up his work area. The work area

should be free of everything but the things needed for your tattoo. This includes but is not

limited to the following items:
Work table paper: Protective dropcloth where artist places the items needed for the tattoo.

Usually a paper towel or similar item.
Paper towels: A roll should be handy, but sufficient sheets should be torn off the roll prior

to your tattoo.
Spray bottles: These bottles contain alcohol, to prep the skin, and 'green soap', a hospital

grade germicidal soap used during the tattoo process to clean up the excess ink and blood.
Ink cups:  Inks are poured into these cups from a larger container prior to your tattoo.
Razor: Disposable safety razor used to prepare the skin surface.
Petroleum Jelly: Used to lubricate the skin and keep the tattooed area moist during the

tattooing process.
Washout cup: Small paper or plastic cup with clear water used to clean ink out of the needle

tubes during the tattoo process.
Tattoo machines: These are the actual machines that allow the needles to introduce pigments

into your skin. There will also be a power unit, a footswitch connected to the power unit and a

'clip cord' wire that brings power to the machines.
Needle tubes: These are reusable items that get autoclaved and must be in sterilized pouches.
Needles: Groups of needles are soldered onto bars in different configurations, depending on the

type of artwork and the artist's style.

Before the artist can begin to put needle to skin the area where the tattoo goes must be

prepared. This is usually done by spraying the skin down with rubbing alcohol to disinfect the

area and shaving any body hair off the skin. Shaving is important as the tattoo needles may

push hair into the skin, increasing the chance of infection.
The first step in the development of a tattoo is the outlining. This is usually where the most

amount of pain is encountered. The first few strokes will be the worst until your body has a

chance to adjust to the pain. During this process, the artist must at all times maintain what

is called a sterile field. This is an imaginary boundary where contamination due to material

handling is contained to the work area only.
Imagine an invisible circle around you, the artist and the materials on the work counter. Any

time the artist's hands or the artist must break this circle, the gloves must come off and

thrown out. If you don't see this practice being performed by your artist, question it. It's

your health that is at risk.
When the tattoo is completed, the artist will bandage the tattoo to cut down on the chances of

infection and to keep blood from getting all over your clothing.
If the container does not have this clamp and the artist used pliers or something similar, make

sure that the tool is not used for any other purpose.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to Prevent Tattoo Infections?

Tattoo Infection Symptoms
The foremost thing before treating the infected tattoo is to recognize one. Usually, the skin around a newly done tattoo will be itchy and red with some swelling, which is absolutely normal, until at least 24 hours. If the swelling has not subsided after one day and the pain has also accentuated, then it could be the onset of an infection, and you must get advice from your physician.

Five Tips To Avoid Infection After A Tattoo
1. Avoid The Initial Risk – The first step to avoiding infection is choosing the right tattoo studio and artist.

2. Consider the Tattoo Style – A select few experience a reaction to red dyes or pigments. If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to strawberries or red food coloring, you may want to avoid tattoo styles that use the color red.

3. Keep it Clean - Wash the area as instructed by your tattoo artist. Make sure you avoid anything that could enter the area and make it become infected.

4. Antibacterial Creams Can Help – Antibacterial creams can provide help and aid in the healing process if you experience redness or inflammation around the tattoo area. However, these creams are not required unless you do experience these symptoms.

5.Moisturizers Can Provide Relief – It is normal for the skin to become dry and scaly after a tattoo. However, if moisturizers are not used the ink in the tattoo can fade or begin to bleed out.

Getting a tattoo can be a lot of fun; however, it is a long term commitment. In order to make sure you get the best results it is imperative that you care for your tattoo properly.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to avoid tattoo ink fade

1.Wear sunblock every day on your tattoos as well as any part of the body exposed to the sun.

2. Moisturize your skin every day - that means men, too! Right after you shower lock in the moisture already on your skin with a layer of emollient lotion. This time of year, if you skip the moisturizer your skin is itching and dry again in no time.

3. When not showing them off, keep your tattoos completely covered for the best color protection. Darker, more tightly woven fabrics provide a better armor than light-colored clothing. Consider clothing specially designed with sun-protecting properties.

4.Put your clothes to the test: If you can see through it when you hold it up to the light, then UV radiation can penetrate it and your skin.

5.Keep your skin healthy ,eat right and drink lots of water to keep your skin elastic and hydrated. Dry, flaky skin is unattractive. Dry, flaky tattoed skin isn't any better.