Friday, 15 March 2013

How to set up your tattoo machine ?

Tattoo is becoming more and more popular in our daily life. If you are a tattoo artist or tattoo amateur, learning how to set up tattoo machine is very important. You can look at these information below as a reference.
     The first step is setting up the barrel. First of all, let’s look for the grip. The grip has two holes. One is used to tie the straight shank, and the other is for ting the tips. You should tight the two parts with the screwdriver.
     The second is inserting the needle. You need seven round shaders to match the seven round tips, besides you need the round shader, weaved magnum and stacked magnum to catch the tip. Then you push the needle through the barrel gently and carefully. After doing this, you put the barrel with needles into the tattoo machine where is the west great pedal hole. Adjust the grip to make it in accordance with the tattoo machine. And then hitch up the tattoo machine with the rubber band just to make sure that the needle does not shake too much.
     The third is clipping in the clip cord. Take the clip cord into the left hand of the power supply. Next insert the other hand of the two clips into the tattoo machine holes. One hole is small and the other is on the frame.
     At last, adjusting your contact needle. Put the foot pedal into the right hand of the tattoo power supply. Pushing on your foot handle to check if your tattoo machine running. You should make sure that the gold contact needle in the top of your tattoo machine is touching slightly to the front of elastic rod. Then touching the contact needle to make sure that it will not run away to the elastic rod.
     These steps setting up tattoo machine are only what I thought, do you understand? If you want to tattoo, you must make sure your process is completely correct and your equipment is clean and sterile. That’s all, thank you.

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