Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It is safe to choose disposable tattoo tube

Long time ago i decided to go fully disposable, due to the nature of this shop and having many guest artists per year come through. To ensure that we maintain a completely sterile environment we cleaned up our autoclaves and put them in storage. We strive to maintain strict standards of cleanliness here at the shop and feel that the nature of disposable tattoo tubes help us in that.That being stated, it was personally a big change for myself. I had been tattooing for 4 years around then and it was almost exclusively with stainless steel tubes, usually one and a half to two inch grips due to my large hands. The battle to find a suitable replacement seemed endless. I tried about five different styles from all sorts of suppliers. I had finally settled on a company that I was fairly happy with but still had a few gripes . Mainly grips coming loose and the outer diameter of the back stem being to large for any machine not sporting a guillotine vice.We received disposable tattoo tubes from my friend the other day and I was excited to start  using them right away. I think my friend and company are on to something here, a disposable tube with a stainless steel tip? its the best of both worlds and in the grand scheme of things is well worth the cost.
I setup and started outlining right away and was brought back to last year when I was using stainless steel tubes. The feel of the needle riding against metal is truly supreme to metal against plastic. My machine was running quicker at lower voltages and did not warm up until about hour three of constant outlining . The needle fit perfectly in the steel tip and was very easy to see. I guess that would be another gripe with a bunch of tubes, I had a hard time seeing my needle in a bunch of them who seemed to have useless amounts of bulky plastic right at the tip.

Monday, 30 December 2013

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Advantage and disadvantage of the disposable Tattoo Tubes

Disposable tubes are made from plastic as opposed to metal and have a different set of requirements. As with steel tubes, they come with both advantages and disadvantages.
Disposable tattoo tubes are often favored due to being lighter than their steel counterparts – enabling easier transportation and less weight in the hand when using the tattoo machine.
They are also pre-sterilized which can eliminate the need for the cleaning equipment that is essential when using steel tubes. It is this disposability that saves time and can significantly reduce the chances of coming into contact with hazardous cleaning materials and bodily fluids.
Whilst more tattoo tubes would need to be purchased when using disposables, they are often reasonably priced and can be bought in large numbers. They reduce the number of hours that would normally be spent cleaning the steel tubes and this allows for more time to be spent on the tattooing process.
As disposable tattoo tubes are made of plastic, they can carry manufacturing inconsistencies. These can consist of uneven plastic distribution and unwanted extra plastic – causing interference with the needle. It is always essential to trial various disposable products before use.
Everything has it own advantage disadvantage in the world. So for you should choose the best one according to your requirement. As we all know that the expensive one not the best one for you. Before the shopping, you should find out the yourself situations. Of cause, i hope you could buy the tattoo tube have a low price and high quality.

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Beginner could buy cheap tattoo kit to start tattoo career

Do you think the cheap tattoo kit is not good equipment? In that case i should tell you that you are wrong. The cheap tattoo kit is produced for those who do not have much experience or have not much money. Many people at the very beginning sept into the tattoo industry want to buy a set of tattoo kit for themself, but you should know that you are just a starter while a professional tattoo kit means a waste for you. you could use the cheap one to practice tattoo for improving your skills. After all tattoo is not a easy work for every one to learn. Maybe i guess you should have a knowledge of cheap tattoo kit.

Actually the cheap tattoo kit basically have no difference with the professional tattoo kit. It also concludes everything you need to use during the tattoo work.such as tattoo machine, tattoo ink. Tattoo tube, tattoo needles, practice skin and other supplies you need. First of all i should let you know the importance of the practice skin. After all you have no experience before the first time, however you could not make your experiment on your client skin. You are not sure you could complete a perfect work at the first time.i could tell you a real story about myself. The unique tattoo image often be create by inspiration. There is no client want a same design with others. The tattoo once be made on the skin that means it will follow you whole life. So you need a cheap tattoo kit to practice your new creation.

And then you should know that there are different model of tattoo needles. Some are used for line and some are used for shader. So as a starter you had better check whether the cheap tattoo kit contain two kind of needles. What is more, you should pay attention to the tattoo ink. Nowadays the tattoo image becomes more and more complex so there also is a high standard for the tattoo ink. When you purchase the cheap tattoo kit you should be careful to buy it has various tattoo inks. Many beginner start to learn tattoo without the help of the masters. So they often search some knowledge on the internet. However in some tattoo kit ,there is a DVD that could help you to use the tattoo kit.

Some beginners considering the financial situation, they could trying to purchase the cheap tattoo kit to exercise and improve their skills.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

some advice on buying cheap tattoo kit online

Actually we all know that shopping online is a good way to save you time and effort while you are tired to hang out. There are so many products on the website for you to choose. You always could find the best one for yourself. Of cause buying a cheap tattoo kit with high quality is also no problem.

I will give you some advice on buying online cheap tattoo kit which you may want:
On one hand you could read some magazines. It’s may be the first step that you get detailed views about good website tattoo stores. Magazines often advertise of their own products and you could make comparison to nail the target, saving time.
On the other hand you could join forums and chat rooms. There are always people staying there to share their buying or using experiences of tattoo machines, ask their opinions before you set decision of buying the items.
Check out if the online store has a separate plate of comments of the products. If so, keep the left anonymous message in record because they might be usefully true.
Using the right key words to search online could make your finding more efficient. Because different key words on website may lead different finding results and there is a chance you will miss your right ones due to wrong key words. When you set out your key words, such like, “cheap tattoo machines”,”cheap tattoo supplies”, ”cheap tattoo kits”, “tattoo gun kits” or any word else, there would be thousands of webpage coming out. Don’t bother to go through all of them one by one; choosing seven top pages would be enough for all your need.
What i tell you just some simple method for you. I think if you have some friends who are in the tattoo industry could help you more. After all it is not easy thing to but a tattoo kit, no matter it is expensive or cheap you also should take cautious to buy. The tattoo kit is your parter serve the people. If you buy the good tattoo kit and your skilled craft , i think it should not be difficulty for you stand firmly in the tattoo industry.

Friday, 27 December 2013

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Cheap tattoo kit could help you improve tattoo skills

It is easy to start your tattoo business , what you should do is to buy a cheap tattoo kit on the website or the local tattoo store. An if you happen to have some artistic ability you can use it in this business. I guess it is not a problem for you to make fortune.
And as the development of the tattoo artist, which has been more and more people accepted. They are no longer just use for the stars and underworld. However it has becoming a art form to show human’s attitude. So if you want to be a professional tattoo artists you must have a professional tattoo kit.
But there is an exception.I have a friend who are engaged in tattoo all the time. But he often buy the cheap tattoo kit for himself. I have a doubt so question hem why he do this in this way. He tell me that the tattoo kit always advanced as the time goes by. And the price of the tattoo kit is not expensive, if he buy a cheap tattoo kit and then he could try to buy different tattoo kit. In this case he always use the most advanced tattoo kit, however the cheap tattoo kit also have a good quality. he tell me that he could know what is the best equipment for himself and know much about tattoo equipment. So he could repair the machine when the machine could not work. What’s more, frequently some friends come to his tattoo shop ask some question about the tattoo kit. So i have to admit he is professional and experienced.
And i know different people have different interest and hobbies. But what i want to is that no matter who you also could buy a set of cheap tattoo kit to practice in advance. On one hand you could not spend too much money, on the other hand you could improve skills.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

purchase a good tattoo power box for yourself

In order to complete the tattoo image,tattooists should process a set of tattoo equipment, which should includes the tattoo power box. Of cause you could buy it from many different sells. At present there are lots of types in the markets. Every one admit that the most expensive one is not the best one. So you should find out what is the best suitable tattoo power box for the user.

I think you should know that the tattoo power box is the prime movers for the tattoo needles go in skin with inks. Certainly if the tattoo power do not have enough energy the needle could not go deep in to human skin,and then the image are easily to fade. On contrast tattoo power box have the enough energy , the tattooist could work a beautiful and complete image for a long work. So it is the key point for you to master this knowledge, no matter you are a experienced or just a starter.

Several tattoo machine power box are available in tattoo supplies stores nowadays. The price varies according to different types and functions. If you want to get better control of the tattoo needle’s back and forth movement, then you need a power box that has a knob to control the voltage. Some more expensive machine power box enable you to control all the elements like voltage, speed, follow-through and duty. You can use them in any country without changing the voltage to ensure the safety of other appliances in your home. Some power box will come to you with foot pedals and clip cords, but some are not, you may need to buy them separately.Do you think all the tattoo power box is same? I should tell you that they are different. In fact the more expensive one have much function and durable for the tattooist. We should believe that the price worth the quality. Because the manufacturers put better material into the production.
Now that you want to become a professional tattoo artist you should not worry too much about the money,which is the necessary investment for your future career. The good equipment could make the good images for the customers, i hope it must leave a perfect impression on them and then they come to your tattoo shop again.

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

tattoo machine not work?

Adjust tattoo power box to work

There is no doubt that tattoo machine is initial parts for the tattoo artist. However the tattoo power box is also important during the tattoo work. Because you can image that if there is no tattoo power box to offer energy for you the tattoo machine could not work.When tattooing, tattoo artists want to take control of how fast the sterilized tattoo needles moving back and forth in the skin. A proper speed of that will do something to relief the pain of their clients. A tattoo power supply is the device that enables them to do so.
 So you should know how to plug in a tattoo power box at first.
The first thing is to gather information. Take good advantage of anything that can help you gain knowledge, such as the Internet, your local library, a professional tattoo artist nearby etc. you should get to know the components of a machine power supply to solve the problem about how it affects the throw and speed of tattoo machines.
First of all you should know the basic information about the tattoo power box. If you have some friend in the tattoo industry , i think he or her could do you a big favor. If not you could buy some books about it and search on the internet. What you must know is the components of the tattoo power box to solve the problem.
Then take a close look at your tattoo power box. You can see two jacks on its front, one for foot pedal and the other for connecting to tattoo machine. The power cord is on the back. When start working, remember to put it in a well sterilized environment.
 After the foot pedal is placed on the floor close to your tattoo chair, straighten its cord to plug the opposite end into the tattoo power supply and make the cords lay flat on the ground. If you feel it easily to be tripped by the cord, you may move the machine power supply closer to the edge of the workstation. Just make sure it won’t be an obstacle for your tattooing process.
Now plug the cylindrical end of the clip cord into the machine power supply to connect the opposite end where the cord is divided into two branches. Then find the binding posts on the back of your tattoo machine, around which, the curved metal sections will be hooked. The last thing is to insert its power cord into a wall outlet.
For the sake of safety, you should make some tests for that. Hold the tattoo machine in one hand and press down on the pedal with one foot at the same time. If your tattoo machine begin to hum and the needles inside start to move back and forth, then you have get your tattoo power box properly plugged in.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How to choose tattoo inks - new

Buy the best tattoo power supply for your tattoo gun

There is a popular phenomenon in the society getting increasing attention day by day. That is tattoo art , which gain more and more favor form people. In view of this kind of situation, many people would like to enter the tattoo art. Of cause if you want to be a leader of this industry, you must prepare some professional equipment for yourself. Such as the tattoo power box.

If you want to show that you are a professional, you need to have the right equipment without fail. However skilled your artistry, however steady your hand, you are only as good as your tattoo power box.The motor in the gun is responsible for the needle making an up and down motion, much like a sewing machine. That is the tattoo power box provide the power to make the motor continued work. So buying a good tattoo power box is necessary for you.
A tattoo power box and the other equipment will usually represent a very significant investment; however, you simply cannot get by without good equipment, as this is far too precise an art to make do with shoddy guns or inks. A tattoo power box may come separately or may come with the gun. Generally, when you buy the gun with the tattoo power box you will pay an overall lower price and will be sure to get exactly the right power box for the gun. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny under any circumstances, however, as this equipment is very expensive and you don’t want to get used items due to the risks of contamination.
When looking for a good source for a tattoo power box, be sure to deal with professional tattoo equipment providers, as they will usually have the best quality items, the greatest range of equipment and the largest range of prices. Always keep your receipts and paperwork regarding your purchase, and only buy from a company with a solid reputation and a satisfaction guarantee. You want to get your tattooing career off to a good start, and need good equipment to do so. Take your time, do some research about the best options for the type of ink you want to execute and you won’t have to compromise your artistic integrity or your wallet.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Some suggestions for buying beginner tattoo machine

No matter who enter the tattoo industry, then must own one set of tattoo equipment that is cheap or expensive. However for the starter considering the money they had better purchase a beginner tattoo kit. And this kit conclude all of things that a professional tattooist demand.
 pay attention to tattoo machine

The most important in the beginner tattoo kit is the tattoo machine. In precent markets, there are different materials of the tattoo machine, that is copper, brass,iron and steel. I suggest the beginner should buy the steel tattoo machine,which material is durable after the long time work.
Pay attention to tattoo needle
Tattoo needle have different type for the different tattoo work,for instance some needles are used for line and others are used for shader. Some beginner have no idea at all. What’s more , the tattoo needle should be sterilized after used. If the beginner do not have the autoclave and do not know how to sterilize. I think the beginner tattoo kit is necessary and enough for them. There are some disposable tattoo needle in the beginner tattoo kit. They should not sterilize tattoo needle and its price is a little low.
3. Pay attention to ink
You need to consider when buying beginner tattoo kits is the ink. You should look for kits that include quality inks of various colors. You should also make sure that you buy beginner tattoo kits that include ink caps that are designed to hold the ink while you apply the tattoo. You may also want to look for a kit that includes an ink cap holder.

How to choose tattoo machines - new

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Good beginner tattoo kit could help you a lot

Tattoos and body art are beautiful ways for one to express their individual personality and style, and tattoo artists have careers that are envied by many. So more and more people start to learn tattoo arts some one pursue out of interest and others out of the profit in the tattoo. No matter which one before they start the tattoo career they both should to but a tattoo kit to complete their jobs. At the beginning someone do not know how to use the tattoo machine ,however choosing a suitable beginner tattoo kit is very important to for them to take the first step.

Getting your beginner tattoo kit is perhaps a single decision which will determine your efficiency as a tattoo artist because a right tattoo kit with quality equipment that will serve your needs the best. To get a kit that has all the tattoo equipment including tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo ink, etc.
If you want to be the one that is the most outstanding in the tattoo industry , i think you should have such a partner who can offer you reliable beginner tattoo kit. A great could give you a lot of experience on the tattoo. Until you get enough skills you could turn to the professional tattoo kit. Honestly after all if you are not experienced i think the professional tattoo kit is a waste for you.

If you are not sure where to get a tattoo kit in your city, you can try out some of the dependable online stores that sell all tattoo supplies that can supply you with the right kind of tools and equipment that you would need to begin your journey as a professional tattoo artist. Getting the right kind of equipment as a tattoo artist has to deal with tattoo machines that control the needles and supply the necessary amount of ink to create the specific design of the tattoo on the chosen part of the body.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Starter tattoo machine is your good assistant

While the popularity of tattoos and body art continues to grow, the need for tattoo artists is expanding as well. Tattoo artists make great money, and have a job that they truly enjoy. It is a great career for artistic and creative individuals, as the human body makes a wonderful canvas on which to display beautiful works of art. With every profession, it takes some time to get started as a tattoo artist, some beginners are looking to buy beginner tattoo kit what they need to begin their new career.

Tattoo machine - you can usually choose between a liner and a shader, so if you already have a tattoo machine that you have been practicing with, you can opt for the type you don't yet have. The machine should also contain everything you need to work it, including a power supply and foot switch. Tattoo needles - these should be appropriate for the machine that comes in the kit and often there will be two sets so you can replace them when needed. Tattoo inks - depending on the kit, you could have anywhere from 3-12 colors available in the kit. Make sure they are of good quality so your tattoos will turn out the way you envision them. Ink cup holder - To keep your inks at hand, an ink cup holder that is designed for the tattoo machine is a good idea and be included in the kit.Also other tattoo accessories should be included for your convenience. Such as transfer papers which will help you transfer your designs into the skin. A good beginner tattoo kit will include some practice skin to work with and a drawing pencil for you to sketch with. Also, many other items can be included in the beginner tattoo kit, free of charge. Many online companies include small items like rubber bands and gloves as bonus or even include flash sheets along with. These sheets are a great start to tattooing that includes some excellent choices in designs.

Friday, 20 December 2013


The features of rotary tattoo machine

Thanks to the popularity of a few reality shows, many people now want to become a tattoo artist. But it can be a challenging career and it may take longer and require more work than you may realize to have a career as a tattoo artist. However if you have the right skills and the perseverance then it can be a rewarding career. But mastering the advanced and skilled technology is far enough. Besides this you also input some necessary money for your career. Such as you must buy a excellent tattoo machine, of cause it is the mani equipment for the tattoo work. Hence i have to introduce to you rotary tattoo machine.
There is nothing is perfect we have to admit. Even the rotary tattoo machine the i recommend to you. I am not intend to cheat you the rotary tattoo machine do not have any defects. Honestly speaking, i list the rotary tattoo machine’ advantages and disadvantages comparing with other tattoo machine. You could choose the best tattoo machine according to your needs and ability level.
Pros and Cons to a Rotary Machine
There are pros and cons to a rotary machine. Parts on a rotary machine are usually less expensive to replace. In addition, there are fewer parts to replace. Rotary machines are plug and play, there is little to adjust. The only adjustments are the needle depth which is adjusted via the position of the tube grip. Many new artists tend to opt for rotary machines as they have as much of a learning curve compared to coil machines. On the other hand, although the parts cost less to maintain, they are also less durable than a coil machine.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Every starter should purchase a rotary tattoo machine

Most professional tattoo shops use dual coil tattoo machines because they are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They also provide smooth lines and shading. Although dual coil machines may be the standard, some tattoo artists prefer to use rotary tattoo machines instead. Rotary machines offer several advantages over dual coil machines that make them attractive to a growing number of tattoo artistsWeight
According to C. R. Jordan, author of "Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo," rotary tattoo machines are significantly lighter than comparable dual coil machines. This is because there are no electromagnetic copper-wound coils to weigh down the back end of the machine. The lighter weight means that a tattoo artist can work longer at a single sitting. It also means less finger and hand cramping, so artists will make fewer mistakes.
The electromagnetic switching of coil type tattoo machines generates a significant amount of noise, which can turn off first-time customers who are already hesitant about getting a tattoo. According to Erick Ala yon, rotary style tattoo machines make far less noise, which creates the psychological perception that the tattoo will be less painful.
A rotary tattoo machine can be used as either a liner or a shader, depending on the type of needle bar you select, says Ala yon, This means that a tattoo artist can complete an entire tattoo, no matter how complex the design, using only one machine. By contrast, dual coil machines can be used as either a liner or a shader, but not both. The dual coil shaders have thicker barrels and heavier coils to produce the extra power needed to drive the ink into the skin. Dual coil liners have thinner barrels and lighter coils for extra comfort.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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How to correctly use tattoo machine.mpg

The basic introduction of the rotary tattoo machine

Some experienced tattooist who must know rotary tattoo machine,since the rotary tattoo machine has been invented it win a good reputation. Not only because it have a good work function but also rotary tattoo machine has lots of advantages. There are some basic introduction of the rotary tattoo machine for the starters it will help them to pick up a best tattoo machine for their work.
Rotary tattoo machines use an electric motor that physically drives the needle up and down where a standard two coil machines uses magnetism to move the needles. Some advantages a rotary style machine may have over traditional machines are that they often weigh less than standard machines. Because a rotary uses a single motor instead of two coils, and an armature bar assembly, they can weigh as little as half as much as a standard stamped steel frame coil machine.
Rotaries are very simple; with no springs contact posts or armature bars to vibrate loose, weaken or wear out. Because of the rotary action, they are basically free from vibration and run virtually silent. There are No clip cords. Rotary machines use RCA jack inputs to power them, making them easier to plug in and manipulate.
Rotary machines run efficiently on the same voltage (about 5.75v to 7v) as a standard coil machine, there is no need to buy another power supply.
Rotary Machines also use the same needles and tube combinations as a standard machine and can be used to line or shade a tattoo. Rotary machines are a matter of preference. You’ll never know if one is right for you until you try one and decide for yourself.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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What you should know about the sterilized tattoo needle

some tattoo starters are cowardly at the beginning to work on tattoo. Because they always meet some problem that they can not deal with. In that case the tattoo starter are gradually afraid to go on their work smoothly. Such as they do not know how to sterilize tattoo needle, it is not a easy thing for some tattooist , the tattoo needle is the direct equipment to touch the human’s skin. So i think maybe i should tell you some about sterilized tattoo needle. And then it will help you to improve your work.

Some customer worry about the tattoo needle could spread hepatitis b and HIV. As we all know that the both disease all spread though blood. However,when they tattooing, sometime tattoo needle make their skin blooding, that is the reason they are afraid of . And some customers ask the starter could they guarantee their safety during the tattoo. At this time,some starter always hesitate to answer the question. But i could tell the customers and the starters that the both virus of hepatitis b and HIV has been eliminated though high temperature disinfection. Only the tattooist sterilized tattoo needle strictly there is no possibility to contact the virus. Maybe after hearing this, the starter and customer could feel relieved for tattoo.

Nowadays, more and more tattooist choose the disposable tattoo needle to work. At this rate, they could prevent the virus spread, but it is a little luxury for the starter. So you could sterilize tattoo needle for a safe tool.

Monday, 16 December 2013

tattoo aftercare

autoclave is a reliable method to sterilizing tattoo needle

Autoclave is a reliable method to sterilizing tattoo needle I think almost every tattooist knowing that tattoo needle should be sterilized after used. But they know how to sterilize tattoo needle is reliable for the customers to prevent infection. Actually using autoclave is a better choice. And it is also easy to handle event for the starters.
An autoclave is generally considered to be the only form of sterilization appropriate for tattoo  studio, although some low-volume home studios may use chemical sterilization. It should be noted that cleaning is the most important part of sterilization - unclean tools may not sterilize properly. Cleaning can be achieved by first putting your tools in a ultrasonic with proper cleaning tablets and scrubbing them at least once during the ultra sonic cycle. Then with gloved hands remove your equipment and pat dry it. These tools are still contaminated with microbial bacteria! So make sure you’re setting them on your “dirty” stainless tray and not on any surfaces that cannot be sterilized. After your tools have been properly bagged,an autoclave sterilizes through a combination of pressure and heat. While it might be difficult to justify the cost if you're just tattooing yourself or your fluids-exchanged partner from time-to-time, there is no excuse for not using an autoclave for your non disposable multiuse items and equipment if you're tattooing friends. No special paperwork is required to buy them—consider them essential. That said, as with all things, you have to use them properly. They must reach and sustain the required heat and pressure. They must be packed properly. They must have water in them. They must be spore tested from time to time, about once every 10 hours of cycle time, to ensure they are functioning properly. Any studio which does not employ proper sterile techniques should be always be avoided.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sterilize tattoo needle by boiling

In our real life there are lots of methods to sterilize tattoo needle ,such as chemical,bleach, autoclave and boiling water. For most people the convenient way to sterilize tattoo needle is using boiling water. But can we use the boiling water to sterilize tattoo needle ? The answer is as follows.

Boiling water is generally unable to fully sterilize jewelry, needles, or other body modification equipment. Boiling water is 100 degrees Celsius. Although this will theoretically kill most organisms other than endospores and some viruses in half an hour, because endospores are not killed and the consistency is poor, no health boards consider boiling as a viable form of sterilization. The CDC (center for disease control) has permitted boiling of needles and medical tools for an hour in extreme cases in areas where autoclaves and other more functional methods are not available. They emphasize the additional difficulty of controlling contamination from the containers for the boiled items, as well as the tools used to transfer them (since you can't boil something inside an autoclave bag ). After the item is boiled it is then transferred to a sterile field to dry, and then placed in a sterile container if possible. It should also be pointed out that while in theory boiling mostly works, in real-world tests at dental clinics still using boiling as their method of sterilization, staphylococcus bacteria were found on tools that had been boiled - and this is one of the most common bacteria linked to infections in new tattoos and body piercings. It must be emphasized that boiling as a sterilization procedure is not recommended and is utterly unacceptable in a professional context. For self-piercing or tattooing: This might be an acceptable way to clean equipment and jewelry that have been used on either no one or only on you, but this is definitely not an acceptable way to clean tools that have come in contact with anyone else. You can take this a notch up by using a pressure cooker (since one could argue that a steam autoclave is essentially just a fancy pressure cooker). However, realize that because a pressure cooker doesn't have the gauges and monitoring ability that an autoclave does, you'll never really know how effective your sterilization cycle was. It’s just not worth the risks.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

tattoo aftercare

The ways to sterilize tattoo needle

Tattoo needles really should not be used more than once, especially when tattooing different people. The tubes and other equipment, however, can be sterilized and used again. If you are tattooing yourself at home and are reusing needles, you need to be extremely careful on how you sterilize them. Boiling in hot water, burning with a match or cleaning with alcohol does not sterilize a used tattoo needle. With that said, there is only one way to properly and safely sterilize tattoo needles and equipment and that is by using an autoclave. An autoclave uses extreme heat and pressure to kill off any living organism on the object it is cleaning and is the only true and safe way to disinfect. Here is how to sterilize your tattoo needles and equipment using an autoclave. I divided the process into five steps.
Find an autoclave. Visit your local tattoo shop and ask the proprietor where he purchased his tattoo equipment. You can also buy autoclaves at medical supply stores online or by checking eBay, Amazon or even Craigslist. Dental offices use autoclaves as well, so you can ask your dentist for information on where to purchase.
Set up your autoclave. Make sure that you follow the directions that come with your autoclave to ensure that it is properly set up for disinfecting
Pre-wash your needles and tubes. Put on a pair of heavy rubber gloves and an apron. Carefully scrub the equipment out with soap and water and leave in the soapy hot water to soak for 5 minutes.
Use the autoclave. Place the pre-washed needles and tubes in the autoclave bag or basket and place them in the autoclave machine. Make sure the water level is between the high and low level marks and turn it on.5.Sterilize your needles and equipment. The average autoclave cycle is between 1 to 2 hours, but make sure to check the instructions for the specific machine you are using

Friday, 13 December 2013

how to choose the tattoo machine.m4v

Cheap tattoo supply for the starters

Cheap tattoo supply is quite necessary for the starters, after all at the beginning they do not have enough money to but tattoo equipment. So a set cheap tattoo supply often play an important role during your job. Actually the cheap goods also could have the good quality , because these goods is offered by the manufactures of the tattoo supplies they could reduce the profit to sell goods.

 So how to find the cheap tattoo supply? It is very easy to do. You could search on line to look for the manufacturers’ website. On it the manufacturers often show all of their products for the customers to choose. You will find there are a lot of various products on the website, you could according to your requirement and you economic situation to shop. I think for the starter a set of cheap tattoo supply is enough. Maybe at the first they do not have skilled technic and do not know how to save the tattoo supply. Such as chemical supplies, the disposable gloves every time they must use to prevent the bacterial infection for the sake of customers safety. These supplies could not be saved and reused for the second time. And another tattoo supplies are consumpt fastly that is transfer ink. Nowadays the tattoo image is transferred to the humans skin, before doing this the tattooist should wipe transfer ink on the skins then attach the tattoo image. If you do not have skilled painting technology, i think you can not go on your work without transfer ink.

Do not hesitate to buy some tattoo supply, especially cheap tattoo supply ,which could do you big favor for your tattoo work.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tattoo machine troubleshooting (+playlist)

Some tips on purchasing cheap tattoo supply

When it comes to cheap tattoo supply, you don’t have to worry on where and how to find it. This supply is available in various shops, both online and local stores. However, not all of them provide the best and quality supply. This is the reason why you need to compare one shop to another.  Among the two options, most people prefer to depend on online shops.
Finding the best tattoo supply does not require enough time and effort. If you don’t know where to get your preferred tattoo tools or equipment, the best thing that you can do is to ask some experts.  You can also get some hints from your competitors.
After getting the best and cheap tattoo supply, you have to ensure that you store them at the right place. Like you, your customers don’t want to purchase damaged and grimy tattoo supplies. If you really want to amaze your possible customers, you have to show them that you have quality and various types of tattoos.
As you have noticed, searching for the best tattoo supplies is too fast and easy. It is just a matter on how you search for the best supplier. Through considering the above tips, expect that everything you want can all be yours. So, prepare for the success of your business through getting a perfect tattoo supply online
 If your tattoo business is quite huge, you can get various tattoo supplies. The typical examples of these are tattoo machines, colors, needles, tattoo guns and a lot more. You can also get some artificial tattoos.
Whether you are planning to buy a single or wholesale tattoo supply, you have to consider its exact price. If you don’t have enough cash, you could also buy cheap tattoo supply in case of need.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Finding a good but cheap tattoo supply at your beginning of tattoo

whether you may be a novice or a practiced tattoo artist. Many individuals are having tattoos with hopes of expressing themselves in a more unique way. In other words, tattoos are a promising business! Heightening the beauty of the body with tattoo patterns has become the rage in today's society.There is a diversity of kits that can be purchased for a great price at great superior tattoo equipment shop, either on a web site or in your local shop. For the starters, at the beginning of your career buying a cheap tattoo supply is not a bad choice.
When searching to purchase quality tattoo supplies, you should be inquiring what other supplies come with your kit. Many web sites include other items including bands, gloves. Often a company will include tattoo pictures with your tattoo kits. These tattoo patterns are really handy when you're first beginning to tattoo.
If you are a newbie, one who is just beginning as a tattoo designer, you must find superior tattoo kits, because superb superior tattoo kits will include extra goodies. Even So, the professional ink designer may want to choose more sophisticated tattoo kits.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Do not hesitate to buy cheap tattoo supply

The trend of tattoo has been in fashion for years and with time, the spirit of having these temporary and permanent impressions has risen. Tattoo supply plays a very important role in the process of tattooing, they are not changed as frequently as tattoo machine, so for the first tattoo kit, it’s smart to buy one cheap tattoo supply. If you wish to become a tattoo artist then always keep a list of tattoo supplies close by to get the desired material and guidance quickly.
The techniques in tattoo machines will keep on progressing, as you will rise in your career. The other tattoo equipment, such as tattoo ink and needles are also important for getting the right kind of tattoo designs using different colors. The practice skin is also available in the market by which you can do practice before practically working on it. The other tattoo supplies include paper towels, surgical gloves petroleum jelly, ink cups, antiseptic spray and a cream or gel.

It’s well know by tattoo artist that one of the supplies going through most quickly is tattooing ink, it is the lifeblood of every artist’s passion, business, or hobby. Of course, going through this much tattooing ink can become quite costly, so if you’re looking for a place to buy cheap tattoo supplies, shopping online is worth to consider where you can compare rates and also read reviews about the shop you’re buying from. It may be costly to go through so much ink as a tattoo artist.

Among the tattoo supplies, there are different types and sizes of tattoo needles available in the market but select the one comfortable for your tattoo designs. The common sizes of needles available are round, flat and magnum. There are different inks for different skin types and tones and even there are inks for covering scars. Mostly the inks are made up of metals but it might cause itching reactions with some skin types; in such case use organic ones.
 To begin with, when you at long last decide to follow a vocation in tattoos, purchasing the right equipment might seem like a scaring task. If you don`t have a lot of money to start with, then the best pick is a learner tattoo kit. This will allow you to get all the required cheap tattoo supplies without spending too much money on your 1st equipment. These tattoo kits come with a tattoo machine, needles, tubs and ink.

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Precautions on using the tattoo ink

For the today’s young people , there is no right of wrong for them to tattoo on the skin. Because nowadays the tattoo has becoming a trend,which could display personality and persue fashion for them. But i have to remind every young friend of the safety of the tattoo. We all know that the tattoo apply the needle with tattoo ink piercing into the skin. Actually the quality of the tattoo ink decide the good or bad of the images. And also it has a close relationship with your health. After all the tattoo ink will accompany you whole life. I think knowing the tattoo ink is necessary for you.

The composition of the tattoo ink
There is two main composition of the tattoo ink, that is color base and additives. And color base refers to those pigment work to color the skin. And the additives refers to water, glycerin and alcohol, these substance used for disinfection, dispersion and so on. Mainly sells in the markets are chemical pigment, which price is relatively lower than the others. But the plant pigment is safe but have a higher price. So for you when you want to have a tattoo, had better choose the plant pigment do not too care about the price. After all there is nothing more important than the health.

The use of the different tattoo ink
Even though there is lots of color in the tattoo pigment. But they also have different use for tattoo. For the black one, the tattooist often use it to line. Because black is more clear and draw the outline of the tattoo image. The pigment use for shader is more colorful than line. The kind of the color is vary with the image’ demands. The more common is the red, green and yellow.

Many people worry about the safety of the tattoo ink, but until now there no happen serious disaster. When you have a tattoo you should choose a right tattoo shop,where have long time open experience. Those shops are reliable and tattooist could guarantee your safe.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Safety common sense of the tattoo Inks

It is generally believed that the tattoo ink is the substance use to color the skin when tattooing. But with time goes by, the color is gradually shading since the immune system try to break down the foreign substance and wipe up it. Actually there is lots of information that you do not know about the tattoo ink. I think i could give you some for you reference.

Pigments can be anything which is finely ground to provide color. Some of the pigments that are used to make tattoo inks are minerals, vegetable dyes, plastics, and metallic salts. Sometimes many substances can be used to make the same color. Some colors and pigment used to make them are: Blue - Calcium Copper Silicate; Red - Iron Oxide; Green - Chromium Oxide; Yellow - Curcuma; Black - Carbon, and White - Zinc Oxide. Carriers Carriers are liquids which deliver the pigments under the skin. The carriers of good quality distribute the pigment equally, avoiding clumping together. They also offer a bit of disinfecting action. Some of the frequently used liquid carriers are: Listerine, Witch Hazel, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Vodka and Glycerine.

Adverse Effects of Tattoo Inks Although some modern inks are said to be 100% safe, it is partially true. As there are some common risks associated with tattoo pigments, such as, allergic reactions, scarring, phototoxic reactions (reaction from exposure to sunlight) and other several adverse effects. The plastic-based pigments are many times have been reported to cause reactions. These pigments are undoubtedly risky, though some may be safe, but most of them are radioactive or otherwise toxic. It has much recently been found out that unsterile ink can cause infections. This happens basically because of the use of unsterile water in the inks. Use Of Alcohol In Tattoo Inks If alcohol is used in the ink to disinfect the skin's surface, it allows more chemicals to cross into the bloodstream than any ordinarily ink would. It is also known that alcohol is a promoter. Thus, it means alcohol works synergistically with mutagens, teratogens, and carcinogens, making them more harmful than they themselves would be. If any of these substances are present in the ink, alcohol along with them will increase the chance of mutation or disease, not only at the part where the tattoo is designed, but all over the body. Proper Knowledge Is Required Medical-grade chemicals used in the tattoo inks are safe and are specially made for medical uses. To avoid side effects of tattoo inks, it is must that the person who mixes the ink should know proper sterilization techniques, such as, how to perform heat-sterilization and cold-sterilization? He must have proper knowledge of the sterilization needs of different materials. It is advised by the experts that dry or mixed pigments should never be heat sterilized, as heat can cause chemical changes in the pigment molecules. Sometimes heating can also produce toxic substances. However, after the researches, it has been said that ethyl alcohol, in the form of vodka, is the safest carrier for the pigments. Propylene glycol helps to keep the pigment in solution. You can find medical grade propylene glycol and glycerin at pharmacies, feed supply stores, and stores which supplies for soap making or herbal medicine preparation. After going through this article, you can prepare yourself to ask the tattoo professional the questions about ensuring the safest.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

What kind of tattoo ink easy to fade?

Before i had told you some tattoo ink that could stay longer on the skin. I think you must pay attention to those color when you have a tattoo. However you also should know what kind of tattoo ink easy to fade.
Although there are many factors which will determine what tattoo ink colors fade faster than others, there are several options which are not the best choice. Very light colors, such as pale blue or pink, are known to fade quicker than other colors. Vibrant colors, such as hot pink or turquoise, tend to fade much faster than tattoo ink colors which are darker in color. Oranges, yellows, pinks, and lighter shades of green are all known to fade faster than other tattoo ink colors.
Factors That Determine How Quick Tattoos Fade
It is important to keep in mind that one of the main factors which determines how long your tattoo colors will last is after care. If you neglect to take care of your tattoo during the first weeks that you get it or if you place it directly under water within the first few days, you can expect the tattoo ink colors to fade. Also keep in mind that you should always apply sunscreen to your tattoo, or it will be more likely to fade quickly.
Choosing tattoo ink colors based solely on how quickly they will fade is not in your best interest. If you like a certain tattoo ink color which is known to fade quicker than others, why not get it any way? You can always have your tattoo ink retouched in the future if it fades. Unless you are getting a tattoo on an area of the body which is known to fade quicker than most, such as on the foot, it is ideal to get the tattoo anyway.

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Friday, 6 December 2013

The tattoo ink color could stay longer

Every one who want to have a tattoo do not hope the tattoo ink shading,even though the tattoo is a whole life art. Many tattooist suggest that right tattoo ink could avoid this kind of circumstance happening. So if you trying to ensure that your tattoo will remain, it is important to consider tattoo ink colors last the longest.
There is lots of tattoo ink in the market, and its color is different and colorful. For those no experience people, they do not to choose which one. I can give you some advice.Black is the absolute best tattoo ink color if you want to prevent your tattoo from fading. For this reason, there are many people who only get black ink tattoos. Similarly, gray is another tattoo ink color which doesn't fade very much because it has a black base. Darker colors in general tend to last longer. If you are planning to get a green tattoo, you will want to opt for a dark green tattoo ink color instead of lime green. Red will last longer than pink, and a hot pink will last longer than a light pink. Navy blue, teal, dark purple, and maroon are some of the tattoo ink colors which are known to last the longest.
When you tattooing, you had better choose these colors to ensure the tattoo image stay longer. You had better choose the images have these several colors.

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

How to wholesale tattoo supply

As body art becomes increasingly popular among the young, the demand for wholesale tattoo supplies grows quickly in recent years. From tattoo kits to individual tattoo tools including tattoo machines, tattoo guns, tattoo stickers, tattoo needles and tips, tattoo power supply, tattoo removers and more, all kinds of tattoo supplies are widely sought-after by consumers and store owners all over the world. So you should know how to wholesale tattoo supply in a most economical way.
In particular, China is absolutely the best option when it comes to shopping wholesale tattoo supplies given its competitive pricing advantage. Also, the completeness of sub-categories of tattoo supplies in China is unbeatable. Every year, a great number of merchants choose to source tattoo supplies from Chinese manufacturers. Some take advantage of various trade fairs to find best wholesale tattoo supplies, while some just simply click the mouse to dig out cheap tattoo supplies available online, which is definitely much more cost-saving.
As more and more China-based international online shopping websites emerge these years, shopping tattoo supplies online has become a dominating trend. Considering the potential risks about shopping direct from a foreign country without any face-to-face negotiation with suppliers, re-sellers or consumers should be cautious enough to select reliable suppliers for shopping tattoo supplies. Thus, a lot of homework should be done before you buy any tattoo product from a seller you never do any business with before.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wholesale Tattoo Supplies could Save Your Money

    Wholesale Tattoo Supplies could Save Your Money
As being a tattoo artist or even someone that controls a tattoo shop, you realize the importance of maintaining your tattoo supplies. You anticipate customers to walk in to the studio thinking of getting a tattoo that they like and if you don’t have the required supplies with you, you are unable to begin with the procedure. What you so is looking at the customers enter to the other shop for tattoo. I think at that time you feel regret for yourself and you are fall behind the others. So it is necessary for you to wholesale tattoo supply to compete with your competitors.
For example, if you have run out of tattoo ink, how are you likely conclude your tattoo session? It is important to replenish and maintain the supply to ensure that this might never have to occur. You could continue to serve your clients without missing out on a beat.
There are several forms of supplies that tattoo artists will need to have as a way to give you the tattoo service. From tattoo ink to ink caps to sterilizing supplies these should all be present in the shop.
If you want to obtain savings, you shouldon’t purchase retail price particularly if you are generally stocking up. Why? Simply because doing this can be more costly. What you should do would be make the most of wholesale tattoo supplies.
Suppliers will offer discounted rates to you if you buy wholesale. Because you don’t purchase the items little by little, you will be able to get savings.
You own your own tattoo studio so you clearly need to have your supplies. Obtaining the supplies needed is simpler to do with the web. You can acquire these items from websites. A good amount of tattoo suppliers have taken benefit from the net to ensure clients can simply make their purchases.
Websites like these provide all you need to maintain your own tattoo studio or shop. You will not need to go elsewhere because the things that you will need are definitely right there. Click on the items that you’ll need then add them to your own virtual cart. If you’re done, just simply check out.
You will need to set up an account on the webpage to be able to place your purchases. With online shopping, you need to have a credit card. You use the information such as an account number to cover the supplies. You’ll be able to just have every item sent to your house. Buying wholesale tattoo supplies is so much easier in case you accomplish it on the internet.
Even so, you have to also consider precaution when buying tattoo supplies on-line. Don’t share your credit card information to just about anyone. Be sure that the site is secure so that you will might not be a victim of on-line scammers as well as identity thieves that might use your data for their own personal gain.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How dose the tattoo power supply work?

If you take the tattoo machine as a person,while the tattoo power supply could be treat as the heart of the human. No mater you are so perfect, there is no power supply the tattoo machine could not work. So the power supply is significant for you to know how the tattoo power supply work. Tattoo machine is box that used for delivering the power to the tattoo machine. It coverts the alternating current power to,which is an unsteady fluctuating current to direct current power. The voltage of the tattoo power supply is between 10~12v. When you tattooing, you should connect the cord of the power supply to the tattoo machine, and then step on the foot pedal to start to work. Tattoo power supply like other machine, it also will have some problem when working. Some friends tell me that their tattoo power supply is overheat working less than ten munites. When you have such a situation, please check for the needle, maybe it rubs to the machines. In other case, maybe the voltage of the power supply is too high, which also could lead to overheat.Actually the voltage is between 6~12v. The best way to prolong the tattoo power supply lifetime is to have a rest after the long time working.

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas gifts from tattoodiy.com

Where could you wholesale tattoo supples?

Tattoo market are now more and more prosperous, tattoo this door technology has attracted a lot of fans, no matter tattoo school or tattoo tools on the market is more and more popular, tattoo products also brought profits to tattoo products distributor and manufactures. Many dealers have turned to invest tattoo products, so where shall we wholesale tattoo supply?
There are two ways for the dealers to wholesale tattoo supply. The first one, no dealer could have a direct contact with the tattoo manufactures. Now there are a large number tattoo supply manufactures in the market. If you buy the supply from the manufactures you could get the lowest price. What is more, you could customize the products according to your customers requirement, such as the model and the style,etc. But if your order is not enough big, i think they also could not give you much discount and you will lost much time and energy on it. So if you want to place a small order to wholesale tattoo supples, i could give you the second method. That is you could shop online. On the website,there are also some manufactures’ website. What you should so is to log in the website related to the tattoo supply. So it is convenient for you. Form the website you also could know much information about the tattoo supply. In addition, you could negotiate with the manufactures to get the lower price.
 You should choose the best manufactures to wholesale tattoo supply according to your special situation. So if you find the trustful parter you could make a long transaction with him.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

You Also Need to Wholesale Tattoo Supply

I guess that many people mentioned the tattoo they will think of the tattoo machine,tattoo power supply, tattoo needles ans so on. They seldomly think the tattoo supply,which contained tattoo machine parts,inks accessories, tattoo transfer supply, medical supplies, tattoo care and tattoo case.Actually, all of these things are necessary for the tattooist, even though you are just a starter, you also need to whole tattoo supply in store for your tattoo work in case of need.

And then you will ask me how much you need to wholesale tattoo supply for the later work. To be honest, different people have different shop demand and purchase quantity. Let me set some examples for you to have a better understanding. For instance, every time you must use the tattoo transfer ink for transferring the design to the skins. If the image is big, the more tattoo transfer ink you should to use. In the market, its general package is 300ml, which could not be used many times. So in store one or two bottles is a good way to prevent the transfer ink used up. There is also something could replace it such as gel cream. But the image transferred to the skin is easy to drop out. You should not hesitate to whole tattoo supply, should not you? If you place a large order the seller could give you some discount to save your money.

In other case, as we all know that the piercing pain fast numbing cream is also fast moving consumer goods. Because when tattooist make a tattoo, the needles pierce into the skin making pain for the consumer. Before tattoo, tattooist often wipe numbing cream on the skin to reduce pain.After tattoo, they will give the consumer tattoo recovery aftercare ointment to make the skin heal fast and keep design stay longer. I think the wise tattooist always wholesale tattoo supply for the sake of consumers. Doing these will indicate you are professional and considerate.

There are also some other tattoo supplies in the market, i do not intend to list for you one by one. If you want to wholesale tattoo supplies,i suggest you shop online, where is displayed various tattoo supplies with a low price.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Adjust Voltage on a Tattoo Power Supply

The original design for what would become the modern tattoo machine was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. The heart of the machine is its power supply. The type of tattoo power supply will determine what type of tattoo machine you are trying to build. Some power supplies deliver up to 20 volts of power. The higher needle count you are using, the more power you will need to supply the tattoo gun. Instead of giving the tattoo gun more speed, setting the voltage higher will draw the needle down with more force.

So you should know how to adjust the voltage on the tattoo power supply for a smooth work. The first you should do is to plug in your tattoo power supply. Always wear gloves when tattooing to help keep your work area clean. The next to turn the voltage knob on the front of your power supply counterclockwise until it is at its lowest setting. And then turn on the power button located on the back of the power supply unit. The last step is to adjust the voltage level by turning the voltage knob clockwise for more power and counterclockwise for less.

Honestly speaking, adjust the voltage of the tattoo power supply is a easy thing. And it is also very important thing for the users to work. because if the tattoo power supply could not work the tattooing can not been completed.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The method to Set a Tattoo Power Supply

A power supply runs a current to a tattoo machine to move the needle in and out during a tattoo. The tattoo machine needs adjustment to the contact screw, armature bar, and springs to function properly. Once the machine is set to a comfortable level for the tattoo artist, the power supply is the next step. The setting of the power supply will determine how fast or slow the needle moves in and out. This setting changes from tattoo to tattoo, depending on the size of the tattoo and the client's skin. I will give you some methods how to set the tattoo power supply. And the procedures are as follows.

Insert the tube and needle into the tattoo machine. Attach the clip cord to the back of the tattoo machine and insert the other end of the clip cord into the power supply. Turn on the power supply and tap the foot pedal to hear and ensure that the machine is running.

Turn the knob on the power supply to the right for a high setting. A high setting is best for fleshy areas of the body, such as an inner arm or thigh. This setting will make the needle move faster.
Turn the knob to the left to lower the setting. Use this setting for bony areas of the body, such as a wrist or shin.

Listen to the sound of the machine running at each setting. Fluctuate the settings between high and low until the tattoo machine is running at the speed that will prevent scarring and at the same time keep the tattoo from falling out.

What i said is very simple, so you could easily set the tattoo power supply after the shopping. But different situations have different results. You should handle the problem as the reality.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The usage of the tattoo power supply

Understanding the use of a tattoo power supply is essential to the process of modern tattooing. The power supply determines the speed of the needle moving through the gun and allows the tattoo artist to control the pace of inking. Learning how to connect the various parts to the supply will assist you with beginning the process. Once the parts are connected, you can experiment with speed settings and find a pace at which you are comfortable performing. This will provide you background knowledge and experience for working as an apprentice with a professional artist; do not attempt tattooing without professional training. And then i will give you some instructions to teach you know the the usage of the tattoo power supply. All the details are as follows.

 Firstly, you should plug the clip cord into the specified area on the face of the tattoo power supply. And then attach the clip cord to the tattoo gun by inserting one prong into the upper binding post and one into the lower binding post. Secondly,plug the foot switch into the specified area of the tattoo power supply, and place the pedal on the floor. Thirdly,set the speed of the power supply. For line work, use a slower speed; for shading, use a faster speed. Lastly,press the foot switch while dipping the gun needle into the ink, and before/during tattooing the skin.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What is the depth when tattoo needle go into skin?

I think it is important to know the depth when the tattoo needle to into skin. Not only for the tattooist but only for the people who want to tattoo. For the tattooist they could make the better works and not causing much pain to customers. If they pierce too much, it may cause excessive bleeding. I am afraid that no one will come your shop again. However, for the person who want to tattoo they should understand if the pain of the tattoo they could afford and they decide to tattoo. In other case, they know how to treat their skin for a fast recovery.

Generally speaking, the tattoo needle has a changed speeds, which is control by the tattooist. And it could be fast and slow according to the need of the tattoo images. The top speed could be 190 hits per second.The depth could be set about 1.22mm under the skin and the pigment stay at the epidermis, which is the first layer of the skin. And it take place a little damage to the skin. But if you want a better tattoo image and a permanent effect, the tattoo needle should go into the dermis,which is the second layer of the skin. The depth of tattoo needle go into the skin is about 3mm. But this will cause much pain for the customers. You do not worry about the pain just like the injection. Average person could bear the pain.

No matter the depth is big or small, the customers should take care after the tattoo. The tattooist will give the customers some unguent to protect your skin. And try to stay away the water.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

tattoo kits for beginners

If you are a tattoo beginner, you should know what tattoo kits including. Generally speaking, tattoo kits for beginners are usually composed by these equipment such as:
Tattoo Machines,Tattoo Inks,Tattoo Power Supplies,Tattoo Needles,Tattoo Gloves,Tattoo CDS,Tubes, Tips, Grips & Clip Cord,Disinfectants and cleaners,Anesthetics,Ointments,Topical Skin Cleaners,Gauze and Surgical Tape,Art Supplies
Generally speaking, the tattoo machine is always used to shade and line. It must be of high quality with low vibration and low noise. The grip is a very important part in tattoo machine, it must have a strong adjusting function with the tattoo spring and the foot pedal. Then the quality of tattoo machine can be guaranteed.

The tattoo power supply can be mini, convinced to carry, but must be sure the wire is intact. About tattoo inks, it usually have many different colors, because a wide variety of inks can add up your choices and enrich your imagination. we can design whatever you want. Moreover, you should take the tattoo needles into consideration. The needles should not be longer than the needle mouths and they are better to be set up in the mouth side, you should also make it certain that the needles are disposable, antiseptic, sterilized and can’t be moved when operating. You can watch the tattoo CDs to learn how to setting up the machine. As to the tattoo aftercare, they are used to protect you free from the virus.

Monday, 25 November 2013

tattoo machine parts from dragonhawk tattoo supplier

Someone who has bought tattoo machines must know that the tattoo machine is durable and have a long time lifetime. But i have to say the tattoo machine is just like the human bodies, sometimes they will be taken ill. That means that the tattoo machine parts also would be broken down owing to incorrect handles and the long time work. So it is important for you to master the knowledge about the tattoo machine parts once you meet such a situation. Considering this i specially collect some information on them. Maybe what i said is not definitely correct but i hope you could take this for reference only.
As we all know that the rotary motor of the tattoo machine is the main power just like the human heart. Generally it is not easy to broken,however once it broken the tattoo work can not work normally. And motor voltage is 8V to 12V when motor voltage is 10V the tattoo machine could work well. It applies the operating principle of turning the electric energy to physical energy. So largely lower the human hand work.                                    
Never look down upon this tattoo machine parts that is rubber o-rings. This tattoo machine parts used in fix the needle in the needle bar to prevent the needle moving to cause the damage on the skin. But do not fasten to much otherwise the needle could not work normally. Generally one or two rubber o-rings are enough. You can also use hair band that girls usually used to replace it.
Some tattoo machine parts are also very important to spare for the tattooists. For example, tattoo machine bags barrier plastic, that is used for the prevent the tattoo machine gun being contaminated by the dust and bacteria. Even though other tattoo machine parts are not the most important parts for the tattoo machine, but it could not work without these little parts.
For the tattooist, the tattoo machine is not only the tool but also the partner. Regularly safeguard will prolong the lifetime of the machine and save the cost in a way. That all what i want to say and hope it does you a favor.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tattoo Needle

The basic information about tattoo needle
The main material of tattoo needle is 316 steel. Needle body could divided into two parts that is needle bar and pinpoint. The needles have various length,and the most common size of needle bar is 4.75 inches.


the use of the tattoo needle
Tattoo needle is developed from the traditional hand tattoo needle. Even though the patter of the needle has changed the main use is remain unchanged.tattooist use the tattoo needle piece into the skin for coloring and painting the tattoo image.

the classification of the tattoo needle 
The tattoo needle could classified from two aspects based on the pinpoint type and the model of the needle. From the pinpoint type that could be divided into round needle, row needle and cross row needle. From the model of the needle that could be divided into six different classification:RL, RS, RM, F, M1, M2.
According to length of the pinpoint, the needle could be divided long pinpoint and short point.
It also could be divided into 08,10,12,13 series based on the diameter of the needle.
RL is the abbreviation for round liner.
RS is the abbreviation for round shader.
RM is the abbreviation for round magnum.
F is the abbreviation for flats.
M1 is the abbreviation for weaved magnum.
M2 is the abbreviation for stacked magnum.
RL series is mainly used for drawing the outline on the skin. And the other series used for shader and coloring.
The selection of the tattoo needle
Tattoo needles are different for various function and purpose .
When the customers pick up and purchase the tattoo needles, you should pay attention to the material and the workmanship. The main material of the tattoo needle is steel. Generally there is no problem on the material except a few of manufactures using the iron cheating the customers. In addition, the workmanship could not be ignored and it is also easy to distinguish. Look at the welding position to sure whether it is fixed or not. Good tattoo needles could tattoo beautiful and smooth image under the situation of no hurt. Of cause, the quality of the image is also decided by the skill of the tattooist.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

tattoo machine parts for rotary tattoo machine

There are several tattoo machine in the present market. The function of the tattoo machine becomes more and more advanced for the use of the tattooist. And there is a little change occurred to the tattoo machine parts from dual-coil machine to rotary tattoo machine. Most professional tattoo shops use dual coil tattoo machines because they are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They also provide smooth lines and shading. Although dual coil machines may be the standard, some tattoo artists prefer to use rotary tattoo machines instead owing to its advantages.

Rotary tattoo machines parts are significantly lighter than comparable dual coil machines. That is because there are no electromagnetic copper-wound coils above the rotary tattoo machine. The rotary tattoo machine use the motor to work. It is the same with other tattoo machine that the most important tattoo machine part is the motor.The lighter weight means that a tattoo artist can work longer at a single sitting. It also means less finger and hand cramping, so artists will make fewer mistakes.

The another advantage of tattoo machine parts is that make less noise.The electromagnetic switching of coil type tattoo machines generates a significant amount of noise, which can turn off first-time customers who are already hesitant about getting a tattoo. Rotary style tattoo machines make far less noise, which creates the psychological perception that the tattoo will be less painful.
In some way, the tattoo machine parts of the rotary tattoo machine have no difference comparing with the other machine. But rotary tattoo  machine parts are better than others.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Difference tattoo machine parts from shader to liner

Many people have several questions about the technical aspects of tattooing. It can be difficult to get answers from the tattooing community, so doing your homework on your own is important. One of the most common tattooing questions is about the difference of the tattoo machine parts between a liner machine and the shader machine .
Setting up a tattoo machine is probably easier than you might think. If you are interested in making clean, crisp lines in a tattoo, you need to first select the appropriate needle. Proper gap between the armature bar and the contact screw is also very important in making clean lines. These two elements combined allow a tattoo artist to give her client a clean, professional piece of body art. The most difference on the tattoo machine part is that the line machine use the round needle to line outline on the skin.The tattoo machine parts used for shading tattoos is the same as the machine used for line work, the only difference being a slight alteration to part of the equipment. It is advised however, that a tattoo artist uses separate machines for line work and for shading. Most tattoo artists will carry out this practice. One additional difference between units used for line work and those for shading is the type of needle used in conjunction with the machines; shading needles comprise several needles in a line -- almost like a comb -- whereas line work needles have several individual needles arranged in a circle around a central point.
Actually, the difference about tattoo machine parts between line machine and shader machine are not obvious to distinguish. The biggest difference that is the difference on the needles. But some professional tattooist used to apply two machine in order to save the usage of the tattoo machine parts.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Before you buy the best tattoo kits

As is known to us all, the tattoo kits can save you a lot of time and funds on gathering tattoo equipment when you are in the process of tattooing. So tattoo artists especially the tattoo starters are prefer to get a tattoo kit. Especially the best tattoo kits. Now I’d like to give you some suggestion about how to get best tattoo kits.
Firstly, you need some basic knowledge about the best tattoo kits. The reason why you must to do is that to avoid you are tricked by the tattoo suppliers. Because there indeed exists some merchantmen give you bad tattoo kits to seek for the extravagant profits. So you should have a basic knowledge about the best tattoo kits.
Secondly, I think if you have a friend who are working in this areas, you are best to search for help from him or her. Because they are professional in this industry. So he or she will help you a lot to get the best tattoo kits. In addition, the different tattoo needles have different appliance, you experienced friends can give you a guidance when you choose them. And at the same time ,the sanitary conditions will be guarantied by your friends.
The third what I want to say is that the best tattoo kits must the best fits your skill of tattooing. So you need have a clear cognition about your tattoo skill. The professional tattoo artist need not a starter tattoo kits. In return, if you are a professional tattoo artist , you need not to get help from your experienced friends. So maybe a starter tattoo kits are just what you need.
In conclusion, knowing as much as you can will help you a lot when you search for the best tattoo kits. So learn what I say may help you a lot when you get the knowledge about the best tattoo kits. If that , I am glad to tell you what I know as much as I can. May you get what you want.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos - The nautical star is a very old modern tattoo, going back at least a century or more. Back in the days of yore, before modern navigation, sailors would navigate in part by the stars in the night skies, in particular the North Star in the Northern Hemisphere, and various other constellations of stars in the night sky. In the Southern Hemisphere, sailors had to use different stars and the Southern Cross became quite well-known. Sailors would then tattoo nautical stars on them because they relied on the stars to take them home, and being superstitious, they hoped their star tattoos would get them home safely as well.
Compass stars are also popular for this reason. The nautical stars were originally used by sailors to help guide their way as they sailed through the night. They relied upon the stars to protect them and bring them home safely.
A lot of soldiers get nautical stars for the same reason... protection. It is a symbol of protection and guidance. It was a very popular tattoo among sailors.
So a case could be made that the nautical star tattoo, or a tattoo of any star for that matter, would be a symbol of guidance. Now as time has passed the nautical stars represent the direction of one's life, for those of us who are not sailors but still need guidance.
Some say that if the nautical star is pointed upwards they have a higher outlook on life and so on.
The meaning of the Nautical star is to create your own path, but use the stars as a guide when you are lost or scared.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

TattooDiy.com add the overseas warehouse stock in USA

TattooDiy.com, the leading tattoo supply online supplier recently were continuously adding the overseas warehouse stock in USA.

TattoDiy.com now has more than seventy kinds of tattoo supplies in the US, including tattoo machine kits, tattoo needles, tattoo inks, tattoo power supply and some other tattoo equipments. Adding tattoo stocks in the US not only expands our overseas market, but also provides more convenience for customers to buy in the US.
We guarantee the best quality tattoo supplies with the cheapest price. What’s more, a good customer service will be always there. No matter where you are, you can get our products in the US or through our online website: TatttooDiy.com.

Company Name:  DragonHawk Tattoo Supply Ltd

USA Dealers Address:Suite A South EL Monte CA91733

Monday, 18 November 2013

Tips On Buying Tattoo Gun Kits

With the development of tattoo industry, tattoo gun kits has sold well in the worldwide market. The people in different ages are doing tattoos to decorate themselves to show their fascination. The youths, the adults, the olds, all of the catch the fashion to tattoo. The tattoo gun kits become more and more popular with the growing of tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and home tattoos. It is a good phenomenon, but you should know the tips on buying tattoo gun kits.

First thing is to look for the size of the tattoo gun. if you are a professional tattoo artist, you must have your own operation custom. So buying the tattoo guns you can handle well and maneuver with ease. If you are a starter, you’d better buy the cheap tattoo starter kits which is easy for you to control. The shape must be handy with which you will enhance or decrease the efficiency when make tattoos.

There are several tattoo guns in the tattoo gun kits. Different guns have different  use, some of them are for lining and others are for shading. No matter what quantities of tattoo guns you buy, make sure all of them are accurate and not easy to break. The tattoo guns for lining should use the liner needles, while the tattoo guns for shading should use the shader needles. When you set up the tattoo guns for lining, pay attention to make the spring touch the contact screw. Then it can fluently when it runs. A precise tattoo gun kits will always guarantee the best deal.

If you are a brand addict, the brand of tattoo gun kits will be popular among you. There are many famous tattoo gun kits, such as Hand-Made Luo’s machine kits, rotary tattoo machine kits, Damascus tattoo machine kits and different  materials of tattoo guns. All of the tattoo gun kits are superior, and has a long history of manufacture. You may not able to decide on the quality of the guns before you have gained some experience, so if you are starting out, buying a popular brand that will guarantee you the security and comfort will be greatly help you.

The costs of tattoo gun kits are different, both the quality and the quantity can influence the price. But you should always know what else is available for the same price. There are many options for you to buy the tattoo gun kits, buying online or in the retail tattoo shops, no matter where you buy, compare the tattoo vendors and find the one reputed to buy, you will start your business.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Best Tattoo Supply Sell

These days, tattooDIY.com the online tattoo supplier made some promotions to give the customers more convience. In order to make the customers see the top selling in our company, we made the top 4 tattoo supply clearly to show the customers the best tattoo supply sell.

In the page Best Selling, you can see the top 4 best selling products in TattooDIY.com. There are  top 4 best selling information about tattoo shop in USA, tattoo brand zone, 2 machine tattoo kits, tattoo machine, tattoo ink, tattoo power supply, tattoo supplies shown in the page. No matter what products you want to buy, this page offers you the best tattoo supply sell in our company.

The best tattoo supply sell can give you a direction when you are confused about buying the tattoo products. If you want to buy the hotest tattoos in our company, these products are a good recommendation. Do not doubt about the qualities, all of the goods are superior and has a good reviewed.

Compared to other tattoo suppliers, TattooDIY.com products are really cheap. We sincerely hope these best tattoo supply sell information can help you. Further more, we will continuously provide the best customer service. TattooDIY.com uses international carriers with good reputation, like DHL, EMS, or TNT to deliver their goods, so the customers can receive their products within one week.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tattoo kits for beginners

If you are the tattoo beginners and you are interested in tattoo, choosing the tattoo kits are very important. The tattoo kits for beginners must be suitable and include all necessary equipment, so that the beginners can choose the patterns that they like to tattoo safely and correctly with the instruction.

Generally speaking, tattoo kits for beginners are composed by these equipment such as tattoo machines, tattoo inks, tattoo pigments, tattoo prower supplies, sterilized tattoo needles, transfer papers, tattoo CDS, tattoo gloves etc. It usually contains two tattoo machines, one is set up for shading and the other is for lining. They sometimes used to play fog and secant. Of course they must be of high quality with low vibration and low noise. The handle is a very important part in tattoo machine, it must have an strong adjusting function with the tattoo elastic rod and the foot pedal. Then it can ensure the quality of tattoo. Besides the tattoo inks usually have many different colors. The wide variety of inks add up your choices and enrich your imagination. The 54 kinds of color is enough for you to choose whatever you want. In the art of tattooing, the tattoo pigments enter into a certain depth of the human skin through the needles, and can retain relatively independent in the skin. After lasting a period of time, the pigments can show the tattoo pattern. It is used to cover the scar,birthmark and represent one’s religion etc.
You should also take the 50 top tattoo needles into consideration. The sterilized needles should not longer than the needle mouths and they are better used when set up in the mouth side, you should also make it certain that the needles are  disposable, antiseptic, and can’t be moved on the operation. What make you surprised is that the you can see the CDS to learn how to use tattoo kits and the tips to you should alert.
The tattoo kits for beginners are completed and good for using. It makes people feel comfortable to use. The whole set of tattoo kits will help you and give you a correct direction.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Cheap Tattoo Kits For Sale

When comes to buy cheap tattoo kits with best quality, many customers and tattoo atists are wondering about where is the best place for it. Cheap Tattoo Kits for sale are in hot market all over the world with the rapid development of tattoo industry. Generally the cheap tattoo kits are always the temporary tattoo kits. Purchasing cheap tattoo kits may not be a very easy task but you can definitely grab a high quality tattoo kit for low price with good effort. Never go for poor quality tattoo kits just to save few bucks.
There are many different kinds of cheap tattoo kits for sale, such as tattoo machine kits, tattoo ink kits, temporary tattoo kits, henna tattoo kits etc. If you just want to start out and search for a great tattoo kit with the cheapest price, the best option for you is to purchase online. Search on Goolge,  which owning the world’s largest amount of data, the most convenient access to all kinds of information to find the best tattoo vendors. Though there still exist many dishonest online tattoo suppliers, the whole situation are good.

You need to conisder what are usually included in one tattoo kits? A cheap tattoo kits should come with at least one tattoo machine, assorted tattoo needles such as RS, RL, M1, M2 and so on, different colors of ink, tattoo power supply and foot pedal and some other tattoo supplies. All of the tattoo supplies are needed when tattooing. Make sure what you choose are of high quality and no harm to people. If you are a new tattoo artist and want to extend your tattoo shops, it is better for you to go with an autoclave so that you can guarantee all kinds of tattoo equipments are sterile.

Home tattoo is also a new trend. With the tatoo starter kits, many people have a tattoo for themselves or their families. It is no need for you to buy a professional tattoo kits at this moment as you can not control the tattoo machine without any vedios. The cheap tattoo kits is the best choice for you. To improve your skills, there are two ways for you: one is learning from the experienced tattoo artist, and the other is practice constantly with the tattoo machine and the practice skin by watching the CDs. The cheap tattoo kits can not only help to save your money but has a great influence on you about the tattooing art.

The price of cheap tattoo kits for sale is really available for most of people, you can get a great work with only $60 to $150.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

How To Find Complete Tattoo Kits

If you want to start your career in tattoo making then you should always choose the complete  tattoo kits for yourself that will contain all the necessary equipments such as tattoo machine gun, tattoo inks, tattoo needles,tattpp power supply, foot pedal etc. It is very important for you to find the high quality of complete tattoo kits which determine the life of your tattoo shop. What’s more, choose the complete tattoo kits with cheap price will be greatly help you to do your business.
Tattoo is a fixed image, design or art that is made by drawing into a person’s skin. Many men and women consider tattooing their bodies as a form of expression of feelings; others choose to do so for fashion or decorative purposes. With the popularity of tattoo, the tattoo industry has been growing in unimaginable speed, as a result, the competition of tattoo shops become more fierce. As a tattoo artist, if you want to do a good job in tattoo making, besides your tattoo skill and experience, you will also need to purchse the superior tattoo kits to guarantee the quality of the tattoo. Now, the most favorable way is to find the complete tattoo kits that includes all what you need in tattooing.

In today’s modern world, you will easily find the different types of complete tattoo kits. For example, the tattoo gun kits, tattoo inks kits, temporary tattoo kits are all in hot sale. You can buy the complete tattoo kits for sale online via some reputed website at affordable rates.

The complete tattoo kits shoule have enough outline ink to do many projets before required to order more. A tattoo kit need to come with certain practice material so you can get used to handing the gun before utilizing on a people. Moreover, the needles shoule be sorted for lining and shading. Power the tattoo machine with needles to decorate your skin. The complete tattoo kits should also come with the practice skin, CDs and tattoo aftercares to teach the beginners how to tattoo and how to protect your tattoo. Never ingore these small tattoo equipments which play an  irreplaceable role on tattooing. Baby your tattoo customers and your tattoo shop will bring you more benefit.

The cost for complete tattoo kits for sale really be contingent on what is added to the product. Some can have more acceries as compared to others, like tattoo guns which used for lining and shaing. Some tattoo kits only contain one tattoo mahcine, while some others include 6-9tattoo guns, with different quantities of tattoo machines, the price is different. Some tattoo artists ask for additonal ink colors and needles, and these is going to be sightly more high-priced.

It is obviously better to avoid cheap tattoo gun and also other cheap tattoo materials, as it is very much important to take care of the quality, since quality is sizzling hot to be successful with this field. Complete Tattoo Kits is what you have to choose to get the perfection whereas making tattoos.